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"Splenetic" (2006)

1. Intro
2. The Spectator
3. Teufelswerk
4. Ov Snake
5. The Cosm, the Vacuum, the Wave
6. Splenetic/Confusion
7. For Those Beneath Me
8. Triplicity
9. Khert Neter

1. Intro

2. The Spectator

Alas! Born of surgery blade in proficient hand to renew the world
Rushes the Chaos unlocking, and who will discern His seeds?
For cirques are high, the scenery heart is the gain of hold.
Celebrate! Lycanthropes and heretics, sinners and saints

What a virulence! Such a lovely strengths gently obsess every single crawl
Mutes are featured withdrawn; thus fable attracts and leaves
Not a scene will drop! Illusive is the intent, ghostly is the fall

No gift of choice to immolate
Chaos comes predicted even
Imaginary hate turns blind;
Forbidden lot..

The spiral snake, serpentine is the Universe
A flexure where nothing and wind
To contemplate passing by is to breed the curse
Spectators! Global pestilent hive...

3. Teufelswerk

Light defiles the flesh
That speaks for filth and morbid
Dusk is the measurement
A tune of phobias

Has birth the sanctity of scorn!
(Ignorance sparks a human candles)
Omniscient progenies of norm-
Incipient cancer...

Cipher mystery
A triple six euphony
Five horns in puzzle ring
Who would be sinister enough?
(Ignorance sparks a human candles)
Sin-saturated god-like spawn
Inherent madness

4. Ov Snake

Praise the Serpent inconspicuous
A shade
Among a shades exiguous
Coils like slithering mercury
...Three-feet long lethal fury...
Edenbeast Quetzalcoatl
Mostly a temper rarely a victim Reptile versus demigod-
Oh famous contradiction
Lunar-gold psycotic pits of eyes unwinking galaxies immense
...Esurient glance!

Ov grim...
Speechless scarlet restless cloven
The sting
An attribute appalling
Rumours primarely abhorrent
Enlighten us in horrid!
Neheb-Ka Uroborus
Cold blood cult apotheosis
The Omnivorous
Reveal metamorphosis
Frigid nascency of slaugh an effigy piquant enough to daze
A Ravenous grace!

Venomous obscene..
Whispered swear for nasty knowledge
Unclean... With fantasy adorned
Endowed with spite to horrify;
a hiss to chant the chosen
Anthems to the Serpent Sire
The Sire of science and poison

5. The Cosm, the Vacuum, the Wave

The Cosm, the vacuum, the wave
Enigma mystifying, profound
A step aside from words, inanities and names

Theos from retort
Te Deum (nature?)
Fathomless is thy art
Profane I am,
Nor the revelation (neither),
Nor infinity belongs to man

I summon Hermes to obtain the final wrath!

The falling
The Foenix soaring flight
This writhing afterbirth...

Purification through abstract
The blood of matter (melting...)
Science falled to see
Perception reigns
Transposed and shttered
Transmutation ecstasy
With every grain

The Wind confronts me;
The Fire cleansed; The Earth- the secrecy
Temptation high
Adore me, the Water
I am; I create; I sanctify!

6. Splenetic/Confusion

Inconoclast of deciduous shroud...
Reaving splendour stealthily from faded green,
Rebel winds; decay it is all about
Autumnal yield; a vulturous scavenger of spleen
Watching the fall, perceive the rest. Inhale!
Humidity cascading through-down to a flows of Letha.
Meaning of what is incarnates ways to do...

Hate them! Appreciate the farce!
Lonely hearts, bastard kin and lascivious mates
But sheep amidst sneaks a wolverine; Scars
Have their irrational grace
Berhyme the storm, the imminence of tide
Karmic affliction
Splenetic glossary-verbs of decline, dialect of fiction...

Delendum human grandeur est
Death restores the enamouring grin
Ten thousand worms of inquisitiveness
Iron will remendy dreams
I face the omen emerged in fog - mere a sunset
My fiends are shy where I tied them and locked-
Destined to absence...

Vulturous griffin of spleen...

Beyond, where instincts collide,
Negative passions
Stike a transcendent light...

Naught! None above!
Senses clear hesitations and doubts.
Naught! None above!
For the dwelling on desolate ground..

Dropping stones in waters deep,
I always hit the midst of circle...

7. For Those Beneath Me

To grasp the brute inside-
The arrogance of pride...

A myriad misled
Disgorging bane subconscious
For those beneath me I am weird

Exhibit harm of human tongue
The engine practised in disguise
A nutriment of flies...

Too vacuous to hold
Ambivalent solution
For those beneath me I should fall...

In loneliness oblivion falls
Comfort me, desert of my fallen laws

This sole abyss contains no one
The private chasm, the lion's den
Divinity extends

Thus ssolitude invites...
When wings are spread in shining,
For those beneath me I will rise!

In loneliness oblivion falls
Comfort me, desert of my fallen laws!

8. Triplicity

Instrumental (bass solo)

9. Khert Neter

On the night of Remembrance
Wherein the years are counted up
And the number of the months is told
Let my name br given to me!
On the night of Remembrance
Let my name be given to me!

A coming forth by day...

In the House of Per Neser
And in the House of Per-Ur
Let me, oh, remember my name
Let my name be given to me!
In the House of Per Neser
Let me, oh, remember my name!

And in the House of Per-Ur
Reu nu pert em hru

Homage to Thee!
The mighty one in Sekhem
Lord of Eternity
Neme of Thee is established in the mouths of men

On the night of Remembrance
I am dwelling with the Divine One
Take my sit on the eastern side
If any God cometh after me
I declare his name forthwith
I declare his name forthwith!


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