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We Work for the Devil

"We Work for the Devil" (2002 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Evil Dead (Death Cover)
3. Shadows In The Darkness
4. Agony
5. Travel to a Dark Dimension
6. Death by Necropsy
7. Gasping For Air (Autopsy cover)
8. Outro

1. Intro

2. Evil Dead (Death Cover)

Trapped inside a life which is not yours
Spirits within causing terror, fear and darkness

Evil! dead
Evil! dead

Voice speaks out, all will die tonight
Insanity fills your mind, you hear them calling

Evil! dead
Evil! dead

Covered in blood, all hope is lost
Forever to rot, controlled by the powers of the

Evil! dead
Evil! dead

3. Shadows In The Darkness

You think that they are false
Cause you can not sea them
They are everywhere
Trying to escape from darkness.

They are prisoners of the night
And their end is near
The world is a eternal dungeon
Shadows in the darkness.

The humans fuck with just like this
Shadows of the darkness join to Satan
He can set you free from your slavery
And you will revenge taking their souls

Their world is a eternal dungeon
Shadows in the darkness.

4. Agony

Death is a thing - That sometimes - Nobody
Whishes for himself.
If it finds you � will take your life � so you�ve to run
For never meet it.


You don�t want � to meet it � but there are
Some situations.
When you are � in agony � your only whish
Is to be dead.


And the worst of all its that you can�t scream
And for all the eternity you�ve got to resign to suffer


5. Travel to a Dark Dimension

You escape of reality
Trapped in a endless dreams
Your body disappear on the air
And enters into gates of darkness.

Your soul is the price of this eternal trip
Which you can�t escape
Only the evil souls know the way out
From the dark dimension.

Satan is the master in this strange place
And your mind is possessed by thy orders
Your fucking soul will be merciless tortured
For all the eternity.

Your mangled soul will never get out
From the hands of the evil Master
It will beg for freedom
From a world where mercy doesn�t exist

6. Death by Necropsy

This pain is driving me crazy, I can�t move my arms,
The smell of putrefaction, my body is falling apart,
I don�t know what to do, a knife is cutting my flesh,
Taking my guts outside, they�re looking for a Satan�s mark,
That keep me still alive.
I�m not dead yet, I hear them talk about me,
My blood in running like rivers, oh Satan please help me,
And send an evil sing, that set me free from them,
I just want to escape, I don�t wanna die on their table. Father,

Death by necropsy, death by necropsy, dead by necropsy,
is my end on the earth.
Stupid bastards, stupid bastards, stupid bastards,
now I�m stronger.

Now that I am an stronger demon,
I will have my bloody revenge,
They didn�t know I was dead already,
And gave me life with the necropsy,
An evil smile, is what I have now in my face,
I use to be dead, a dead by necropsy,
What is coming now are decades of terror,
I�ll create an army with my own kind,
I�ll do the same they do to me,
Take their souls before the last dead,
Preparing the knifes, the bright of the blade enlight my face,
A satanic face, a satanic world is what I want for the devil rules with us,
I feel great, cutting your flesh, I know you are not dead,
And I am killing you
Death by necropsy.

7. Gasping For Air (Autopsy cover)

Tightening grip around the neck
Gasping for air that isn't there
Feeling life's source draining away
Slowly slipping to God you pray

Eyes popping out, as the face turns blue
Crushed windpipe, swallowing in blood
Hopeless thoughts, loss of breath
Loss of life, strangled to death

Digging the grave in which you will lie
Buried head deep and left to die
Body paralyzed beneath the sand
Tide comes in...Asphyxiation

Watrlogged corpse, Back from the dead
Rips the eyeballs from his head
Snapping neck, blood pours down
Decapitated body rotting away

Gasping for air
Gasping for air

8. Outro


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