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"Lost" (2003 EP)

1. A Leaf
2. Shelter
3. If I Were the Rain
4. Of Our Loneliness
5. Lost /instrumental/

1. A Leaf

I return...

From thy dream where I have been
And now I am falling
Everything becomes
That time has come

My distant sun
Through diffrent source
I remind it now

Shade of Autumn
Covers me with it's smell
..."my wanderer"

It is nowhere...empty lies fall
Down is gone
Sunrises with dreamless darkened night
...I've been awaiting


I pass away like this
Seeking for some distant place
That flight is my desire now
Sweetness is over

My dream has died
My vision is lost...


No gravity, still eyes
Embrancing us
Hit fills that chronic hour
Night gave it a final word

2. Shelter

I walk away
With cold light of my faith
The gravity still traps me aside
Why does the deaf silence show another lie?

My land of cold
Keeps my eyes blind & old
Far away from this palace
I'm running through eternal innocence...

All distant leads:T.Cz.

...innocence that is black
Full of my hopes
Like the skies which I've seen years before
All of them
Full of stars and moons
Remind me... all of my thoughts
like clouds covering my whole hope
with night I must crawl

I can see myself crawling...

I can see our shadows on the wall...


With your spleen you touch my soul
It's empty, weak...alone
We pray for that moment to come
When we can forget that taint of world


We dance again
It's no longer dark and cold
In my shelter

3. If I Were the Rain

I was watching rain drops
Thrashing the green grass
I could smell their scent
I thought I could hear their dying voice...

They were existing for a second
Falling down from a blood red sky
On our bitter world one could see their tragedy

4. Of Our Loneliness

It is done cold & faithless
Blind space for the unknown
With cold rain I surrender
To break through the grayest haze...


...It's my soul
death and life
Closed by it's laughs

There was my fire, return of passion
...which lets me fall

I went away from the thoughts of sorrow
...but I still can recall all those fragments of my life

life has gone there
like gazing at the frozen see of frozen emotions
now together we shall fly
to the endless sky
I'm watching our bitter tears
With that I'm escaping from what I had known

Lead: T.Cz./T.W.

I've been awaiting for this moment all my life
Watching trees dancing for me..."goodbye"
Somewhere and somehow I go on
But here I'm waiting
Still waiting...

5. Lost /instrumental/

Lead: T.Cz.


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