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Chants of grim Death

"Chants of grim Death" (2004 EP)

1. Beyond The Possession
2. Rigormortic Mind
3. Carnal Bleeders
4. Pure Hate (Merciless cover)

1. Beyond The Possession

Voices of scorn is calling me
violent in to death
Weakened ones put to rest
creators of blood seek their next
rotten life seeks its lair
common sense torn apart
deranged got a will to die

Damned by the...

Violent curse
sinister thirst
prisonment will burst
violent in to death

Slaughtering my way back
through the dead and past
fog and fumes of despair

Damned by the...

Violent curse
sinister thirst
prisonment wizz burst
violent in to death

Bursted into fury
no control of myself
wasted years on mortals
killed of the sense

2. Rigormortic Mind

Born in a shadow from a cross
a salvation for the feeble and blind
spineless actions reaching for souls
cursed existence for empty goals

screeming bleeding crawling crying
waiting for this boil to burst
watch this planet slowly dying
weakness that I can not stand

Trapped in claws of wasted morals
bright light the sign of lies

common disease mentality jailed
years have past since humanity failed
remains of a shell entombed in the dirt
confession is not a key to rebirth

3. Carnal Bleeders

Aeons ago the masses bled
pushed to the edge possessed by death
lurking hysteria increases the pest
depraved haters slaughter the day
poisened wounds wrecked their minds
severed spines horrid eyes
carcasses walking fleshed to the bone
carnal bleeders slaughter the night

Crooked spines pestered minds
crawling from their tombs
roaming tears plagued by death
they slaughter legions throughout time

Armageddon lay this world to rest
extinction of all human life
all life perished taken by the doom
the already dead reborn and alife

Blood cleanses the brains
of the dead shattered remains
dead or alive in vain
carnal bleeders god hate

4. Pure Hate (Merciless cover)

I want to climb the mountain of dreams
but I´m just lying here on the ground
I can´t move and I can´t see
and can´t here a fucking sound
come to me you said
there´s something beyond reality
a journey into darkness
to fight against humanity

Mirror, what do you see
glory, fortune or insanity?
death, means just rebirth
to the fiery kingdom under the earth
I was never like them
I could never obey their insane lord
please let me enter
mark me with the holy sword

Pure hate

Going into nowhere
you´re asking me to follow
I really don´t know
where I´ll be tomorrow


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