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Hellcome to Hailand

"Hellcome to Hailand" (2004 Demo)

1. Hellcome to Hailand
2. Town of ghosts
3. Sons of Nothing
4. Descending darkness on the lucan woods
5. Isabella Morra

1. Hellcome to Hailand

Barren moor stolen by the night..
sad and deep wails from the cave..
litany of moribund victims…
Undisputed heroes of the time live its soil..
its dispersion is claustrophobic..
night-birds sing the inexorable end of human unarmed..
The strength of its inhabitants is the law
and the sea caress this land while washes other countries
with blood..

Hellcome to Hailand!

Border of ancient misanthropy
Melancholy outpost where the fear reigns
Obscure orchestras perform dead marchs
But the funeral procession advances
with fear towards the cemetery
It’s a perverse game of swords and deceptions
Hate increases desire of conquest..
We are the only survivors in this land.

We wish die in this solitude
Buried by the wind of the nigh
Washed by nostalgia for the enemy blood
Let’s cross a new frontier...
We perceive other lands within us.

The rain beats anxious on the bier of our enemies
It’s also vengeance thirsty
They decay in the cold of the earth
Worms feed on their fears
And we stand still with half-open eyes.

Admirable the rebellious fascination of victorious death..
It’s a visionary dream of inhuman poetry..
Nocturnal chorus of never dead creatures
The hope stops fluttering..
A mute doom pincers our lands
and stupid fears obsess the inepts
We incite the hate..
Pureness made by the people of this land
We put out a candle..
now the grave is dark.

We are to ready into the obscurity..
We are killers of the light..
Hellcome to Hailand..
Painful litanies acclaim the arrival of youy hate!

2. Town of ghosts

3. Sons of Nothing

I admire the valley from my tower
while the darkness descend
in this nobody land
Struglles and sacrifices resound far away
but the silence reigns over us
Only the fog, when the night has come,
hides the pain
Hate blended with feeling
procreates a forgotten wood.
oblivion of an instant
when the Death meets Nothing.
Sons of Nothing
came in this land by the fire
extingued into the obscurity.
We respect the darkness
and the silence is the voice of the eternity
“Reach me, my sons..
I cant wander into this time.
Temporary gates will join you with my pain..
Fight to conquer your throne…
Times of swords and time of axes await your enemies.”
Our father named us in the book of the eternity
We are sons of nothing and we reject the passions to the wind.
We’re illegitimate children born through the ages of hate escaping hell.
Dying in this valley means covering with a veil of honour
while the fog wraps our bodies buring them in the snow.

We are sons of Nothing…buried in the nihil
Sons of Nothing..
Sons of a land in the nihilism of an idea.

4. Descending darkness on the lucan woods

5. Isabella Morra

Torbido Siri, del mio mal superbo,
or ch’io sento da presso il fin amaro,
fà tu noto il mio duolo al Padre caro,
se mai qui ‘l torna il suo destino acerbo.
Dilli come, morendo, disacerbo
l’aspra Fortuna e lo mio fato avaro,
e, con esempio miserando e raro,
nome infelice a le tue onde serbo.
Tosto ch’ei giunga a la sassosa riva
(a che pensar m’adduci, o fiera stella,
come d’ogni mio ben son cassa e priva!),
inqueta l’onde con crudel procella,
e di’:- Me accreber sì, mentre fu viva,
non gli occhi no, ma i fiumi d’Isabella.

Dolore incastonato nel colle che fu tuo
Calanchi disperati che salutano la tua morte
Lagrime sulla dimora che serba il tuo rancore
Il giaciglio del tuo amore svezzato dal sangue
La paura che cessa di cibarsi di te
Isabella, un fiume ricorda i tuoi pianti
Le terre che ti videro nascere ospitano il frutto del tuo male
Fiori mai appassiti tingono le pietre che t’han sepolta
Rivivi attraverso quei versi gettati nel fiume della dimenticanza
Isabella, atroce il tuo morir d’amore.

…reclusa, quasi sepolta viva
nella tetraggine del castello di Favale,
ella ascende al “monte”, per respirare, sulla sua cima,un sogno di liberazione
che prende l’azzurro dello Jonio.


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