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"Necrohell" (2003)

1. Wasteland Of The Damned
2. Black Oath Of Sacrifice
3. Born In Blasphemy
4. Compact Nothingness Supreme
5. Terror Satan Hate Modul
6. Evil From The Woods
7. The Paradise Of Vaalghul
8. Horror Vacui
9. Necrotower

1. Wasteland Of The Damned

Dark shadows surrounding cursed graves
fog lies deep over the endless landscapes of death
night is coming, time for them to return to their tombs
ascend from the abyss, creatures of hellish empire

one step through the mist, another towards the iron gate
divide the fog and see the wasteland of terror

lost souls yearning to be free
sombre twilight gleaming from above
storms of dust raging endless on earth
rise from the deep, creatures of infernal chaos

cult of blood, death, hate black...

(june 2003)

2. Black Oath Of Sacrifice

Disciples of the unholy cult, gathering around the diadem of nails
under a darkmoon eclipse, to praise the unearthly lord of death

wolves are screaming blasphemous hymns, while beasts spread their poisoned breath
it is the night of the prediction, for a horned king to be born

praise the diadem of evil, hail the symbol of black death
await the total darkness and life shall be no more...

stars falls down to wasted earth, sun spends its last warm rays
moon hides its face for eternity and even time stops to exist

welcome the new king of the universe, lord of the new age of lost souls
total blackness over his empire, the final holocaus has just begun

(june 2003)

3. Born In Blasphemy

Possessed by spirits my body feels cold
black blood in my veins, gloomy aura surrounds me
pale is my skin, empty of soul
reborn in blasphemy, the whip of mankind I am

I am the messenger of the forthcoming chaos
I am the curse spoken in ancient times
I am the beholder of the seven secrets
and blackened knowledge is mine

Invoked by demons, praised by the witches
worshipped by the undead, feared by the living
the art of suffering, done to perfection by my hands
the prediction of hate, fulfilled through my birth

(june 2003)

4. Compact Nothingness Supreme

compact nothingness supreme
grim spawn terror
total darkness injection
nyctophobic soulstorm abuse

octagon diadem impact
forbidden district access

pain impregnated desire
agressive pipeline corrosion

black blood...synthesis
hybrid ressurection domain


cerubic ghost invasion
foreigners in human wraps
synchroflash, synchrotone in necrorhythm
plasma streaming, vein explosion
thrill transmitting hyperphantom


(june 2003)

5. Terror Satan Hate Modul

Stand strong in battle
infernal war machine
god of tanks...prepare for attack
emperor of steel...kill with hate

indestructible destroyer
infernal pumping machine
666 industrial war employer
terror satan hate modul

set your enemy on fire
let them burn and burn and die
master of destruction...argue with fire
lord of reason for peace

proud of tchamrehw namreg
military status symbol
son of war...get combat ready
son of combat formation

feel the fear among the enemies
as your silhouette appears
spit your fire wide
spread death, pain and burning demon

(march 2003)

6. Evil From The Woods

Here comes the ultimate evil
from the deep frozen woods
surrounded by demons
from the cold depths of hell

here comes the ultimate darkness
bringing depression and fear
fed by the souls of the undead
materialized by hell

rise upon me...infernal destroyer
infect me with your hate
xulughod...dark nekrosatan
daemonic king of emptiness

here comes the ancient phoenix
reborn in blackened fog
the slowly creeping death
the evil from the woods

welcome the ultimate master
the one who is bringing the night
upon the land of the living
xulughod...master of death

(march 2003)

7. The Paradise Of Vaalghul

The storms of evil rages
the stars fall down to earth
the ground is trembling stronger
and rivers of fire come down
from the mountains of death
to the valleys of life
while the storm of evl is raging
and the stars are falling down

the paradise ofvaalghul
the paredise of emptiness
vaalghul...god of terror and dark

the storm of evil rages
heaven falls down on earth
the oceans are boiling
and mankind is fading
gigantic deseastrous daemon
the great red sun comes closer
while the storm of evil is raging
and the heaven is falling down

illusions of life...destroyed on one day
apocalyptic...deseastrous energy

(march 2003)

8. Horror Vacui

das nichts
immer und immer wieder
echicksal meines hoechstern kampfes
vor zeiten ein moment der schwaeche
schwarzer blitz und phasenwechsel
gebanken an seele und sinn
absorbierrt von silbernen spiralen
und euphorischen schwarzen sternen

das nichts
immer und immer wieder
hypnotische injection, toedlicher sog
vakuum und leere
vein antlitz dunkle waffe
widerstand der nerven: gebrochen
der eigene geist: zerfasert

negativkontakt und universum
ich existiere um das nichts in euch zu denken

(march 2003)

9. Necrotower


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