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Legion of Spirits Infernal

"Legion of Spirits Infernal" (2002)

1. Cold Feelings
2. Envy
3. Conventional Lives
4. Our Fury
5. Speechless
6. Repulsive World
7. Satanic Domain
8. Let the Bible Burn
9. Upside Down Crosses
10. Mortal Decay
11. When the Mask Falls Down
12. Those Behind the Light
13. Legion of Spirits Infernal
14. Pure Hemp

1. Cold Feelings

It’s so strange to be alone
Fading into distance
Feeling so cold
I don’t know what’s going on with my life
I don’t know if it’s life or death
I don’t know what’s going on with my life
Voices whispering my ears
Yesterday forgotten the morning after
Demons ,witches haunting me

2. Envy

Who the hell are you
To tell me how to live
Your envy is
Your lack of capacity
You’re so pathetic
You’re such a moron
Don’t you feel ridiculous
Trying to fuck me up?!
Your envy,your lies
I just ignore bad vibes
You’re so snot that makes me sick
You’re just weak
A god damn false freak
Rip off motherfucker
Am I insane
Or you against the grain?!
I won’t waste my time and you’ll
Kiss your mommy’s ass good-bye

3. Conventional Lives

Old persons in the dark abyss way
Conformism and discourage
Believing on each others failure
Making them alive
Conventional lives
Following an animal instinct
Walking a large no returning way
Meeting an empty and sterile world
Procreation is the only word known
Conventional lives
Old broken gears fertilize the ground
Feeding brand new gears
Breeding alone
Their mission is over
A life of pain and illness
No memories just empty feelings
Conventional Lives
Old persons in the dark abyss way
Conformism and discourage
Believing on each others failure
Making them alive

4. Our Fury

Now I feel your blood
In my mouth, in my hand
Now you’ll see the Legions of the Dead
Bow before the Lord
Into the dark abyss
You’re consumed by demons
See how Hell looks like
No hanging bitch on the cross
No killing what cannot be killed
You shall be consumed by our fury

5. Speechless

6. Repulsive World

Promises of our youth
We thought we knew everything
Radical mind fucking changes
Some surrender to drugs
Others to giving birth whores
Giving up all their best dreams
Pathetic human beings
Giving up their best dreams
Runaway soldiers
Servants with small instincts
Slaves of ignorance
Searching for five minutes
Of expensive fun

7. Satanic Domain

Evil spirits of the dead
Raise and rule, devour the weak
Kill the christians, human atrocities
Darkness feasting on your soul
Into the dark dimensions
I’m the God of Hunt
Devouring and killing
Spreading the Satanic word
You’re an othersider can’t open the gate
There’s no reward, no squid, no faith
Satanic Domain
The master of torture and pain

8. Let the Bible Burn

There’s a fat man conducting the crowd
Inside a bullet-proof cabin
I saw the insane screaming crowd
Sick and crippled- no future - no culture
I felt disgust, by their cynic smiles
Scorn deep inside by the blind faith
You’re a bastard getting rich with lies
Satisfaction is in your greasy face
That’s feed with blood of depressed people
And dirty money is multiplying
I hate you! And your people
So fuck everything that you stand for
I want you see you dead
And your people dead too
Your religion must die
Free all humankind
Let the bible burn

9. Upside Down Crosses

Dark dreams are brought from hell
For your sick mind and obscure pleasures
I see in your eyes hatred and despair
I see in your mind forgiveness
Body pieces are spread all over
You’re hungry for blood
You’re an evil warrior,
Evil is inside you now.
Voices in your head don’t let you rest
Evil warrior is what you are
Upside down crosses
Blood coming out of the walls
The clock has stopped
and Satan has raised

10. Mortal Decay

You’re a threat, a threat to our world
You’ve sinned against Mother Earth
She will hunt you down
And you will bow before Her
You are killing the species
Destroying the forest, slaughtering your own world
You must suffer, shall be consumed
By Earth’s rage, I hope you die real soon
There’s no need to pray!
Your God has abandoned you
There’s no need for faith!
Mother Earth has cursed you
Mortal Decay

11. When the Mask Falls Down

Using your mask
you have fooled us
you have betrayed us
It hurts so bad, I wish you cold believe
Betraying brotherhood it’s fucked up beyond belief
If you can’t remember I won’t let you forget
Think about what you’ve said and what it mean
You left us on our own
I’m not that kind of person
I’ve tried to explain but you just don’t understand
That’s why I want to be who I want to be
Who gives a fuck in what you believe
Deal with your life and just let me be
I don’t give a fuck
But you just can’t
face the fear, face the fear
Sometime soon you’re going to be dead

12. Those Behind the Light

Black shades melting with the fog
Spooky visions of the living and those gone beyond
Those left behind rising by the evil forces that
Will rise again and rule this world
Howls and screams are heard in the night
Seven black candles burning
Old cemetery, devil’s house
Another horror nightmare came true
How many of you know the horror and terror
Those behind the light will prevail
Thru my powers of supernatural
All those who are gone longer will rise
The prince of darkness rules my destiny
Dark World’s beliefs guiding you to hell
Witness the joy of another glorious rise
The devastation of an untrue World

13. Legion of Spirits Infernal

Those that create the blasphemy on Earth and Heavens
Those that create the night and day of discord
Those that create the light and supreme darkness
That form men to love and hate one another
I invoke the evil unborn, created after Lucifer
I invoke the terrible God, offering sacrifices
I invoke those by their own potent name
I invoke the powerful almighty king of Hell
From God we are born
In Jesus we die
Through the unholy spirit
We come to life
Maker of destruction
Maker of desolation
Order of thrones rising
30 Legions of Spirits Infernal

14. Pure Hemp

In the misty morning
You’ve dropped by
We rolled a joint
And we got high
Green leafs inside my brain
Bong hits and I’m insane
The greatest pleasure of life
Smoking weed, getting stoned all night
Drinking beer and hanging out
Passing out in the couch


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