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New Machine

"New Machine" (2003)

1. Going Home
2. New Horizon
3. Falling
4. Blood In The Ocean
5. In The Wake
6. Cold
7. Forgotten Man
8. Meant To Be
9. A Thousand Lies
10. Waterfront

1. Going Home

So here we are again, the place we were before
All these years have come and gone, is it worth it anymore?
And I feel like giving up, on the edge of sanity
Nobody's watching, no one's listening to me
So I'm going home now to where forever lies
I'm going home now to eternal lullabies
Gone in the twinkling of an eye
There won't be another chance for me to say goodbye…

2. New Horizon

All my life I looked for a way
And somewhere to begin
I never trusted in emotions
I never let them in
Learning, discerning
But still behind the wall
Listening, but missing
What lies behind it all
And I, I feel
That deep inside me something's guiding
And I, I see
There's a new horizon I've got my eyes on the truth
I walked alone no one beside me
I never had much faith
I always thought I'd find my own way
That pride would keep me safe

3. Falling

Falling, it's happening again
Every time I close my eyes
Seething, feeling all the pain
Breathing in the lies
"Don't leave me, you need me, you won't get by"
But there's a place I know that's hidden in my mind
Alone, I'm here inside my head
But I'm still hearing someone else
A lonely, and silent conversation
I'm having with myself
I cannot see you
And I can't feel you
There's no one calling
But still I'm falling
"Don't leave me, you need me, you won't get by"
But there's a place I know that's hidden in my mind
Where dreams and fantasies are somehow left behind
You're holding out your hand, but I'll let it go this time

4. Blood In The Ocean

I've felt alone and been afraid, my spirit unaware
Seeing through these eyes of madness, a loving soul's despair
Well I remember a time and a place where I was free
Where the truth and my spirit, were living parts of me
But there's blood in the ocean now, it's shining crystal red
Reflects the visions that have danced inside my head
The tide opens up its arms and sets me free again
There is blood in the ocean
Imagine all your mind can see, but can you picture more?
The beauty of forgotten times, the place I was before
Through gates of flowing rivers, a life I used to know
No light eternal or everlasting, my garden of rainbows
They say I'm spiraling out of control, but is it me or is it them?
Why can't you see the change in me, I'm back where I belong again

5. In The Wake

I am openly aware now
I've seen it all before
Tasting this bitter flavor
Always leaves you wanting more
Than I could ever give…
I don't fit into the format
Of your never changing scene
I'm just patiently awaiting
The essence of what's meant to be
I hope you understand…
Reality is ever waiting in the wake
It's already begun
The hands of time are ticking through eternity
And one day we'll be free

6. Cold

I always knew this day would come
I look around am I the only one?
Tell me I'm dreaming
Tell me it's only in my mind
A dimming light am I alone?
The sun is setting and it's getting cold
I feel you fading
And I feel the new day coming on
I've always known deep in my soul
But the days just passed me by
Soon I will see what's meant to be
When I'm on the other side
Now it's all so crystal clear
I only wish that I could bring you here
It's now or never
How long's forever in your eyes?

7. Forgotten Man

You hide behind the modern times
In a retro faerie tale
This little thrill means nothing still
And your ship's begun to sail
You wish you were real, even that I can feel
By looking in your eyes
I always knew from your jealous view
That your talent well was dry

Forgotten, forsaken
You're going under fast
Forgotten, abandoned
Nothing you've done will last

Though you try you can't deny
The roots of who you are
Now everyone knows `cause the truth always shows
The phony who's playing a star

Forgotten, forsaken
Keep singing your little tunes
Forgotten, It's a shame
You died so soon

8. Meant To Be

Here we are, holding on
We can still make it through
The plans we've made, will never change
`Cause I am still loving you
And though it seems that we've been trying far too long
I just can't let go
Can't you see that this is where we both belong?
I need you to know
We were meant to be
Even though the world is blind I still can see
I only hope you know what you mean to me
And all our dreams will soon come true
I promise you
Remembering, the times we shared
We'd always been more than friends
I couldn't see, in front of me
It was you I'd love till the end

9. A Thousand Lies

You gaze above with starry eyes
And write your name across the sky
What is going on inside your head?
Do you trust the lies your veins have bled?
We both have different frames of mind
The truth becomes clearer all the time
What is going on inside your head?
No one believes a single word you've said
A thousand lies, is that your way
Every time you fall from grace
Over and over and over again
A thousand lies
A means to the end

10. Waterfront

I look out to the horizon, and I see for miles and miles
I'm standing at the waterfront, the view always makes me smile
The breeze is blowing through my hair, the sun shines on my face
I feel so peaceful in the shadows, of this enchanted place
I think about all the days gone by, thoughts of my childhood dreams
I can see I'm getting older, trying to find out what it means
The wind took my sails, its bite as cold as death
The light of nature shined on me, I tasted her gelid breath
She raised her voice in majesty, like the trumpets of the dead
The distant notes of her song danced inside my head
I rode the waves of distant seas, towards the golden shore
I tried to reach where I belonged, I needed to know more
The ancient men would tell their stories, underneath a starlit sky
But the moon would laugh, as the days just passed them by
Wandering soul in liquid white
Sleeping children in moonlit skies
A tale of old by firelight
I will not dream tonight
I turned the corner and there it stood, enticing me to come
The path that laid in front of me, wandered towards the setting sun
In the trees a songbird sang, and I listened to the tune
When she stopped I began to walk, towards the rising moon
It took me by the hand, as it led me down the trail
To the so-called 'promised' land, that I knew from faerie tales
The thought made me shiver, but I longed to proceed
Like the wind on a river, a boat, the oars in need
As I approached the open gate, I saw his silhouette
I thought not to hesitate, but something stopped me yet
I looked into his eyes, and I saw the lonely stare
I just then realized, I was not yet prepared
All my life I awaited this day, to step through the open door
But when I saw the way, the gate closed forever more....


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