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The Rebirth of Sin

"The Rebirth of Sin" (2004)

1. Prayers of Sin
2. New Human Machine
3. Deformed
4. Wicked God (The Rebirth)
5. Dark Light (Bright Shadow)
6. Ohropax
7. Cannibalistic
8. The Path (To Cross)
9. Divine Burning of Souls
10. Fearful Life
11. Wakening
12. Neurose I

1. Prayers of Sin

You laugh at your god's face
As you desecrate a whole race
In your realm of illusions
You lead your disciples to disgrace
Commandments are broken
Words of blasphemy are spoken
Messiah of the deadly sins
The Wicked god wins

With open arms you embraced the love of Christ
With open eyes you preach your glorious lies
Impure, obscene, your prayers of sin

Enslavement is your toil
Profanity in sacred soil
You're the bringer of hate
The death of all faith
Betrayer, Deceiver
You're Satan's incarnate
Prophet of the apocalypse
The key to hell's gate

Demons are born in the world of lies
Were sin is sanctified
Heaven is torn and angels cry
As all that is Sacred Dies

Master of Deception
In a World of Emptiness
Where Promises are lies
And fear is a powerful ally

Inflictor of Pain divine
Ruler of the Evilís shrine
Self made god of blasphemy
Deified by inanity

Your hypothetical ideals you crucify
Non-belief you justify
Your motives you must fulfill
Even if you have to kill

The greatest atrocity
The loss of Innocence, of Purity
The art of manipulation
Your personal obsession

An Empire of tyranny
Intellect supremacy
A man made religion of disbelief
The doom of a failed humanity

2. New Human Machine

A new life Form, A new Breed
Methodically engineered
Years of Improvements, constant evolution
Programmed for Revolution

The Soul of a new born Machine!
Elevates Men to God Machine!
Master Of reality and Dream!

Organic Flesh cold metal
Perfect symbiosis
Machine and man made one
To rule under the sun

Synchronized Body and Mind
Red Eyes Open Wide
A mechanical messiah brought to life
A revelation to the blind

Brutal, merciless
Armed and fearless
Unstoppable determination
No chance for retaliation
A new Kingdom will rise
Reigned Without Compromise
The beginning of a new legacy
The fulfillment of the Prophecy

A new religion will born
As Christianity is torn
Legions will follow
But all so hollow
All will bow to the human Machine
The new emperor of sin
Future World Domination
By the neurotic foundation

3. Deformed

Abortions, Monsters
Rejected By the World
A Joke To ďHumansĒ
Seen As Mistakes
Pity The Word
Spoken By The World
Beyond Corruption
The Beautiful Ones
Innocence is a virtue
Humanity has long lost
In the search for absolute knowledge
But What Will be its cost?

In The Near Future
Theyíll be Men Made
In The name Of Evolution
Born To a Life Of Torture
Product of a Twisted Mind
The Spawning of a new Kind

Deep Inside in an abyssal Darkness
Is That Place Inside Our Minds
A place where nothing enters
Where All Beauty Dies
Intellect, Mind, Soul
The essence of humanity
Evil, The uniqueness Of Men

Their Body, a prison of flesh
Their Brain, a lifeless realm of thoughts
The Soul remains pure
Absent of evil

The ďInhumanĒ ones are the pure
The ďInhumanĒ ones are divine
We are The Privileged
We are The Intelligent
We are The Monsters
The Deformed Kind

4. Wicked God (The Rebirth)

Iím the Temptation you canít resist
Iím everywhere hidden by mist
Iím mysterious, obscure
For me there is no cure
Iím the questions youíre afraid to ask
Iím the answers youíre refuse to listen
Iím the one who lives in your mind
I will be your best friend in a short time

My Sweet Angel,
So pure, so innocent
I am your only Fantasy
Iím your yearned Ecstasy
Iím the voice that calls you
Iím the one who comes for you
Iím the demon that once
You feared and now desire
Youíre only thought
Your heart is on Fire

Iím A Wicked God
Eternal, I canít die
You all fight in vain
This world is my domain

Just Surrender To My Charms
And In Rapture Youíll born again
In a Reality Beyond Your Wildest dreams
You will relish the sweet taste of sin

Fallen Angel
Fallen from Grace
The Expression of Horror
Marked in your Face
Your screams of pain
Are all in vain
I laugh out high
As your innocence is erased

No one can face me
It's a War you canít win
In the new millennium I am Reborn
I am sin deified by mankind

I'm the Unholy paradise
Where God is deicide
I'm the immortal parasite
Through life and death side by side
Youíre souls are mine
Our destinies are entwined
Iím Your Master
Youíre my slaves
Forever in pain

5. Dark Light (Bright Shadow)

6. Ohropax

Complexity, melodic insanity
Simplicity, virtuous Brutality
A deadly neurotic symphony of organized Chaos!


Intensity, pure energy
Of musical integrity
A deadly neurotic symphony of organized Chaos!


7. Cannibalistic

A thirst that cannot be quenched
An Hunger that cannot be appeased
A sweet smell that tortures our souls
The forbidden appetite, Foul!!

The sight of it makes our eyes shine
Our mouths slaver
Our minds blind
Is this the nature of our kind?

Forever we want more
Together we laugh with joy
No one can deprives of this thrill
Because no one can resist its appeal

The blood, the flesh
Ripped and torn still fresh
The grand celebration
Of the ritual death

A feast of sickness
Morbid, cannibalistic
Our greatest weakness

An exquisite taste
The need for gore
In the Land of lore
The question ďwhy?Ē is forever ignored!

Enslaved but the beast inside
Were godís toys, Satanís Joy
From the beginning to our time
Leading us to the end of our kind

Men is the Hunter
Men is the prey
Men is the ravenous
Men is the food

8. The Path (To Cross)

9. Divine Burning of Souls

Religion blinds you
Consumes you from inside
It keeps you sane
Hiding the pain

It breathes, it lives
It Feeds of your Soul

Trapped in a unbreakable cage
Built of ignorance and lies
It can only be destroyed
If you open wide your eyes

Everyday you kneel and bow
To your God of repression and guilt
For salvation you must pray
As your life slowly slips away

A systematic denial of what is real
Self-Defense for Fear
A search for serenity
Leading To insanity

As your God dies
The Truth you realize
Now you burn in regret
Knowing Salvation Is Death

Your private World of Fear!!

10. Fearful Life

Those who live in conformity
Are bound to stupidity
In the emptiness of their lives
Frustration will kill their minds
Swallow those with hallowed intensions
Forever confined
In the infinity of time
In this shallow world ignorance is bliss
True emotions are tossed into the abyss
Material Kills The Individual
Replicas become so real
Some stay true To what they feel
Life itself they defy
Because they choose to know why
The truth is misunderstood
A destiny where dreams and hopes are fantasies
Is Spiritual glory a utopia?
Is The Honest man a Pariah?
Is there still any Dignity?
Or is it Pure Insanity?
There will be a moment in time
Where you will have to face your fear of life
Confronting reality
With a dark romantic insanity

11. Wakening

12. Neurose I


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