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Neanderthals Were Master Butchers

"Neanderthals Were Master Butchers" (2007)

1. Neanderthals Were Master Butchers
2. Defleshing the Cadaver Before Burial
3. Sliced By Man
4. The Mysterious Demise
5. Rebirth Of An Ancient Menace
6. Spawning Of Species
7. Abolition
8. Neo-Neanderthals Travelling Through Consumed Continents
9. Brooding Over A Dead Breed

1. Neanderthals Were Master Butchers

Homo neanderthalensis
A physically impressive species

Long ago, ancient ones were all foes

Struggle to survive
Systematic cannibalism
Pushed to Extinction
Anatomical beauties / monsters

A flattened cranium with a heavy brow ridge above large eye sockets
Higher muscle mass, wars among the proto-humans will last

Evolution's created perfect butchers
It's the lawless extremity of nature

Butchering the half-dead wallowing in their guts
Cutting the carcass in half starting at the pelvis
Cutting haunch from loin, rump from haunch

Separating the shoulder from the shank as close to the joint as possible
Sawed-off limbs quivering on the ground

Shank for chop meat
utilizing neck meat

Cutting through nerves, arteries split in two
The sound of slicing fills the air all around

Immersed in butchering, precise disemboweling

Ribs away from spine, separating chuck from the loin.

The pre-human butcher is obsessed with the bedimmed procedure
The epic ambition of this work is to separate flesh from the soul
Thick fat away from chops

No signs of charring, the flesh was eaten raw
Skinning their own kind, cannibalism within the ancient tribes
The skin will come loose from around the meat

The skinned carcass was stripped of meat and marrow

Dead trees seeing all the killing and skinning and cleaning and gutting that hath
been done
This is the dark side of the pre-human coin

Never its mysteries are exposed
To the human eye so unclosed

Neanderthals were master butchers

2. Defleshing the Cadaver Before Burial

Two mysteries of creation life and death
Their dead were buried, fearing their resurrection

The placement of heavy stone slabs upon their graves seen as impeding their dead from returning
Neandertal corpses, tightly flexed, tied with thongs
Interring their dead, performing burial rituals

The defleshing of the body a symbolic act preventing its spirit from haunting them
Removing flesh to silence the destructive will of nature
removing flesh to see death making its way into the carcass
removing flesh...
Flesh, doomful like a rapid ghastly river
Cheek muscles from children were filleted out,
tendons were sliced and skulls were cracked to remove brains
Flaying will silence the vile enemy in the form of the Neanderthal ghost
Allaying the dead spirits, who possess destructive powers to the continent

(For thousands of years or more, the shell will see its ghostly owner nevermore)

(Series of rituals, praising the individual)

Buried together, entire kin groups remained united after death
Believed in an afterlife, a vision beyond death in their pre-abstract minds

Artifacts and fauna
guaranteed health in the spirit world...

Defleshing The Cadaver Before Burial, to protect the living from the undead

Death itself, regarded as a kind of sleep
Corpses arranged in sleeplike positions
Death had become something more than a mere brutish fact of nature

Leave the rotten meat witnessing the rebirth of an epoch

3. Sliced By Man

Neanderthals had a war-mongering nature
...a battle scarred warrior race
...a species soon to be pronounced dead
...a furios strory told by time

A struggle between the various species

The dead caves reeked of death and excrement
Grotesque growling from a dying hominid throat
Craniums brutally bashed in, hundreds of separate skull fractures waiting to be consumed by earth

Massive slicings illustrating the era
Sliced by man
Burned proto-human muscles
Mess of bones and flesh
Sliced by man

All the skulls and limb bones were broken apart, presumably to remove brain or marrow
Only the hand and foot bones, containing no marrow, remained intact

Elimination of slimy Neanderthal nests...
Long wars to claim power on the continent...

Every conflict meant death for the ancient races
Their life cycle vanishing into thin air
No longer able to bring that morbid process to a halt

A greater mass terminated the strong a terrific storm of blood

No longer the Neanderthals exist
Mass elimination the humans couldn´t resist
The desire for blood ...its the path humanity had chosen

4. The Mysterious Demise

The demise of an era...
The dying of a species...
The vile work of death...
The purifycation of blood... the will of evolution

Before the bright red sun
A shrouded, massive monolith of clouds, a scattered living maze
In Neander Valley, a crust of sleep layed on them...
A group of men wrote the human history by driving all the remaining Neanderthals into Neander Valley and decapitating them
The last dead Neanderthals were not defleshed the shell can meet its ghostly owner once more

The mysteries of evolution/ the birth of the first human myths
The mysteries of evolution/ systematic births and deaths lead to chaos
The mysteries of evolution/ stocky and intelligent humanoids meet death
The mysteries of evolution/ the birth of death

A time will come when dead Neanderthal forms breed and feed again...

5. Rebirth Of An Ancient Menace

After the 1856 fossil finds in Neander Valley, an ancient menace fogged the mankind's mind
Our origin was built on blood/ on the remains of a long dead species

Building up its stretgh, centuries later
The beings that have been
That human spirits had not seen

A species specialized in butchering
Marks a new era
Menace/threat in the form of undead neo-Neanderthals
Prehistoric elements of life brought into life/light

Human meat mountains, witnessing the catastrophe
The mutilated remains of humans
Tons of flesh, for raw consumption

Bedimmed streets with lurking bloodthirsties
Looted ruins have given up hope standing under the emptiness of the sky
Mutated muscles reflecting in the shadows
Illumination from burning newbirths
Mastering their new environment

6. Spawning Of Species


With spawn of the ancients, there appear different forms of the ancient hominids

Respawn from the caves of Atapuerca
Neo-Homo antecessor reclaiming dead Spanish ruins
In dark Africa the undead neo-Ardipithecus ramidus a forest dweller consuming local tribes
The lessons of Neander Valley are not over yet
The main cave site for the undead breedings
The shells of the dead reawaken
Spirits moving musically back to the mortal coils
The not-defleshed ones growing back dead flesh
Yellow light revealing dead tissue on half-dead beings
Ancient Neanderthals have stillbirths and procreate as dead ones

Self-destructing continents enslaved to concrete aggression by the ancient breedings

7. Abolition

Gas: bitter death
A bleeding brood, a group of survivors
Outskirts of a dead city
Four females young, yelling at a lost city
Exodus from the underground
Condemned people
Seeking shelter from the undead Neanderthals
Travel round in front of lost architecture ruins
Tread dead dust

A neo-Neanderthal ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls
Hacking in green blubbery human meat
Devour a urinous offal from all dead

Pulses were beating in their eyes, veiling the obscure sight
Their human eyes scream to the wasteland out of horror of their forecoming death

Before the dim dead sun
A shrouded massive cloudmass, a scattered dying maze

Crossbreeding between the red sun and the puzzle

Dead breaths the living breathe.
Mankind finds itself facing extinction
Self-preservation an ongoing saga of modern man facing his darkest side

Gas: bitter
Death: the four survivors

A period of time has passed
Isolated pockets of humanity struggle to survive
Looking for something lost in a past era:
Death yet life
Abolition of life

8. Neo-Neanderthals Travelling Through Consumed Continents

Primate odysseys through the modern era guide
Since the Masters respawned from the old times

Neo-Neanderthals dismembering a deer and a child in front of the entrance Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti 3 more myriads
placing its remains on a bed of stones sprinkling it with red ocher
A magical attempt to control life and death in the deer kingdom

Annihilated Australia demolished between the fingers of a Flores zombie

Unknown hominids from the Well of Sheshna in Benares
Ressurection from the bowels of the Earth assailed with the smell of putrid air and cobras

Death, the dead have died by the deeds of the travelling neo-Neanderthals
Dreaming vile dreams the mortals did not dare to dream before

9. Brooding Over A Dead Breed

Australopithecus robustus with sagittal crests
Massive grinding teeth in a large lower jaw

Slave shells tough materia that needs a lot of grinding
Deformed creatures of a misshapen breed

Slave masses traded in the neo-Neanderthal world
Valleys and roads with marching slave rows
Human meat has become a brand
A dead brand for a dead land
Last breed of man
Signals of the end of the progression of human history

An evolutionary dead end in the creation's chain
Butcherings through dead continents
Neo-Neanderthals the master butchers


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