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"Catchy as Ninja, Catchy as the Night" (2005 Demo)

1. Evil Ninja Wrath *
2. Once You Go Black *
3. Ninja Meditation
4. Heartbreak Ninja

1. Evil Ninja Wrath *

On the parking lot there's an empty space
Who could be so cruel, this is evil beyond evil
to steal his four wheel dragon drinking fuel
-Oh, big block 350 hp, I miss you...

Suddenly as a flash from the sky, he is struck by a force of evil
Darkening his soul, wanted for more, no longer able to guide his steel!

Out for a kill
With a quest to fulfill
Blood will be spilled
He is evil but still he is true

Out for revenge
Nothing else makes sense
One last offence
The evil ninja is after you

In the catchy smoke, the ninja appears
he suffers from the pain of the car who fell
her death shall not be in vain revenge is at stake
Get ready for some killin', evil Ninja wrath!!

(Ninja Rap feat. Katana)

Boo jaah....listen up y'all, aah yeah
They stole his ride, barabing baraboon
But these motherfuckers gonna pay for their crime soon
He will Slice their joy, he'll slice their pride
Teach these fucks not to mess with a mans ride....
This Ninja has turned bad, there will be no f'cking mercy
He'll waste these dumb motherfuckers Panther stylii

2. Once You Go Black *

Friday night, feel the excitement running
we're only out to get some pussy tonight
starting at the dojo with some friends
drinking saké, throwing knives

Ooh, can you feel the heat
Ooh, we will own the streets
In a low rider, got nothing to loose
Girls standing in line, not easy to choose

Looking for some love tonight?
You're looking hot, oh so fine
Looking for some love tonight?
Get over here, I just made you mine

Looking for some love tonight?
Yeah you're coming home with me

Only a Ninja can set a woman free...

Oh baby, take a ride on my Ninja pole
I will show you ninja magics tonight
I'll work you honey, like you never been worked before
Once you go black, there is no going back

3. Ninja Meditation

A long time ago in the deep woods of shironhismo
warriors of the night ruled the land
Devided into clans after the fall of the empire
constant fighting eachother for glory and pride

Far away beyond the evilness of the empire
The ninjas' rule is tot succeed or die

Followers of the code, fulfill your destiny and fight
Live the fight to rule the night and u will suceed

Student: Sensei ohayo gozaimasu

Katana: Ohayo gozaimasu. anata wa gakusei desu ka?

Katana: watashi wa katana desu, anata wa donata desu ka?

Student: watashi wa sumisu desu.

Student: sugaku desu. katana sensei, ano kore wa donata desu ka?

Katana: He IS TANAKA!!!!!1

4. Heartbreak Ninja

I'm sitting here all alone,
with sword in hand and heart of stone
All she left was a piece of paper
Oh God I wish that I could hate her...

I'm so blue
Oh God I want her back

A grey smoke bomb and she was gone
I read her words and it was done
suddenly my heart was ripped in two
But little Ninja-girl, I'm coming for you

I'm so blue
Oh God I want her back
I'm so blue
No actually I'm black

A deadly shuriken of love
my heart is cold as ice
A shuriken of love
A deadly shuriken of love
Don't listen to their lies
Eternal pain in Ninja-disguise

How could she leave me this way
Not even Ninja-magic could make her stay
She left and I don't know why
But I know that she has to die!


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