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Given to the Rising

"Given to the Rising" (2007)

1. Given to the Rising
2. Fear and Sickness
3. To the Wind
4. At the End of the Road
5. Shadow
6. Hidden Faces
7. Water Is not Enough
8. Distill (Watching the Swarm)
9. Nine
10. Origin

1. Given to the Rising

We stand encircled by wing and fire
Our deepest ties return and turn upon us
The shrouded reason, the bleeding answer
The human plague in womb
Bring clouds of war
Let us rest
Our future breed is the last
In the conscience waits
Dreams of the new sun
We're blood in the dust
Given to the Rising
Through this we claw roots
Of trees in the world of iron
Our father's steps fueled the boiling sea
The wretched harvest reaped by the hands of dawning
Our pain cannot forgive the silent machine of the fatal flaw in man
That brings us to the end

2. Fear and Sickness

In the thoughts of time we are of sand
With aphasic songs the ratios are blind
A lucid air deletes the sound
The water slows to receive you
The lantern guides to the evil
As a weapon forms of the dawn
The air reeks of foul play
Inscribe your fears in the soil
The sea is foul
Like worms in your heart
Consume an age old
Of forgery and deceit
At the center we will find you
Falling prey to its lustre

3. To the Wind

I saw God in death through you
Most things we'll never know
The darkest water runs in
The feasting cancerous
The questions burn in cages
Of a masterless life of disease
All that feel the warning see to will its steeds
Of black to cut us down
Of white to light our sound
Of red to burn and drown
And grey to spread like ash to the ground

4. At the End of the Road

The land here absorbs light
Inverting false hopes to night
Fault lines of reason shake thin
Grit erodes a skein of earth
To rise and become of use
A relentless motion of tongue
Deflower the nature of light
Deflower the nature of water
Realize, reflect, and refract leagues and layers grow deeper
Like roots into the ocean
The wellspring is nailed to a chain
A lost and binding dream
Carving a reckless control
Of the knives hanging clean
From a wild and innocent grace
Stars black the blood of silence
The lightning shears the heart
Fall unto

5. Shadow

I remember the fear
I remember the taste
A distant echoed howl
Blood on the ground
Shadows moving on me
Blind eyes dawning and watching the wreckage
The life fades to silver
My engine's burning
To bring me to them I'm walking to the eternal lake of light

6. Hidden Faces

Through the eyes I have known you
Your spirit is stretched thin
Your veil is a hole
Stream a dark tide's betrayal
That rips through its own
Through the eyes of the wheel
I will see you coming
Through the waves of lies
I will see you coming
Through the years of burden
I will see you coming
Through the weathering vine
I will see you coming
The feral now feeds you
Instinct is pure
All reactions are sane
Eyes on the mountain
Hidden faces
Spirit faces

7. Water Is not Enough

The stitch in our eye
With roots deep within
The soil stained with blood
Of those who rose before the time
Dirt relies on our test
Tied to the resolving design
Distance varies though the ways bring us all
Feeders seething woe is them
The volted antenna saints that will the fire
The hand is gnawed
The end is nigh
The warriors remain and they bring us to the sky
We'll burn in the sun
And we'll fall to the moon

8. Distill (Watching the Swarm)

A swarm devours the heart
The seed burns where it lay build designs of none
Roots have poisoned the clay
A flame tongued blade
Opens holes in the sky
You stand holding the gate
They've all drowned in the flood
Sun-whitened bones
In a landscape of hounds
The bound shade a light
To disperse the stars
We watch, we watch
It is of the moon
It is all of the moon
In this weather we must build fire
Break them all down
Tear them all apart

9. Nine

The words of gods lie among us
In the glazed clay of ruin
At the source of subtle bodies to know the sky
And how it was hammered into place
Where all graces are electric
And the days are all nine
And the nights are all nine
All nine

10. Origin

All my spirits come through we when I bleed
A fractured skull in a desert well, I leave this disturbed, destroyed child will follow you
A wild and wounded beast I stand inside the sun
My heart let memories flood my mind
All the fixed, breathing strobes in the waking hours
The clouds are looming to remind me of the judgement passed on my soul
Acid stars have scarred my mind and left me as a ghost
I shattered my curse and spread it through the land
I wander guilded, willing, and unclean
Project dark eyes sullen, drawn out and wicked
Nameless lights pull me into a reflected psychic black hole


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