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Pain of Mind

"Pain of Mind" (1988)

1. Pain Of Mind
2. Self-Taught Infection
3. Reasons To Hide
4. Black
5. Training
6. Progress
7. Stalemate
8. Bury What's Dead
9. Geneticide
10. Ingrown
11. United Sheep
12. Dominoes Fall
13. Life On Your Knees
14. Grey

1. Pain Of Mind

your mind is restricted
from years of obedience
thoughts are never your own
your mind is a trap loaded with crap

who decided your life? not you
never had it in you to look inside
and be you

living life in a safety belt
nothing inside anymore
never crossed the line
just content to whine
always pay the fine
mind by their design

it's time to purge your brain
no question at all
they've constructed the wall
but you had the bricks
(ever increasing pressure fix)
(pain of mind, sickness of heart)

pain of mind, sickness of heart.

2. Self-Taught Infection

how can we be so blind?
once we had a world
untainted land to toil our lives
but then we...

lost control

of our greed and need
lost control
now what have we got?

our world's a disease
the germ is us
our minds have...


we taught our children
hate and love
we taught our children
to love, to hate

confined inside our minds
entangled in greed
we search for unity


3. Reasons To Hide

to try to ake an order out of
muddled thoughts and dream - to
watch hope and desire torn
apart from the seams - construct
a wall of hatred out of failures
crumbled ruins - to crawl with
bleeding fingers for the stones
to be moved

in my dreams i witness terrors
when i wake up they are true
they're of pain and anguish
feelings i never knew

to crawl through the maze of life
and never find the door
to stumble on the corpse of emotion
sprawled across the floor
to stare blankly at one's image
and then coldly turn away
to realise i'm not the only one whose soul died today.

4. Black

sometimes i feel so far away
other times i think i need a change today
unwanted feelings of despair from inside
and all i want is a place to hide

sometimes it makes me really angry
other times it gets me really sad
but every time it happens the only thing i see is...
black, black, black, all i see is...

i just want a little piece of mind
away from all my pressures and the daily grind
i just want a place where i can be
away from all the things that trouble me


could things be better at the end of the road?
or will the world outside still be cold?
for the inner tranquility that i lack
turns everything i see black

5. Training

all of us go through our lives
and never stop to think for a second
we producs and impenetrable womb
and seal our existence
controlled by boundaries of mind
we ignore any reasoning
and we still all wonder why our whole race is doomed
and we do as we're told
and we grow so cold
and no one can say why.

progress how much truth can you take?
lies so pure
hidden eyes, victimized too secure

you live your lies to suicide
content from fear

beaten down and kept in line
commit to sin
programmed mind, self-confined wall closed in


greed controls our lives
money kills
taught to think and act and lie
break the will.

6. Progress

7. Stalemate

i woke up in the morning, spent the night in the trenches again
the first thing i do is grab my gun
the enemy is near, it was dangerous to sleep
i was lucky to have lived to see the sun
in a foreign land fighting for my country
over words that the politicians said
i look and meet the eyes of an enemy soldier
aiming his gun at my head
panicked thoyghts run through my mind
visions of my death unwind
standing there shaking in terror
i clutch my gun in despair
we look eachother in the eyes
then we both realise that our roles are the same
i put down my gun and he walks away.

8. Bury What's Dead

undermine the system that brings destruction
(wake up and bury what's dead)
our lives are the cancer to their oppression
(wake up and bury what's dead)

if you think the reason we are here
is to fight our brothers and sisters and lovers
you must realize it's ourselves we fear

do you feel the tension in our land?
(wake up and bury what's dead)
from the hate zone to the high rise all built by man
(wake up and bury what's dead)


distrust authority
the only rules are your own
spilling blood for a piece of dirt
(wake up and bury what's dead)
shows what a human being is worth
(wake up and bury what's dead)


9. Geneticide

10. Ingrown

11. United Sheep

follow the sheep
as the wolf drives the sheep to slaughter
stand with the wolf
as the sheep at eachother
crumbling at the roots
fearing of the wolf
love your fellow sheep
as you march straight in to death
follow the sheep to unity.

12. Dominoes Fall

13. Life On Your Knees

christ died nailed to a cross
(life on your knees, get down on your knees)
now he's an icon to the spineless mass
(life on your knees, enforced reality)
bring your mind forth and submit
(life on your knees, stay down on your knees)
just let him take you away
(life on your knees, assume conformity)

welcome to the world of your mindless life
away from the reality of your lifeless mind

he was no better than the rest of us
crucified for doing what was right to him
and you'll do no better, we're all slaves
let go now, look within


break the chains on your mind
don't spend your life on your fucking knees

the power is within yourself
take a hold of your life
if you spend your life waiting for heaven

you'll never get out of hell

14. Grey

fighting against the way we've been conditioned
is the pain of life and mind
the more we see the more we know
the more we can't seem to find...

a way of living life free of control
without reality being sch a fucking hole
where all we have to do is survive
with no restrictions on our lives

in this situation we're forced to hypocrisy
we're made to set rules for ourselves
distrust is taught as a way of survival


(follow your heart, trust your head)
we've got to accept that we're all alike
fascist is anarchist is life, one makes the other
and the other is one
just reflections of black and white



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