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"Failed" (2006 EP)

1. The Beginning
2. Of Suicidal Dreams
3. Into the Neverwhere
4. Failed
5. Illusive Conception
6. Everbleeding

1. The Beginning

2. Of Suicidal Dreams

I'm trapped inside this web of lies
As chained beneath a void of nothingness
Deceit and pain is what we inherit now
Like dead inside us in a suicidal dream

My life's in a cage
Forever in despair

When I see the demons dance before my eyes
I am lost within myself in the deepest misery

Cold - my heart as cold as ice
And never I will fall again

Back to a life once time I have denied
For a cause that never I will understand
Deceit and pain is what we inherit now
Like dead inside it suffocates my life

So deep into the wounds - release me from my pain
So deep into my scars - until the ends of life

With no emotions I fly
Where no one will rape my mind
Towards the black I feel now

I saw in the skies like buried in the mud
Their lives in a cage forever in despair

3. Into the Neverwhere

I am the one who worship the pain
A living disease you can't forget
The reason for you've always been
Here where misery remains

Towards the end
Their promises were only lies
Towards dead end
This world's the last for everyone

Taste the suffering that grows
Inside our empty minds
God's only
A weapon to destroy ourselves

You have nothing to gain than nothing to loose
In these streets of nothingness you're like dead

Like a parasite
Hide, crawl...hide inside yourself
I am the way divine…

Nothing to gain - you have nothing to gain into the neverwhere
Nothing to loose - you have nothing to loose into the neverwhere

4. Failed

For many years searching for a senseless truth
Buried deep inside our shredded life
For many years walking without sense of time
But at the same time you've been controlled

Now you're fighting against yourself
Drowning in a world in ruin
Is it only your world or a dream to control?

Failed - nailed to the void inside
Failed - nailed to the void inside

Everyday is the same but it won't last
Wake up from this convulsive sleep
You're cursed to crawl between the memories

I see the light - that's only an illusion
I see the way - that's only an illusion

It's time to go away!!!

Crossing that line behind
Invading my dominion
I'm begging for mercy now

I see no way out
Through the non divine
Hate's consuming me

5. Illusive Conception

Everyday in every place
It seems to be the end of all
Playing the game of the dying
I used to be nothing
Where life means nothing

Where is the world that we have dreamed
Now that we're thrown towards the end
Once more we crawl
Where shadows of fear dominate

Illusions lead me - we need to lie
We lie, we live,
we need for what?

Bleeding inside the world today
We're falling down again
I'm here in search of fantasies

I fall in deviation…
I find myself in anguish rage

There's something yet to learn
You know it now
Everyday you spend, everyday to learn
A lesson never learned

6. Everbleeding

You try to think of dreams you've never made
And use to be blind
Despising who has just
Failed before you

Unthinkable pain
Something we have to face

We'll never rise
Bleeding forever
Never to rise again
Until the end of time

What I say, what I do remains uncontrolled
What I say, what I do sometimes I can't control

Here it comes your miserable life to shred
You seek forgiveness
It's so easy now, but who are you?

Forced unto submission
I am crawling through this hell
Forced unto submission
We're crawling through this hell…

No matter what you say
I'll make you understand
Always the same, everbleeding
Just pull the trigger


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