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"Farewell" (2007 Demo)

1. Wilderness of Tortured Souls
2. Frozen Sorrow
3. Farewell
4. Distress

1. Wilderness of Tortured Souls

A monumental reality
False life full of expectations
On the reckless river of lies
The Man judged for his opinions

Scorching like the purgatory
The longing for a better world
Unleashed steps without raging lights
On the ash-planet, on the earth

A hot desire, glows in fire
A desire without laces
Like a false picture floating in
Wilderness of faded faces

In your hand what trembles of fear
Fallen memories, stolen dreams
Everything what’s waiting for you
Tortured souls and some pale grey screens

A voice, swimming deadly
In the dark, by hellfire burnt
A voice, that now changes
The rough of death: I have returned!

The end of life, I see clearly,
Set a fire in my eyes
My own last station, which just my
Destiny was and now cries

2. Frozen Sorrow

My lights are out: the end is near
Burial depths are calling, I can hear

Darkness takes me over as my body's falling tired
No more ages of life by my deranged soul desired
Time is frozen still, the only hope is death
Suffer from the solace of which there's nothing left

Rays of hope turn listless,life withers away
Death gives endless space for a saddened mourning pray
Footprints turn to ashes on the way chosen for me
No one shares my frozen sorrow, that's how it should be

My existence fades as my past goes six feet under
Lie to me my ego: there's nowhere left to wander
Embrace of the soil, dirts tears on my skin
I live on with remembrance that I'm drowning in

When a new day is born, someones chance will die
But mind dreams reckless thoughts and hope won't stop to try
My memories start to decay, time persists no more
I'm slowly erased from the mourners' soul

My lights are out: the end is here
My grave is dug, I dissapear

3. Farewell

This is the end, here it finishes
There is no word that would know the answer
Look at me and tell me what it means
What does the enigma worth if you offer the palace to rely.

You also know , it was nice
Maybe it was over the reality

I can see the depth of your eyes to wich pictures of the past ,give birth.
Desire sears me to drown again
Without a breath,without air
The present is over the reality now

Pronuss me, i will see thelight again
Now,that the picture does´nt wash away
Lie me,that desire sears in you
Maybe one day again,once again.

But now the house has closed down
The walls are whispering something
In the deepening darkness-just a flame
The walls are telling me about you...

There is no window through which i could see the sun,
Could see my round-shaped shadow in painful fire
There is no leakage trough which i could watch the moon
Or could watch your cold lore´s stonesh iceflower

4. Distress

She was in our eyes, She reached immortality
She was everywhere, joined the differences and was walking in the unreachable...
She was walking on the stones of infinity.

The shaky movements are being defended by a grey vail,with mad wrath
it is teraring the meat from our bones.
Pulling memories after herself.
She was lying in the dirt.
Once i was proud

As into our way crashed dead disease it is waving with our stub limb
You are the one who is chased by the life and from who the man cant hope anything good
A bloody togetherness is shouting in my soul.


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