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"Sovereign" (2000 EP)

1. Prayer
2. An Offering
3. Flood
4. Sovereign

1. Prayer

Unsure and screaming
I turn and face the sun
Burning with a beautiful rage

Turn away
Weave and spin
In the fields of time Iíve lain to crawl the inner plane
Weave and spin
Awakened crystal pain through and down by a
Sent down low scar my soul
Wall, it comes in waves free and invisible
Break this peace seal the blow
Mother crawled away to see the star

This is where Iíve come to bear
Feel the calm and flow and the procession
Witness to my fate anew
Bodies fall away, spirits burn
Trapped inside I abide this ordeal
Drawn in and praying in waste, sent out and smashing down

I endure this place and this pain
Distant sounds pass by etching this tunnel
I go on, I go on

I am my will

2. An Offering

These are offerings forgiven to the eye of spirit and law
Intrinsic fire witnessed the time of iron
Reflections of the snake
Reflections of the tree

Chaos fills our landing, the wizard points to the one
The cup is poisoned, the crime has risen
The ship carries us to the crimson soul
In our yard we found some bones
The child is whole
Inside are pictures of the future war

In tide I came to feel your heart
And rise to believe our need to know
In time I gave to instill our world
To receive our...

3. Flood

4. Sovereign

Her rain is like black rust
And melts down heavy on dreaming heads
It cuts through

She floods the haunting roads of the past
Like the dark night embraces a shadow

A fold in time brings her madness
Worn from and age of wars
A sovereign pain

A will tattered by a thousand storms
An explosion of memories echo in the skull

Faith in this will bring us all to her
We will know and feel all that is real


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