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Legacy of the Catacombs

"Legacy of the Catacombs" (2007 Best of/Compilation)

1. Cast Down the Heretic
2. Sacrifice Unto Sebek
3. Lashed to the Slave Stick
4. Execration Text
5. Sarcophagus
6. Unas, Slayer of the Gods
7. Masturbating the War God
8. Chapter for Transforming Into a Snake
9. Black Seeds of Vengeance
10. The Howling of the Jinn
11. Barra Edinazza
12. Smashing the Antiu

1. Cast Down the Heretic

Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones
Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs
Thy Nose Shall be Split
Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown
Ra-Harmakhis Destroyeth Thee
He Damneth Thee and Driveth Hooks into Thy Body
Isis Sayeth in Mighty Voice, "The Number of They Days are Cut Short.
The Bones are Broken to Splinters They Vertebrae are Severed."
Horus Hammereth Thy Head
The Sons of Heru Smash you With Their Blows
Thou Art Decimated by Their Violence
Thou Fallest Backwards as Thou Retreateth Like unto Apep
The Great Company of Gods Gather in Retribution
They Hath Passed Judgement upon Thee
They Cast Down Your Heresy
They Spit Upon Thee and Thy Rebellion
And Turn Their Back upon Thee
Horus Repulseth Thy Crocodile
Sut Defileth Thy Tomb
Nephthys Hacketh Thee in Pieces
The Sons of Horus Speareth Thee
The Gods Repulse Thee
The Flames of Their Fire is Against Thee
Cursed Art Thou, Impaled Thou Art, Flayed Art Thou
Heretic Thou Art Cast Down
Blows are Rained Upon Thee
Dismemberment and Slaughter are on Thee
Thy Crocodile is Trampled under Foot
Thy Soul is Wrenched from its Shade
Thy Name is Erased
Thy Spells are Impotent
Nevermore Shalt Thou Emerge from Thy Den
Thy City Armana Lays in Ruin
Damn Art Thy Accursed Soul and Shadow
Die O One, which Art Consumed
Thy Name is Buried in Oblivion
Silence Covereth Thee and Thy False One
Down upon Thy Belly
Be Drowned, Be Drowned, Be Vomited Upon
The Gods have Pronounced Thy Doom
They Scorn Thee and Thy False Aten
The Ancient Ones Turn Their Backs Upon Thee
Thou Art Cast Down, Overthrown
Thy Reign of Heresy is Ended
Those Thou Hast Driven Out Have Risen Against Thee
Cast Down the Heretic
Khnemu Draggeth Thy Spawn to the Black of Slaughter
Sick Shlat Thou be at the Mention of Thin Own Name
Sekhmet Teareth Out Thy Bowels and Casteth Them into Flames
She Filleth Thine Orifices With with Fire
Uadjit Shutteth Thee in the Pits of Burning
Nevermore Shall You Breathe or Procreate
Neither Thy House or Tomb Exist
Thou Shal Drive Thy Teeth into Thine Own Body
Heretic, Thou Art Cast Down
Overthrown, Ended, Hacked into Pieces, Slaughtered, Butchered
Ra Hath Made Thoth to Slay Thee Utterly

2. Sacrifice Unto Sebek

Sebek, Sochet, Suchos
Dread Lord of the Marsh
He Who Crawleth Amongst the Sacred Waters
And Devoureth the Flesh of That Which is Sacrificed unto Him
Tua Ashemu
Rekhes Au Sebek
Tua Ashemu
Tua Ashemu
Sebek, Neter, Ashemu
Whose Teeth Rendeth and Teareth With Terrible Violence
Restore the Eyes of the Dead
Collect Their Skulls
Join Their Bones Together Again
Lord of the Temple of the Mount of Sunrise
Open the Way unto the Underworld
Cause the Dead to Rise to New Life
Bring the Child Horus upon the Throne of Osiris

3. Lashed to the Slave Stick

Fiends, Criminals, Slaves, Blasphemers
The Word of Ra is Against You
Ye are Fettered and Bound with Leather Straps
Helpless, Doomed, Wailing in Unendurable Torment
Lashed to the Forked Slave Stick
By the Neck
Abata Ankh t Khet
Neba t Steb Tcha
Ra Pronounceth the Formulae Against Thee
The Eye of Horus is Prepared to Attack Thee
Sekhmet Uttereth Words of Flame Against Thee and Pierceth Thy Breast
Your Evil Deeds Have Turned Against You
Your Plottings Have Come upon You
You Abominable Acts Have Come Upon You
The God Who Burns the Dead
Shall Leave You Smoldering in Exile from the Netherworld
The Gorer
Causes You to Howl like a Jackal in Anguish
You Doom Hath been Decreed by Ra
Your Unjust and Perverse Judgements are upon Yourselves
The Wickedness of Your Words of Cursing are upon You
It is You Who Hath Commited the Unnutterable and Wrought Iniquity in the Great Hall
Your Corruptible Bodies Shall be Cut to Pieces
Your Souls Shall have No Existence
Ye Shall Never Again See Ra as He Journeyeth in the Hidden Land
The Doom of Ra is upon You
Lashed to the Slave Stick
Abata t Khet
Abata Ankh t Khet
Neba t Steb Tcha

4. Execration Text

Execreation Text

Mut The Dangerous Dead
Trouble me No Longer
I Inscribe Thy Name
I Threaten Thee With The Second Death
I Kill Thy Name
And Thus I Kill Thee Again
In The Afterlife

Bau Terror of the Living
Angry Spirits of the Condemned Dead
I Write thy Name
I Burn Thy Name In Flames
I Kill Thy Name
And Thus Thee Are Accursed
Even Unto The Underworld

Mut The Troublesome Dead
Plague Me No Longer
Thou Art Cursed
Thy Name Is Crushed
Thine Clay is Smashed And Broken
Thy Vengeance Against The Living
Shall Come to Naught

5. Sarcophagus


Who Dares Disturb
My Blissful Sleep
Again in Anger
Must I Rise
How Long Unknown
I Lay Emtombed

My World
So Long Forgotten
Did Disown Me
I was Scorned

The Suffering They did Inflict

Stained With Cosmic Black Sins
The Sun No Longer Sets Me Free

6. Unas, Slayer of the Gods

Unas Slayer Of The Gods

Poureth Down Water From the Heavens
Tremble the Stars
Quake the Bones of Aker
Those Beneath Take Flight When They See
Unas Rising

The Akh of Unas Is Behind Him
The Conquerer Are Beneath His Feet
His Gods Are In Him
His Uraei Are on His Brow
The Words of Unas Protect Him
Unas This Bull of The Heavens
ThatTrusteth With His Will

Living On Utterances of Fire From
The Lake Of Flame
Unas That Devoureth Men and Liveth on The Gods

Behold Amkebu Hath Snared Them for Unas
Behold Tecber Tep F Hath Known Them and
Driven Them Unto Unas
Behold Her Tbertu Hath Bound Them
Behold Khensu The Slaughterer of Lords
Hath Cut Their Throats for Unas
Behold Shesemu Hath Cut Them Up For Unas

Unas Hath Ingested Their Spirits
Hath Feasted On Their Immortality
He Hath Consumed their Shadows
Unas The Slayer of the Gods

Unas The Sekhem Great
The Sekhem of the Sekhemn
Unas The Ashem Great
The Ashem of the Ashemn
Behold Orion
Unas Riseth

Unas Hath Taken Possession
of the Hearts of the Gods
Unas Feedeth on their Entrails
He Hath gorged on their Unuttered Sacred Words
He Hath Assimilated the Wisdom of the Gods
His Existence is Everlasting

Behold The Souls of the Gods are in Unas
Their Spirits are In Unas
The Flame of Unas in Their Bones
Their Shadows are With their Forms
Unas is Rising
Hidden Hidden

7. Masturbating the War God

Evil sick flames cast uncertain shadowsin the dimly lit Temple of
Anhur as we count the dead and vanquished by hacking off their
phalluses and piling the severed hands before the living stone
image of God.
The shamed and humbled women of the subjugated kneel in hopeless
Aquiescence as we grasp them by the hair and force them to serve
our father Anhur.
Yea we impale them on the massive stone member of the Ithyphallic
War God until the backs of their throats are torn out and their
bowels are ripped apart.
One by one we force the female captives to serve the Ahati until
the Gods legs are awash with blood and his phallus drips with
red and black gore Un snem sheth tesher mekhsefu parthal m aba
neth Anhur.
We lay our bloodstained weapons of Iron on the altar of Anhur and
His Seed blesses us with strength to slay our enemies Like as unto
Menthu we have become Ithyphallic.
The mighty Sekhmet is with us

8. Chapter for Transforming Into a Snake

I am a Long Lived Snake,I Pass the Night and Am Reborn Every Day
I am the Snale which is in the Limits of the Earth
I Pass the Night and am Reborn,Renewed and Rejuvenated Every Day
I am a Crocodile immersed in Dread
I am the Crocodile who Takes by Robbery
I am the Great and Mighty Loathsome Reptile
Who is in the Bitter Waters
I am the Lord of those who Bow Down in Sekhem

9. Black Seeds of Vengeance

The scourge of Amalek is upon you,The seed of Amu hath oppressed you
They hath urinated upon you and made you eat feces
They know not Ra
They are the enemies of Asar,they hath defiled your tombs
Violated your women and made victims of your little ones
They hath befouled the writings of Thoth
They hath burned sacred papyri,they hath cracked open your heads
Smashed your teeth and gouged out your eyes
They hacked off your limbs and thrown your mutilated bodies
Towards the heavens mocking Ra
Let not their seeds multiply among you
Honour not their wretched little Gods
Crawl not on your bellies before them,war shall you make upon them
Plague and pestilence shall you call down upon them
You must destroy their seed utterly,you shall gash them with flints
You shall gore them with sticks,hack off their testicles
And cut their phalluses to pieces,suffer none of them to live
Dismemberment and slaughter shall you perform on them
The mighty Sekhmet will devour them
The chain of Sut is around their neck,Horus hammereth them
Nepthys hacketh them to bits,the eye of Ra eateth into their faces
Their carcasses will be consumed in the desert
The seed of Amu with perish utterly
Their filth shall never breed among you again
We shall blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under the sky

10. The Howling of the Jinn

Nafs I Ammara
Fana Azif
I am the Infidel

Fiendish Insects encircle Me
Howling Wind Wraiths
Surround my disembodied Ka

Hideous Unseen
Speaking in Tongues
Heard only by the Mad

Shrieking Insects Swarm over Me
Suffocate Me
Suffocate my Soul

Majnun I am Empty
Crawling Reptiles Devour my Soul
They utterly and completely Annihilate Me
I can hear the Howling of the Djinn
Echoing in the mountains of Kaf

11. Barra Edinazza

Zi Anna Kanpa
Zi Kia Kanpa

Gallu Barra
Namtar Barra
Ashak Barra
Gigim Barra
Alal Barra
Telal Barra
Masquim Barra
Utukku Barra

Idpa Barra
Lalartu Barra
Lalassu Barra
Akhkharu Barra
Urukku Barra
Kielgalal Barra
Lilitu Barra

Utuq Xul Edinazzu
Alla Xul Edinazzu
Gigim Xul Edinazzu
Mulla Xul Edinazzu
Dinger Xul Edinazzu
Masquim Xul Edinazzu
Barra Edinazzu

Zi Anna Kanpa
Zi Kia Kanpa

12. Smashing the Antiu

Burning of the Defeated
Dragging The fettered Rebels
To the Block of Slaughter

Decapitated Headless
Naked and Bound
Captives Adorn my Shield

Arms Tied behind their Backs
Lying Bound in Agony
Fiends Hold them with Ropes
Awaiting Beheadment and Mutilation

With Contempt for the Vanquished
We Exterminate the
Dwellers of the Eastern Desert

They are Doomed to Slaughter

We stab their bodies with Daggers
We Smash their Skulls with Clubs
We Crush their Bones
And Gash their Faces
Their Necks are Broken and Severed
Their Bowels are Gored with Spears
Yeah ! We Hack off their Limbs
And Cast the Phalluses
Into Pits of Fire

Smashing the Antiu


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