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The Nightwinds Carried Our Names

"The Nightwinds Carried Our Names" (1996)

1. Intro / Secula Delenda
2. Fire Be My Name
3. The Wisdom Within
4. Through Tranquillity And into the Storms
5. Att Fira Jesu Död
6. For Each Pare of Hornes
7. From Beyond the Gates
8. At The Dawn of a Black Existence
9. Death's Beauty I Met
10. The Nightwinds Carried Our Names
11. Outro / We Enlightened the Flames

1. Intro / Secula Delenda

2. Fire Be My Name

Aim the arrow at the servants of thine
Impale our black hearts with wrath
Force us to drink the fallen blood
Turn us from men into beasts
From men into beasts

Milleniums of dancing and singing for their lord
Milleniums that grew the wrath of ours

Ages of joy, ages of hope
Time has come to rape the light
I am the chosen, to carry the star unholy
I am among them, sitting on the highest throne
Bleed for me angels, I am of him
Can you see the flames in my eyes?
Flames in my eyes

I shall have flowers withering
Vanishing into shadows of lifeless existence
I shall carry darkness with me
to cast it into heavens high

Fire be my name, eternally burning the face of god
Hatefully burning the holy water, to wipe away the filth
Deceiver be my name, following every breath of god
Lurking at the pearly gates, to strike at the halls of light

Oh, Angels of light, cut your bearing wings I will
and as you fall, beasts yearn for your flesh
Flames welcome you, dungeons greet you
with pain to bless you, shadows to join you

As you have fallen, fall again you will
You are raped, only to be raped again
Raped until the lakes of the purest blood appear
Where you can be drowned a thousand times

Past be his name, as ancient as darkness itself
Yet with flesh of different ages, the source of our hate
Future be his name, as eternity will be his
The one whose flames burn in my eyes

Silently lurking from shadow to shadow
Sneaking, where the sun could not see us
Awaiting the nights loyal caress

The night must have heard us, as in darkness we drowned
And sunset was freezing as death
A night of night is spread upon us
A night that could only bring victory in our strife

It was time to crawl out from the shadows
and let the nightwinds carry our names
For too long had the unworthy ruled
and annoyed us with their light message

Many we were, even more were they
But steel is cold towards friedly flesh
Words of love they spoke to us and showed us their light
But we broke their love and raped their hope

3. The Wisdom Within

Darkened dreams and a search for supreme evil
I'm falling deep into the heart of my mind
There is great wisdom yet unknown
and secrets yet to be revealed
I follow the voice of my soul
showing me the way
towards the pureness within
The darkest depths of my mind
and in the deeps some would find peace
but it can be deceiving
for the calm can be as chaos
Once my master has spoken
The wisdom within... The wisdom within
and from the darkness of my soul
it shall be released
The wrath of master Satan
The darkest and yet purest wisdom of all
and I will die with a blasphemous smile
for I have found the out to the dark
I know the knowledge of the deeps
and the secrets have been revealed

4. Through Tranquillity And into the Storms

Under the pale moon I wander
Beyond all warmth and light
The darkness strengthen my soul
Granting me evil and might
Through tranquillity and into the storms
Following the call of the shadows
Now I am there in the middle of the woods
In the centre of the storms
Surrounded by the mighty Satan
In the shape of a thousand storms
Blinded I stand alone
And behold a world one cannot see
With the human eye
Never have I been a friend of light
Love I have always denied
My wisdom stands above all
And in these woods I receive even more
The storms breath on me
With a cold as death
Chaos rules above me
A vision I've never seen before
Only in my fantasies
Now I am there in the middle of the woods
In the centre of the storms

5. Att Fira Jesu Död

Svart äro denna själ som Satans väg har funnit
Ingen frid finns att finna tills Jesu namn försvunnit
Jesu död, Jesu rike ner i himlen brunnit
och Satan vår herre, konung och gud slutligen har vunnit

Svart äro detta land, där jag känner ondskans glöd
Riket där vi samlas, för att fira Jesu Död
Plågade själar i himlen nu finns för oss att beskåda
Nu när Kristus är död, frid i min själ kan råda

Under Satans vingar vi samlade är för att krossa Jehovas lamm
Gud från riket sitt faller när vi hyllar Satans namn
Evigt är detta mörka minne av oss, Satans trogna slavar
Stampandes på de svagas själar, ondskans säd vi avlar

Den ondes flagga hissad nu är för att visa att vi vunnit
Minnet av Kristus, bortglömd och död, ner i avgrunden runnit
Vi segrat alla krigens krig har och minnet av ljuset vi hånar
I våra själar, svarta av hat, Satans eviga stämma dånar

Längtan till blod och död brinner i dessa mörka sinnen
När Jehovas ljusa dagar rinner iväg till minnen
I döden finner vi styrka och i evigheten makt
När i livets gång vi skrivit under Satans pakt

6. For Each Pare of Hornes

These eyes have chosen to see, through the empty promises
only for the sake of living and to see others burn
Oh, this body shall fall as a withering flower
once he gazes at the living
the majesty of the flaming hell
an honour it is to burn in his name

This blood is to boil... of fury... and of hate
Agony... the brother of lust, the sister of mine
As the name of the one is to echo in my love
Careless me it will, the frozen forgotten star
Unholy eternitys nine, circle in this spirit of mine
One for each name, one for each pare of horns
Unholy eternitys nine, the stars that never more shine
Yet one can see them shine in these eyes
With the lids shut as when one dreams
I inhale the overwhelming solitude
The celestial claws of Satan I feel
Like the birth of a red rose, but in black
Nine are the names that always return
As in the loneliness of mine I search
for the figure in black
and it's indeed there to find
Unholy eternitys nine, the stars that never more shine
I worship each name, each pare of hornes

7. From Beyond the Gates

Oh woeful god, behold me as the king I am
oh pityful one, see me yeld and kneel towards the horns
I am the dawn of a time, of a time without sun
Oh dawn of mine, hear me cry for what lurks at the horizon
Behold me as I yeld, as I tear the flesh of my innocence
Hear me cry out, not in pain, but of lust
I know the dark, thus I hold the wine that keeps me sober
I am a venom that dwells in the womb of the virgin
from beyond the gates of torment
from beyond the poisoned tongue of wrath
I allow this wisdom to conquer my flesh and soul
spitting in the face of the priest and laughing
as spikes through the wrists
I have had the blindness aching in my heart
as thorns deep in the flesh
I have felt the tight chains of light around my neck
but from the opening to the torment of the stars
from the unpure rising nine
the names of the horned eternity
comes this blade to cut the throat of christ
With pride I swallow the winds from the past
and sharpen the blade of the present
This desire to outlive eternity, to yearn... and to grow
A gift from the horded divine
to have such love for the sight of two majestic horns
to rape the light, and to make love to the dark
From the black star of an ancient rebellion
comes this tasteful wine to make me grow

8. At The Dawn of a Black Existence

The dark one has opened the gates
My soul is swept away
I behold the dawn of a new life
I see heavenly light
But it shall turn into black
For the light in me is fading away
Towards the dawn of a black existence
I spread my darkened wings
As a sign of the arrival of me
It is like a dream
I have passed through the gates to eternity
To a land in obscurity
Passed through darkness and light
And the darkness remained
In this Immortalised shape
I will be in this delightful darkness forever
And to eternally serve my master Satan

9. Death's Beauty I Met

An evil night, darkness calling me
The fullmoon shines, through the black clouds
An evil night, master Satan calls
In candlelight, I shall die tonight
Eternal might

Night falls once again, total beauty
My sences awake by the call of the night
I long for darkness, sinful is my path
I hold the key to hell, soon I shall be free

This dark winternight, so beautiful
Please be eternal, yet I long for a place even darker
I shall die tonight, I shall be free
This dark winternight, so mysterious

It's dark, just like in my fantasies
I have reached an evil frame of mind
At this point, pain is pleasure
I shall be released

This dark winternight was to become my death
Deaths beauty I met, so mysterious
I was to die tonight, I was released
Now I am dead, I am a black soul

This grim new world awaits me,
as in my darkest fucking dreams

10. The Nightwinds Carried Our Names

The nightwinds carried our names
across valleys so deep, mountains so high
Carried the whispering voice of our lord
and strangled the children of christ

The nightwinds carried our names
through enlightened lands and endless deeps
Brought us to the shivering lambs of god
and brought them to their knees

It was time to crawl out from the shadows
and spread us as a disease
For too long had the unworthy ruled
but the nightwinds granted us the keys

Shaws of death grey and cold
returned after milleniums in silence
Damnation spread from land to land
Satan arose through the sands of time...

11. Outro / We Enlightened the Flames


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