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"Temptation" (1994)

1. Fall to Oblivion
2. The Blind
3. Equilibrium
4. Be one's own master
5. Life
6. Save the World
7. The River
8. A boy

1. Fall to Oblivion

in every period were personalities
who moved with crowds of people

at the beginning very modest
forgot, somewhere in the corner
like a rats in a sewer
waiting for their chance

to realize their plans
how to get a fortune
how to gain a power
promises for the people
bring them on his side
he must be a very good speaker
so that he could dazzle your mind

Chorus: where's the paradise, tell me
which you have promised for me
i have only heard
your neverending lies, neverending lies

but everything will take air one day
we'll see who's responsible


2. The Blind

Chorus: who's you god, tell me
where's your mind, show me

for whom you decided sacrifice your future life
your life

forget your old habits
you can't do what you have done before
learning new orders,thought are changing
slowly get blind


resignation to your lord is very important
servants of your faith
can be used for everything
you are merely a tool, you're blind


behind the wall is normal life
you're lock up like a prisoner
is this your faith
you've lost everything
your friends, your work
but you have your fuckin' faith

3. Equilibrium

many years live in peace
it seems that freedom brought hate

Chorus: open your eyes tired by reality
our old nation is dead for eternity

but life goes on and we must realize
they are still people like you and me

they are still people like you and me

we are still losing something just after
we have found it but change is stimulant
discovering a new way of life

life is always an up and down experience
i think that's great that we are here so take
the good with bad and you can find balance
- somewhere in between
life seems to be
all about equilibrium


4. Be one's own master

such a story out of life
it could happen to everyone
it depends only on a time
when somebody start to
pulling you to the whirl

whirl of events that bring about
maybe happiness and maybe sorrow
start is always like opening a door
to the unknown and mysterious world

Chorus: tell me, why i'm under
influence of another person
formerly, i was free
free like a birds in the wind

but time is changed hand in hand
with things
i'm at an end as the stupid man
an crucifix


5. Life

6. Save the World

i'm here and it's my world - save me
full of problems and full of dirt
look at the all around, what can you see
where it came from this fuckin' mess

who's to blame

Chorus: save the world the wreck
for a people who will come next
there's no place for us
to live in our space

we are selfish, everybody want more and more
how long we'll endure
the earth isn't the bottomless store-house
doom of the world is in our hands
don't hesitate than will be late - wake up


one day they´ll understand
what the worth it costs
the breathe the fresh air
drink the clean water
see the beauties of the world
i think we should save it
for next generation

no gods no saviour, won't help us
put all things to be order

7. The River

all we´re suffer - inner sence of fear
no matter who you are
your days are drawing near
cats into the river
carrying away by the flow
finding ourself in the unknown world
you start to grow

danger and many tramps awaiting for your way
you must be carefull and keep away
to get successfully till the end of your way

who knows
when my time will be up
and I must leave the river of life
get on the gloomy bank
and it means never return back

all we´re suffer - inner sence of fear
no matter who you are
your days are drawing near

8. A boy


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