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Et In Saecula Saeculorum

"Et In Saecula Saeculorum" (2006)

1. Intro / The Chaos Before The Light
2. Staring Into The Abyss
3. A Church In Ruin
4. Death Mass
5. Unhallowed Ground
6. Trance Of The Undead
7. Advent Of The Beast

1. Intro / The Chaos Before The Light

Before the light in the empty and formless void,
all was one and the Dark was all,
before the light the Gods were obscure and nameless

Born of nothing, the vast sea of black
before the dawn of the intruding Light

The word, a name, uttered in the darkness
unlock the riddle of creation,
to shape the writhing vapor

Risen, the great Serpent of Revelation
From the burning seas, arise the Demon Star

Reborn is the soul of Satan,
the vessel of fire to be filled once again,
flow through the void and the chasm depths as

Out from the sea of flames
the form of the world arose; by the hand of Lucifer.
Man was created in His image, manifested from the Chaos before the Light

2. Staring Into The Abyss

From the roaring Chaos, formed the cosmic seas
and brought fire from the furnaces of the stars,
order wrought from the flames, a cycle now complete;
the cycle of Leviathan, a singular force, the ever-living

This is the truth,
bound within the blackened texts
held in the rites of the wicked priests
In the dark rituals, the spilling of life blood,
Satan's eyes in the glow of the funeral pyres

Stare deep into the layers of the Abyss,
feel the deathly chill as it stares back at you,
eyes of red fire, penetrating gaze,
Siren song of the colorless void

Filled with the spirit of emptiness and hate,
an oath giving to the Lord and a curse upon the cross

Into the dark, transcend the light.
laws of steel, governing force,
surrender the spirit; a soul for fuel,
the Devil's flame to show the way

Bound to the Dark, flesh, spirit and mind
beings come forth, enter the soul,
twisting the mind, shaping the will,
one with the fire; worship, death, kill

Bliss and redemption in the holy fires of Hell

Fly and be free, for the path of the viscious
leads to the gates of certain glorious destiny

3. A Church In Ruin

Looming shape against the sky, the ruin of a church
crumbling walls of decay, rotten wood painted black

Within these walls the Devil holds his mass,
souls and minds to the yawning black Abyss

Faces without eyes, they congregate in the chapel to pray
The priest of death starts the Lord Satan's mass

Our souls are yours to take,

Kneeling down in front of the Goat and Mendes,
Burn a pentagram into the flesh of the child

The time has come for souls to be burned
seperate the flesh,
The fire awaits

Venerate the Lord of Flies
invert the ways of the Lord
invoke the names of the Beast

Offerings of flesh and blood,
screams of pain throw wide the gate

The swallowed souls fall to Hell,
denied the grace of the Holy Angels

Lucifer, Lord of Light
welcomes his children into the kingdom of fire

Even in death there is no escape
Sink down through the layers of the black slime of despair

The ritual is done and all that now remains is
The rotten stench of burned innocent flesh

4. Death Mass

Deep beneath the hard, unforgiving stone
in the cold, damp earth
Endless fields of frozen stares
Stretch deep into the great black continuum

A thousand eyes illuminate the mist
revealed visions
showing the other places
unbound by the chains of existence
beyond the hated stench of life

For we are caged in bone, flesh, and blood
Spirits of the void bound to decaying human flesh

So here they gather all as one
a mass for the living and the dead
Robes of black to mourn the dead,
shroudes of white to mourn the living
A dirge for their steps
as the funeral marches on

Until the dawn...

5. Unhallowed Ground

A soul lives in a dark place
in an unknown grave reserved for the damned
by the northern wall of the churchyard cemetary
in the place once known to some as "Hell's Corner"
where the air hangs with the dust of tombs
and the mounds seem to breathe

The place is cursed and all those
who are buried in this forsaken place
cannot be laid to rest

The souls of suicides and unbaptized children
who must go to the place
of wailing and gnashing of teeth
in the Outer Darkness
where the tears fall like rain

For at midnight's toll the Evil One
will come to claim the souls of those
whose heads are pointed north
with their feet turned to Hell

And neither the angels nor the saints
will intercede on their behalf,
for God himself has turned away and
given them to Him

They are lost forever
for Heaven's gates are closed
and Satan has their souls

Here the evil spirits prey upon the living
filling those passing by with gloom and sorrow
and as the sands of time obscure the names on the stones
their fates will be forgotten,
but their cursed souls remain
in unhallowed ground

6. Trance Of The Undead

7. Advent Of The Beast

When the day is done and the shadows are long
you can feel the weight of His eyes
when the clouds gather to hide the sun
you will hear His voice calling on the wind

For He is real
He who was begotten and not made

All was revealed in a prophet's dream
The face of the Beast with ten horns and seven heads
who pulled a third of the stars down from the sky

For He is real
and He has existed for immeasurable time
He walks between the spaces and watches
from behind the veil of the sky
waiting for the Day of Wrath,
the Judgement of the Living and the Dead

When the signs are right and the stars are aligned
the gates will reopen and He will come through the void
from the dark unknown places of the smoky black Abyss
Life and death will be as one
as it was in the beginning
Ever a world without end

See the world is living in His shadow
All that was written has now come to pass
The time of doubt has come to an end
The Eye of Horus opens at last
As it was in the beginning and ever shall be


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