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"Dimenion Perversum" (2003 Demo)

1. Dimension Perversum
2. Sacrifice Or Slavery
3. Nekrofilet
4. Dream
5. Last Chapter
6. Bloody Mary
7. Dawn Of The Damned

1. Dimension Perversum

2. Sacrifice Or Slavery

Is this real or is this death?
Is this world or is this hell?
Why don't they see, are they blind?
Why do they believe in the light of lies?
Do they fear the truth?
Or won't they know?

Sacrifice or slavery
No hope for life
Lost in endless dictatorship
No god will survive

Life for symbols without meaning
Study books without content
Self-deception or conviction?
Baptized, blessed
Crucified, dead
For his blessing you would die

3. Nekrofilet

Stenched, rotten Carcass
The guts are coming out
The skin is pale, the eyes are dead
The bloody memory and the pain of death
all that makes me horny!

I wanna fuck that corpse
I wanna eat that corpse


Fucking the corpse, this is my desire
Eating the corpse, this is my will
Perverted taste, dead foul flesh
bloody vagina, come let me in
hunger for death, destroyed organs
Nekro Orgasm, fucking the sin!

4. Dream

Cold air, pale skin
Do you smell the sweet scent of the blood
Memory, bloody desire
Nightly vaginalism overcame me

Blurred pictures clears up
Your cries, no response
Your touch, her warm blood on your skin
Severed artery

A cold drop slides down the neck
to bosom
to sternum
to navel
to clitoris...

Her bloody defenselessness wakes my desire
While you accomplish the ritual
Her eyes opened
While you penetrade her
Her thights clings demand around you
She want your juice, the holy gral
You open your eyes
The moonlight falls in her sleeping face
After lightening comes dismay
What drives a man to this dream?

5. Last Chapter

Your last day, depressive and suicide
Your life like a book, the last chapter
the coffin

"It`s my will you`re never awake"

Your minds are sick, your heart is cold
In your brain, emptiness
No solution, life without cause
Voices drill through your brain
Whispers of suicide, day and night

Fuck off your life, kill your body
Tight is your throat and give me your soul


6. Bloody Mary

Screaming humans, "stabbing"
We enter the home
A man pale as death shows shaked on a door
I open the door
- B L O O D -
All furnitures destroyed
A woman at ground, more stabs as tiles on the wall
She lies on the ground, in her own blood
The skull smashed, opened eyes
Lip and neck slashed
Remains of fight in her hand
The knife twisted, 30cm long
The sternum slashed
The stomach bored

Astonishment - horror - seconds of nothing
We see at us, hears again the screams and cries next door

Treats of the wound
(and) Intubation
As i press i hear the sternum and ribs breaks

Adrenalin, atropine, defibrillation

30min later are the pupils wide, her last fights is over now
I leave the room to wash me
In the eyes of the peoples pure dismay
A look in the mirror, i am bloodstained

7. Dawn Of The Damned


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