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Manifestation of the Forgotten Subconscious

"Manifestation of the Forgotten Subconscious" (2004)

1. Angerseed
2. Manifestation
3. Misanthropy Pt. 2 (Escape From Human Unintelligence - To Rise And Create An Individual World)
4. View From Above
5. Permanent War�Interim Pleasure
6. General Regression
7. Impression Of A New Chapter's Beginning
8. Enslaving Emptiness

1. Angerseed

Well, I lost all my hope and faith
I have nothing to loose
Look at my empty hands:
I sacrificed my goods on the altar of confidence

But I don't mind
Maybe it's my fate
I can't see the connections
Now the fable ends, but where are the lessons?

I have never seen an angel
I can't believe no more in people
There are rooted in my soul
The Seeds Of Anger!

Anger, holy anger, show me the way
How could I be cleaned from the filth
Now I forget the social expectations
I rely just on my original intuitions

Angerseed lives deeply inside me
Compassion slowly dies
Forgiveness seems to be away from me
There's no place for infirmity

Where is the cur
Which could reassure my soul?
I don't have patience
No longer, no more

I wan't to leave this place
This is not my world
I must escape from here
This is not my life!

I am very sad and angry
Because of human nature
What the hell shall is do against
Our threatening future?!

We live in controlled dare
The system works perfectly
But I can suddenly change
By a grain of dust among the rusty gogwheels

People have lost the way
To center of self-realization
We are very far away
From the real essence of inner ourselves

I would refuse the
Principle of submission
I prefer try to annihilate
The radical indifference

Unequal rights, senseless fights
Racism, hate all over the world
Where's the end of our dreadful atrocities?
Can we change our guilty approach to life?


2. Manifestation

Nightfall tries to paint the dying skies
With the deepest dark of seas of blood
Silence is floating in a mysterious red
The light is fading and comingto an end

What's there in the air?
There is something going on behind the scenes!

Before that time when I become so restless
I was waiting for the sign
And with my seventh sense
I have felt the presence of mother universe�

In a superhuman form

I'm standing beneath the fullmoon and the stars
Which have seen our first time on earth
What kind of tales could they tell about
Our past and present and future (i we'll have at all)?

Come to a mighty power!

Reality, like an ice-cold wind
Can overthrow the dreams again
But it is real - just you can't feel
That many powers direct your steps away

Manifestation - so magnetic
Once touches you, you'll be always addicted to it
Manifestation - another kind
Of existence and a special, unknown world behind

When essence manifests itself and
It raises your mind to a hidden way
And what you believed is not true, you can' t see everything
You have to realize the fact: we are too small�

Nightfall tries to paint the dying skies�

3. Misanthropy Pt. 2 (Escape From Human Unintelligence - To Rise And Create An Individual World)

There is a secret worl somewhere in time far away
I have to visit that silent place day after day
I have some memories from a better age
But I won't ruin myself by simple rage

I belong to this sick tribe called human race
I think: it's not the good time and not the good place

Another way what I need
I wanna step outside this lifeform
I wold like to be above to
Human shallowness

Is this a real misanthropy?
Or is it just the perfect projection
Of my hate and my disguist
Of miserable crowds

Fallibility / Incredulity / Hypocrisy

It's time to leave that's all behind

We are�

We are ulcer on the corpse of earth
Sentenced to death
We are the only self-destroying machine
The beginning of the end

Now listen to me!

We've forgotten the old past
But mention must be made
Of those eternal wisdoms
Which are nowadays just remains

Let's create
And rise again
From the swamp of standarized crowd!

Another way what I need
I wanna step outside this lifeform
I want to find the only way
To entirety

Fallibility / Incredulty / Hypocrisy

It's time to leave this all behind

Well I prefer created my own world
If I've problems, there I try to search for solving

There is a secret worl somewhere in time far away
I have to visit that silent place day after day
I belong to this sick tribe called human race
But it's another time time and another place
Another age�

4. View From Above

When did you try to contemplate
Your own world
From another, different standpoint?
From another standpoint

Why do you think: you're right
And that's the only way
What you create in your mind?

There was a moment
At the pain of your birth
The wisdom was yours
The keys were in your hands
You can't see the light
Just the darkest side of life!

Walls - that you built around yourself
In defence of your weakness
But I know: you are sensitive
You must understand: not emotions make you weak

Laws - which have reason for the existance
Only in your head
Self-respect - it will be your grave
I mean you're truly deplorable

Behind the rejection
I would find your repressed fear
Of your mistaken life

Another point of view
I want to reach on your behalf nothing else
I just want to show you
The clear side of being

Forget your pride
Forget your grieves
Don't see always
All things in black!

View from above�

Maybe you came too late�
Your destiny's written�
Forget your pride
Forget your grieves
View from above
Don't see always
All things in black!

View from above�

5. Permanent War�Interim Pleasure

�And what you dreamed about
Is broken
Haven't knwe this real-life
You must open
Your eyes and your mind too
'Cause you'll be pushed to the floor

The war is permenent
And you�don't know what to do
Livin' in a self created world
Where everything has its place

This life is srtange for yourself
You feel like a srtanger from the past

How many pain and death
Gasping for a little breath
You need fresh air
Silence and tranquillity
You've enough of the needless fight

In your worst nightmares you often hear cries
Desperate screams from the ocean of time

No, you're not free
You are a slave
Of a higher power
And some autocracies

Where is the pleasure
In the darkest times?
What kind of voices
Do you hear at night?

There is one chance to comprehend the substance
And the line is very straight that leads from light to darkness

Obscurity / Certainty
Time has come to choose between them
Mortality / Eternity
You've to decide where you wanna belong!

�And what you dreamed about�

No, you're not free�

Where is the pleasure�

Permanent war�Interim pleasure
Permanent war�Interim pleasure

6. General Regression

General regression
Absolute power - be mine!
Otherwise, I can't stop madness
And can't reverse the time!

This is the end of the way
We must turn back
The following step leads us
Into a blinding death

Twenty-first century will be a turning point
Mankind's to decide: does it want a fatal war?
Negative tendencies are showing to this course
Mental and moral regression rule the parts of life

There are no answers for those questions
Where are we from? Where do we go?
But if you want to, you can see it:
We were born against ourselves!

Distress / Fear / Violence
Made by society
Disasters / Starvation /Diseases
Have we got place on earth?

You just live you only life
But don't care what happens in the world
You should awake and look around
Instead of standing and staring at the ground

Who is the chosen one?
Who can stop the avalanche?
Before it's too late�

General regression means pain
For a vanishing type called "thinking man"
Don't leave your path, don't swim with stream
Dawn always comes after coldest, longest night!

It's better you to try to escape
From the deadly embrace of this world
This way is hard, but it's worth it
You can be free just by a drastic manner!

7. Impression Of A New Chapter's Beginning

"Egy belsõ világ összeomlása és felemelkedése
Az anyagi létezés figyelmen kívül hagyásával,
Magasabb érzelmek, értékek és szempontok alpján�"

The following words are really creating
The impression of a new chapter's beginning

The period of my life is nothing but
The consuming desire for innocence of the long past
The ending is the same as the beginnging for me:
Before the destination I have to return to my starting point
I don't know why!

I haven't known in advance, what's waiting for me
When I've chosen this path, I just wantedto be
A man who lives always free, who's life is full of freedom
A simple man who refuses all kinds of restriction

Strength of will / trust / sincerity / persistence / belief / uprightness
I believe in the meaning of these words
I did everything for my dreams
Without invention of giving up!

I'm over many heavy years
A lot of possibilitieswere mine
But I had to lose every way
To relize the most important thing
In my life

I see compassion in your eyes, I know well
You don't need understand me:
It's impossible to explain the unexplorable
I just feel pity for that people
Who didn't learn to live their lives
How many new dimensions could they explore
When they were open
To their weird around them!

Maybe you are in a new safe place,
You are comfotrably off
But your life can never be complete
Please, face up to this fact!

A lot of possibilitieswere mine
But I had to lose every way
It's needed to relize the most important thing
In my life

I've seen so wonderful things
And met so many kind of people
I've been so agical places
That you could not imagine
'Cause you don't know this feeling�
I can never stop, let me go on
Now I begin a new chapter without you
Thank youfor your comprehension�

8. Enslaving Emptiness

"A végsõ kétségbeesés késztette összecsapás
A szellemi kiteljesedésre vágyó akarat
S a mindent uralni és bekebelezni vágyó üresség között�"

Here I am the banished one
Alone again
And try to make pictures
From the million
Pieces of my memories
I remember
I was looking for the meaning
In the coldest places

Why do I have to live in the brave new world?
In a world, where the things work inversely
Would you really like to know
More about the land of confusion?

Where disappeared the worths?
Where degraded the morals?
Can anybody still distinguish
Between right and wrong at all?

We're possible preys
Of the last brainwashing
But there must be a way
Across the dark
Who is gonna pray
For our souls?

Here I stand the banished one
Alone again
And trying to understand
Where are the
Roots of heavy problems
I don't have more time
I would need clear answers
For the burning questions!

Enslaving emptiness

Nobody finds sure place
Everybody is afraid of future
The great freedom has produced
The new generation of slaves and masters

The mass opression is not vision:
This is the legacy of centuries
A process, that reurns always to itself
Keeps the souls and bodies under siege

We're possible preys�

It's not too easy for me
Living in an age without justice
Quality - it sounds great
Anyone can be equal with a lot of money�
�or not?

Emptiness dominates
Mankind in a thousand forms
Don't expect an infected
Consciousness to be clarified

We will win!


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