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Empty Remembrances

"Empty Remembrances" (2006 Demo)

1. Onward to Armageddon
2. Empty Remembrances
3. Emphemeral Seed
4. Jail of life
5. Equinox

1. Onward to Armageddon


Created of everything and nothing
Discouraged, without oneís destiny
Puppet chained up to nowhere
Ear-splitting noises sorround

Secure steps straight to soul suicide
Insensitive, hungry and submissive
Indisposed to see beyond patterns
Only one mission around the mind

Donít give the chance
Donít run away
Donít hide over there
Donít cry for them

thinking about oneself
maybe it would be better
to give up to the Masterís will
and to say high and clear: I OBEY!

ar: I OBEY!

2. Empty Remembrances


When I close my eyes I need to know world still is there
Iím guided by the facts, memories can be distorted
North, west, south, east, I will find him!
How can I heal if I donít feel time?

No memories doesnít make my actions minimum
World doesn't disappear when you close the eyes
Make it will be right

In my mind I must create an exterior world
A world that makes sense in my acts

3. Emphemeral Seed


You donít want see my eyes
You donít feel my fears
from your blinded heart you think itís better for both
without look into another's eyes

Like a rusted ship my words are drowning in thoughts
Like an ephemeral seed blooming in the middle of hate
How could we walk so far away...?
I can feel running through my veins your twisted grimace straight to my heart

4. Jail of life


the supreme truth relapses in the senses world
a world that turn grey, cold and grim

arising from the dark paths of the subconscious mind
visions from beyond who whisper my forgotten name
through black tongues
who spit out lewd words of pain
eclipse of silences that lock my mind

no return, no other choice
this jail of life is drowning me

there isnít hope, neither fear
deaf universe of stars who scream my forgotten name!!

Cradle of anguish, sanctuary of doubt

Where, Iím going no return
Where, Iím going no remorse

5. Equinox


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