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Process Of Life Separation

"Process Of Life Separation" (2004)

1. Process Of Life Separation
2. Godhead
3. Dark Visions
4. Sect
5. Scar Salvation
6. My Sphere
7. Morbid Appealing
8. Optional Existence
9. Soulwounded
10. Age Of Unknown

1. Process Of Life Separation

Failed to fit the design of yours
I hide my face
Desperate cries in mind it echoes
Iíve walked the shadow far too long

These four walls keeps closing in
Hidden away, I am the shame of yours
This pain I know is all I have
Eternal damned by discontent

See my wounds that Iím projecting

You built me up just to break me down
I am so expendable
Invisible presents I stand in silence
No one else wouldnít dare to care

Used and raped in front of a million eyes
I am on display
You are building an empire on godless prayers
Canít you see I am ready to burn?

I am lost with chaos
Do not need your sympathy

Go away, wonít be your breed no more
My way out, Iíve beaten the chains of yours

You stole my youth wonít be ignored no more
Please die for me
Constantly dreaming with dark emotions
Fragments of hell puts the pieces in place

On your knees beg to kiss my feet
Youíre so fucking pitiful
The things you have done wonít heal the wounds
Cut the bounds weíre not connected

See my wounds that Iím projecting

2. Godhead

Godhead, Superior, Deicide, Predator

With greed Iím pushing the sweetest
Of death through my channels of life
No regrets, no return
I will make my body so golden
Fill me up with aggression and hate
To become mans sickest creation
Obey my thirst, circle my veins
Join my journey to Nederland

I am king of all my senses
Jesus dies, chaos rise
I am God and this is my anthem

I have the power to shape
The end of your life so worthless
Control, judging
My ecstasy makes you to the puppet
Pleading Iím giving a last breath as your final gift
Creator, Cut-throat
Crown your superior predator

Born to rule your world
Things will change and you will follow
I am the Godhead
Death becomes my bride
To see you dead complete my drug
I am the Godhead

No remorse, merciless, I am your God

Amputate the wings of an angel
And make it fall to the ground
Incomplete, so frustrated
Canít wait until your life are drained
Strength by rivers of wonders
From the head of the needle
Pushing, embracing
I welcome the joy of killing

You are my weakness, you are my life

3. Dark Visions

Nocturnal visions reveals
Nightfall embraces my hateful cries
In the chambers of a darken heart
A black flames burns forever... I am forsaken

Storms from hell embrace the skies
All I find Ė absence of horror
Longing for the keeper of the darkest flame
To fulfil my dark desire... I am yours

Darkness Ė under a blood red sky
Darkness Ė spread in the shape of evil
Darkness Ė Forever shall remain
Darkness Ė Everlasting darkness

From the shadows she emerge
Demonic beauty, I summon all my fears
Stormbringer show me your might
Bring me your eternal darkness
Leave my world
Angels come see me die
Angels come see me fly

Never reach my neon dream and all I feel is self esteem
Come inside me crimson king just live my life in chaos dreams

4. Sect

Million lies now I understand
I am not the son of yours
All my life you have guided me
In a world of faith fucked believers

Paralysed I have always been
Never seen the sermonsí fake
Now I know, a new way Iíve seen
I am just a chaos breed

I, so blind Iíve walked your path
Endless despising all your lies
So wonderful a life would be if Iím dead
Pain, with pain Iím forced believing
Refused my rights to exist
Impose me nothing I do not belong

Reflection of the darkest heart
Visualise my tree of pain
Blinded by your promises
Of a life untroubled and eternal

Isolated surrounding thoughts
In this chamber of religion
No mans cry can repay my loss
All I dream is how you disappear

Now I realize the pain in life is real
The color canít remain, just set me free

Retail my birth in this fucked up world
Soon to bleed Iíll make you suffocate
I wonít rest until you all burn
Burn right next to your icon believes

It is time to go down with me
Nevermore shall I be deceived
Society of the holy one
Forever killed in infernal ways

5. Scar Salvation

Only to be left alone
I crawl back into my own world
Behind the gates of misery
I shall find my happiness

The wicked I am, the shadow I am
Salvation I seek for all to come
The sorrow I feel, The colour I am
In scars salvation shall be found

Dreaming of a death so violent
See my life passed before my eyes
First class ticket to resurrection
Prepared to meet the other life

Violence is my only friend
My saving grace when love is lost
Alone I crawl in front of the masses

In silence I shed my tears
I choose path of sacrifice
In silence I shed my tears
A truth that told me nothing but lies

This is the way that I called life
I am not your Jesus Christ

Here I am, all alone
My burning mind has gone insane
Donít need a cause for all my rage
Just despise the nature of the human race

6. My Sphere

Blind trust with a mind collapsing
Missing human structure
Became the child of obedience

In my room of fantasy you die a little more
In my room of fantasy I feed my pleasures

Carve my name in pleasure killing
I kiss the triple 6
Purified by the war I seek

I make my own way to your exit
This is the game we play
Watch you bleed you please my needs
This is my game I play

I am not here
I am in my head

Lost world in a fake reality
I obey my inner voices
Escape the weakest part of me

In my world of reality you burn a little more
In my world of reality I create your final screams

7. Morbid Appealing

Burn me father for I have sinned
Rape me father for all I am
Kill me father for the fake I am
Surround me angels surround me whores

Trade this illusion that I called life
Give me your hell what Iíve deserved
My soul will drown inside your veins
Surround me angels surround me whores

A fallen angel will not return
The fallen one must forever burn
Feed me with your misery
Feel me as you rape my soul

Useless Ė I am alone
Useless Ė I stand alone
Useless Ė I fall alone
Useless Ė I die alone

8. Optional Existence

Realize my eternal wishes
All my hope is vanished and gone
Memories are clouded by sorrows
As I count the marks that stains my skin
End is near as I making my way
All my nightmares are fading away

Farewell to a world so hollow
By wounds I welcome your star shine

Swallow Ė I am dying
Despise my life Ė Soon I will fly
Shallow Ė I am ready
Reclaim my life

Here I am Ė I am drowning
By my Flesh I will feed my dream
Here I am Ė I am bleeding
Waste of blood will set me free

Embrace my end with open arms I am giving in

Never been so far away from your world
Never been so close to my dream of life

Slicing my veins wide open
Releasing all Life I am open
Soon to face my selected path
Create a world for my arrival
Shades of grey that is all I which for
Dying with a smile so longing

9. Soulwounded

Awoken from my sleep
To feed my demons thirst
As you raped my soul I will spit your blood
On your made up fucking god

Step inside my maze of death
To face the evil in my desire
As you try to run I will haunt you down
To feast on your rotting soul

Break the illusion just show me a sign
This is all I am one of a kind
Like a psychopath addicted to flesh
Now Iím taking your life

Fearless I am as a new deed is born
I am the one, so scornful I am
I got to see it in your eyes
What happens when you die

Life is leaving your body
Eyes once bright will fade away
Embraced by the father of lies
I look into a fearful mind

Your life, so gone away
So fade away, please die

10. Age Of Unknown

Lying here alone again
Waiting for someone to care
If I try to smash the silence
Would anybody hear me then?

One mind so infected
With a soul so purified
My face under water
See me drifting away

You gather around just to see me bleed
My style of death is determined by you
A fake illusion promised new beginning
Is this my end? You broke my wings
Fighting this fire within
On the edge of a life unseen
Kill me just to make me feel
If I am suppose to exist

Tell me is this what Iíve been waiting for?
Where do I go from here?
Escaping pain and return to black


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