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"Neurotic" (2002 Demo)

1. Wicked God
2. Deformed
3. Cannibalistic

1. Wicked God

I'm the Temptation you can't resist
I'm everywhere hidden by mist
I'm mysterious, obscure
For me there is no cure

I'm the voice that calls you
I'm the one that comes for you
I'm the demon that once
You feared and now desire
You're only thought
Your heart is on Fire

You know you can't face me
No use To struggle, you can't win

My Sweet Angel,
So pure, So innocent
I am your only Fantasy
I'm Your Ecstasy

Fallen Angel
Fallen from Grace
The Expression of Horror
Marked in your Face

Finally you're mine
Your eyes will never shine
I'm Your Master
You're my slave
Forever in pain

I'm A Wicked God
Eternal, I can't die
You can't defeat me
The Final Victory is always mine

2. Deformed

Abortions, Monsters
Rejected By the World
A Joke To "Humans"
Seen As Mistakes
Pity The Word
Spoken By The World
Beyond Corruption
The Beautiful Ones

In The Near Future
They'll be Men Made
In The name Of Evolution
Born To a Life Of Torture
Product of a Twisted Mind
The Spawning of a new Kind

Deformed Body
Deformed Brain
Pure Soul
Absence of Evil

Intellect, Mind, Soul
The essence of humanity
Evil, The uniqueness Of Men

The Inhuman ones are the pure
The Inhuman ones are divine
We are The Privileged
We are The Intelligent
We are The Monsters
The Deformed Kind

3. Cannibalistic

A thirst that can't be quenched
An hunger that can't be appeased
A sweat smell that tortures our souls
The forbidden appetite , Foul!

The sight of it makes our eyes shine
Our mouths slaver
Our minds Blind
Is this the nature of our kind?

Forever we want more
Together we laugh with joy
No one can deprive us of this thrill
Because no one can resist its appeal

An exquisite taste
The need for gore
In the World of lore
The question is forever ignored

The Vampiric Search For blood
The Cannibalistic Search for flesh
From the beginning to our time
Leading us to the end the our Kind

Men is The hunter
Men is The prey
Men is The Ravenous
Men is The food


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