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Towards The Twilight

"Towards The Twilight" (1997)

1. Towards A Twilight Kiss
2. Of Beauty´s Embrace
3. Razor
4. From Ebony Skies
5. Autumn Winter
6. Slavesun
7. Through Ashen Meadows
8. Avoid Secret Vanity
9. Tragedians

1. Towards A Twilight Kiss

From worlds beyond worlds within worlds they came,
these thorns, merging into blossoms of agonizing light...
Never to burst into flower, for those who know are the bearers of fury,
so storm through my flaming balls, lord of all pain!
Forever in warfare is the passionate flesh,
yet it colours my darkened path... so silently...
it is in its eyes that I drown as they reflect myriads of sunsets,
rushing towards a twilight kiss and horizons
yet unseen within my pounding universe...
a drunk laugh, a vision under a liquid sky, grant me a spark of mine!
but those who caress the void are never to perceive,
so I declare the everdark, for this is the age of winterblood
and every scar is a triumph, if it only could be mine...

2. Of Beauty´s Embrace

is this the day I cross the worlds
of beauty's embrace and darkened dreams?
inherit the fears of beauty's belief!
is this your vision, a timeless story of lunar-fire and memory's stain?
I followed the wide fire in which I believed...
if desperation can burst like silence, why can't I?
uncontrolled is my wrath within a grip of twilight anger,
this one I could drown...
the key is supremacy, "come with the wind " I cried
to the loneliness that was sent to me...
daughter of the rising sun,
embrace me in this season of harmony, release me..!

3. Razor

into the fire! fire... burning so bright is there
a mournful being like mine was before?
eyes shut forever, infesting imagination inside
where serenity fades seraph, into the abyss!
no god will rise above to give forgiveness
to this essence of damnation isn't it art to feel what is life,
to feel the warmth of floodlight in this non-divine cosmos?
I deny, I'm divine, I defy a lie...
to punish all extinction humanity, release my agony,
in the name of fire, burn me! eternity has just begun,
oblivion when I see the sun turn your eyes
and feel your wounds bleeding!
extinguish the torment of this hell which never ends!
with crimes you content and suck the blood of unnatural innocence...
emotions like silence calling, shadows in motion,
burn this vision of thee and take what's in your chaotic heart!
take this starlike beauty in this world of decay,
show me disorder 'til sunlight breakes my eyes with silent fury...

4. From Ebony Skies

deeply seared by a stampede of pain
our bejewelled feathers fall from ebony skies,
down onto this shattered masquerade,
enfolding the eve with a triumphant gleam of amorous tears...
ardously they fall, to burn upon all sunken thrones, forever-more...

5. Autumn Winter

I hate this world before me, sailing in sincerity,
forged in the flames of infinity, I'm dead but still full of...
you dance through my spheres
and leave with a dead soul in the end,
is this the way life was meant, torture, despair, my descent?
my fears were born in your winterland
Ii'm left with the coldness of ominous tears,
autumn water, burning like the fire of winter-fall,
it's feeding my sadness,
autumn water quenches the thirst of all my fears,
forever and more, november in my heart...
when winter rises through the dawn
you take the light and close my eyes,
you take my fears and bring them back, I thought I could cry..!
but never again fire's heart is ablaze.

6. Slavesun

embraced by lengthening shadows I wander
on the ashes of those still ablaze...
into the night and onward to the focus of my heart!
drawn by the stars and their bidden delights
my wings have been scorched again and again,
beneath a slavesun moonlit dreams are nothing but writhing in pain,
aeons of craving for glorious wisdom cascade onto me
as if shattered and speared my dazzled eyes
are still searching for a distant spark,
trying to flee from dawn, rising to worlds of frozen silence...
but slain are my dreams of greater art...
what a brief breath of life in this grim and flaming sky...
rising... and the slavesun will burn once again...

7. Through Ashen Meadows

...and my scrolls of earthen pain unfurl,
dripping with woe and scarlet slumber,
hastening to plunge itself into the richest tears of a faceless vagabond,
a heir of golden thorns, spat from the darkness between
and bathing in the undreamt marrow of none
and all what may sharpen these talons more than the fiery streams amidst?
no balm of reddest rapture will ever ease this bittersweet existence
nocturnal lamentation, perpetuate my beloved tragedy!
lugubriously dancing and crying I am
and will always be thirsting for floods of impurest pain,
pouring so splendidly from the scar of my brief being,
forever storming through the ashen meadows beneath...

8. Avoid Secret Vanity

a limitation to utilization,
my vanish is desenvated by semblance of banish,
struggle for fatal strength shall rise
my vanity is just usurpation through violation,
concealed to descent, it's my time,
flying through born horizons, bells chime,
born in flesh, pray for mystery, it's the revelation,
my throne of elevation...

you my god - the life gets my thoughts,
you my god - give me reincarnation,
you my god - take me to the garden of origin,
you my god - of upcoming downfall...

with my hands I can feel eternity,
went to empty skies to assume history of eternity,
made this part consumed genocide, mightiest apocalypse rise!
sound of invisible time, sing last souls' songs!
get the speech of my repertory...
I come to live, avoid secret vanity,
just heard the burden of wrath,
colours of selection to renew,
struggle for fatal strength shall rise
my vanity is just usurpation through violation.

9. Tragedians

bark! we are the tragedians, we mach abreast,
onward to our inmost, forever exploring the heavens to claw at carrion,
to cloth our hearts in thorns and our wounds in robes of salt.
tearful darkness, me! for yours is an inmost of scarlet tears,
and likewise is mine of mournful origin was the herald of the sun,
as its marrow drowned in us, the hordes of pain,
laughing within the flames of a veiled and fevered tale,
but ashore the threshold to our very own tragedies
our eyes cannot move the firmament of grievance,
holding the essence of all naked limbs,
so sore but yet heading for other tales
from the blazing valleys in our midst...


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