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"Thunderbeast" (1998)

1. Intruder
2. Darkzone Anthem
3. Perihelion
4. Crystalthorns` Call
5. Feverfeast
6. The Shadowchamber
7. Thunderbeast
8. I Am The Dungeongod
9. Blackfleshed
10. The Dustcrown
11. Stormchild
12. Heralds Of Starfall
13. From Ebony Skies (Thunder Version)

1. Intruder

javelins hither ! envenom my breast ! minstrels of pestilence
intrude ! penetrate !
blacken the fount of chaosraves...
a rapturous onslaught
bastardblade stampede
sparked daggers stabbing onward
to each and every thornwombsleep...

intruder, intruder...! the dutcrown is yours
intruder, intruder...! persecuter of the pure

thousandfold thunderkiss
a deathborn predator´s hiss
carnivorous as hymens in savagery
and skyclad words of furious breed

my speech...!
torn by the intruder´s carrionscythe
a bewildering razorharp
its song damns marble eyes to see
only memories of nightfall´s feast
that brings terror and tears...

terror and tears...!

2. Darkzone Anthem

this is the march of the beast
headhunter´s feast
a hymn for those pulsing with this lustful disease
bearing the marrow of thousand fattered nights
the powers of thornfleshed death
battlethirst and scarage wrath
feel its fiery breath...

psychonauts of the darkzone we are
a whorehorde born of a fatal formula
crippled and crowned we strike the harp
with crystalstrings razorsharp

the hunt is on !
flee ere the bloodwork´s done !
guarded by dustdreams and evenfall
down, down, down...
to fornicate with this twilightcharade
cofered upon us, chaossons, crystalblade´s prey
snared by paindomain escapades
of flesh, filth and sulphurrain
amidst the orphaned seed of suns in twain

from now to never we hail ravenhordes and requiem
eureka ! i am pain i am !

3. Perihelion

through thousand razorages i carried the mark
of yet another thousand tragedies

we are the chaosdeath warriors
spat from damnation´s feverthorndreams
the glorious plague is ours !
...fed by the warslut´s travesty

the mark that, in rapture and pain,
once bejewelled the skyslave´s robe
a lightshroud woven of embers and scars
ever to burn, fever to bring...

slaughtered ´neath the horizon´s whore
we..we kill the stench of heaven..we kill...!!

4. Crystalthorns` Call


for as light wept upon the unsilent horde
we were enrobed in crystals of none and all
lustrous, yet from ascending thornsuns torn

full many of them the chaoskings bear
but none as black as the mark i wear

the nightart of fallen feathers shall ever haunt the dawn
alike the wingsoul tribe
that so proudly lusts for impaled spiritflesh

be it fury, be it pain...

the spark that fed the starborn´s dance
now trampled by the nightart´s sons
enter my lightslaveworld, hear the crystalthorns´ call

be it fury, be it pain...

a call of starlit grievance
a call of spiritflesh
another thornking´s triumph, the filthspawn attacks...!

5. Feverfeast

of starthieves and blackfleshed bastards i tell
about the day when warfed lilies fell
to dare the dance on the nightblades
to conquer and kill the skyslaves

arbiter of feverfeasts, of whips and crystal calices !
command my paintale apogee ! magmarain...

feverfeast...a thunderous vulvadance
feverfeast...with diamond fangs and soulflight chants

chaosbreed´s fire forged our tongues
no lightborn spear could harm our speech
a stampede of feathered whirlwindwords...
onwards to the sulphurfields
as stormsong and fleshy colonnades
bid you welcome to a bastardtongue´s tale...
to slaughter and orgies, oversoul !
we are the clan of warlust and woe...!!

6. The Shadowchamber

crowned by an elder shade i am
yet of burdensome origin
a wrathvision, a scar...

i and pain
as one we bled from light
with blackened marble eyes
we cascade onto the impaler´s feet
...harlots of splendour and tragedy

onward, harbinger of silverrain...!
eat my darkness and burgeon !

i command the sphere of featherflames
and battle those of crystal kind
for yet another marbleaeon
the shadowchamber´s mine !!

erupting from stardust i devour
the infinite furydream
fanged by lightstorms entwined

7. Thunderbeast

paleskinned invader, of bestial kind
starlit impaler, shackled upon this thornthrone of mine

beware !
he bears a bejewelled crystalsemen
his spawn´s a wrathful plague
behold !
here comes the thunderbeast
prepare for attack !

marblewings, sulphurskin, its nectar burns the air
...the flaming fluid of a feathered fall´s flare

i am the thunderbeast
a creature bred from storms and wars

with thousand thunders in my throat
and bladesong from a blackfleshed heart

scavengerstaves and vultureverses
an armed ode for the orphans´ orator and savage creators
of chaoskings, carriots and calyxcannonades...

eat the universe !
sculpt my starmaid scars !

for i am the plunderer of magenta grandeur
nightstalker and maelstromrider berserk
maggotmaster, deathdancer´s disease
firefed predator, i am the thunderbeast...!

8. I Am The Dungeongod

this is my dominion
a painrealm torn from light
on crimsonwings i storm
through its trembling feverskies

down, the impurest ones prowl the tearspheres with none below

i rule as dungeongod upon sunken thrones

this is my featherpalace
lay your eyes upon its glorious plague !
berserk battles between bloodart and flames
the crystalwar rages within my breast...!

even the stormlegions fled from those
adorned with thorns and tongues
the scions of tragedy, the children of mine...!!

9. Blackfleshed

born of nightseed´s unfastened tongues
i carve my thunderspeech
in the naked waters
of a silverrain eclipse
the starchoir´s soulflight chant
conquers the sulphurfields...

their bloodbladehymn
a bestial emblem for my feverfight

...raging through aeons of the
everthirsting and the flaming
my wounds are blackfleshed
as the slain winterdancer weaves
cadaverdreams of wingless grace

behold me impaled, herald none and all...!
amidst starving swans i rush from this ashen betrothal
towards the fleshlit citadels
for they are my fallen painkings !!

10. The Dustcrown

strike him down !
plunder the palace on crystaltide´s eve !
brigants be crowned as scarletwinged starthieves

the carrionking´s clarions are chanting from afar
preluding pestilential war
a parade of starstruck tyrants and havoc´s ambassadors

he´s a starslayer, none so vile
a charming chaser of the furyspies

his teartempest´s trophy...
...the steelwolves´ skycries

bring me the head of the firefed !
the trophy of blackblood, the raider´s razorsoul
the fearfeathered one...
be it a vassal, be it the king
this deathjewel is my poisoned sting..!!

now i bear the dustcrown and
the carrionking lies bleeding..!

11. Stormchild

king of worms
caller of the crystalstorms
shadowfaced armourer
father of mine
forging trumpets to lances
yet spears to horns...

stormchild !
eat my fevermind !!

speeding through a bloodwrathsky
with the stormchild aside
conquering obsidian nights
with the stormchild aside

liquid galaxies
and shattered suns i breathe
with marblethroat and firelungs
as a chronicler of the equinox

yet, when the armourer sapke to me
"it is my steelclwas that you breathe!"
a million painbrideblades rose
to be the stormchild´s meadowsweet
so the furyhorde quenches its thirst with chaosthorns
with whirlwindwords from tempesttongues born

stormchild !
eat my fevermind !

12. Heralds Of Starfall

night comes...

the last flock of stonebirds left the towers
with obsidian sceptre, obsidian eyes
carnal clarions herald the twilightbride
to greet the storm with greed and scorn
to follow the pounding chaoscunt´s call...

...war !

13. From Ebony Skies (Thunder Version)

deeply seared by a stampede of pain
our bejewelled feathers fall from ebony skies,
down onto this shattered masquerade,
enfolding the eve with a triumphant gleam of amorous tears...
ardously they fall, to burn upon all sunken thrones, forever-more...


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