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Weakening Divinity

"Weakening Divinity" (2003)

1. Intro
2. Torments From The Hellish Beasts
3. Skullcrushing Paradise
4. Spectral Damnation
5. Cosmic Apocalypse
6. Lunar Rex
7. Ancestor
8. Cursed Thorns of Christ
9. Outro
10. Aru-am (Drowing In Lust)
11. Below
12. Unholy Dirge

1. Intro

2. Torments From The Hellish Beasts

Rising from the dirt grounds of the centre mass fires
Unlighted god creatures chosen to torment us
Burning inside torning our moral beliefs
Storms of sin conquer the feeble ones
And again all is black in our hearts
Purity is sucked through the voidness souls

Trading peace for relentless punishment
Bringing violence towards the human flesh
Warriors without rest seekers of impiety
Infamy is unleash upon the blood of the protected

Chains to be wear through the centuries
Dethrone goodness and upraise the age of evilness

3. Skullcrushing Paradise

Into the pit were death cries
Mourning journey for the lost ones
Torments of ages revealed in flesh
Burning the stigmas for the decayed

Hells storm over Eden
In conspiracy with the War Gods

The path of fire opens the sinful souls
Purification through pain and torture
Setting a new end for existence
A tribute to the bringers of pestilence

Angelic ruins fade
Skullcrushing Paradise

4. Spectral Damnation

Ancestors dead on the centurion battlefields
Belong to rest in their sanctified graves
Wars fought blood lost swinging their rusty blades
Lifes driven until the timeless purgatory

Glory and tragic tears once to be damned
Were brought by furious winds

Ravenous troops of ghosts cruse the skies of white
Forging the clouds in red spreading total demise
Unmerciful weapons of death reign the feared land
Hunger Pain Suffering and Sacrifice shall overcome

And shall overcome in permanent winter seasons
Where coldness frost holiness
Saints convert to Devils and Devils into Man
And a dying future brings Sun to Suicide

5. Cosmic Apocalypse

Bow and worship Stars and Planets
The conjuration of the universal elements
A spell that can not be betrayed
Just follow it and embrace the night
For she is the Queen of ageless time
Immortal on her eternal dark throne

The gates of destruction open in the black hole
Releasing their hordes of malignant eeries
The confrontation between good and evil
Brings Earth to complete annihilation

Last heavenly picture of civilization
Winding madness and thunders
Raps of violent explosions
Eclipse of morality and virtue War Plague and Desecration

Icons turning to ashes
Vanishing the symbols of decreptitude
The sea turns grey of filth
Sulphuric gases erupt from the ground
Destruction dwells upon mankind
As the impious rule this firstborn empire

6. Lunar Rex

7. Ancestor

Underneath the dreams the voice speaks
Enchanting your visions and inner landscapes
Wandering through the labyrinth of memories
Feeding upon your nightly fears

The quiet and warmth face whispers
And the moon opens the magic circle

Now clouds close on a mass of twisted forms
Uncovering the cold figure of the reaper
As he laughs upon your miserable life
Taking your soul to the underworld

8. Cursed Thorns of Christ

Blood all over the earth belong to one king
Not a true one but a thief and a dream seller
Weak were the ones who felt his words
Lost those who breathe his knowledge

Cursed Thorns of Christ

Not the chosen but the guilty
Liar and sin originer judged by his owns
Nailed behind the faith
Cover to hide the truth

Cursed Thorns of Christ

Along goes the crucified fool

Raped by the vultures hunger
tears dried the hounds at the moonlight
Bewitched cross envenomed his existence
Moans of joy to applaud his end

Cursed Thorns of Christ

9. Outro

10. Aru-am (Drowing In Lust)

11. Below

12. Unholy Dirge


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