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"Manifest" (1995 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Manifest
3. My Sin
4. Third World
5. Não Morda Meu Pau
6. Street of Life
7. World Beyond Me
8. Sociedade Alternativa

1. Intro

2. Manifest

No retread, no surrender
Differents way to fight with hate
Nevermind the fuck rules
Destroy'n all to find the truth

They've the guns but we've the power
Confrontation and Mutilation
We are passing for a nice season
To die for good reason


If we get what we wish
There will be no destruction
There will be no fight
We'll go home proudly

But on the countrary
There will be many tumails
Only one will win
We'd better win our rights

3. My Sin

My sin was ever been born
Now I suffer for that
Each one do their life
And my life was done

I've seen the light in the tunnel
But I preffer to close my eyes
For everything and everyone
Maindly for my self

I can't live with my self
I can't go away
My trial is to be guilty
And my punishment is the death

When I walk alone
I always beat my head
I have nowhere to go
I am in the street again

I want to change
But there isn't turn
I try to ask help
But the doors are closed

Today is my last day
'Cause hell wait for me
I'm happy because even hell is better than here

Death - Solution
To live - Consequence
Destiny - Worng direction
Life - no second chance

4. Third World

Third world of shit
Is the trash of the world
I live in this land
Hungry, this is the word

Third World poor
Your ignorance doesn't have name
Hope is bullshit
Your time has come to end

We put a man in control that lies
He steal everything that he can
First world spit in our back
Pretend that helps to enjoy

we are live in a plash of blood
Blood of our fucking contry
I don't want to die in this place
Like many people die

Third World poor
Your ignorance doesn't have name
Hope is bullshit
Your time has come to end

Third world finished
Third world violent
Third world fucked
Third world dead

5. Não Morda Meu Pau

Sua vaca pistoleira
Você é uma punheteira
Fica dando a noite inteira
Fode até na bananeira

Sua puta vagabunda
Vou comer a sua bunda
69 e cavalinho
espanhola nos seus peitinhos

Não, Não morda meu pau

Você gosta de se fuder
Todos pagam pra te comer
Acho que não é sua culpa
Pois você é filha da puta

Você é uma desgraçada
Fica dando na calçada
O pior é que você gosta
Sua vida é um monte de bosta

Não, Não morda meu pau

6. Street of Life

In the streets of live
There are many directions
You have to choose
And this choice is yours

Don't be stupied
Don't be fool and so blind
Don't trust in your friends
The answer is in your mind

In the street of life
You have the choice
Believe in your self
You have the voice

Unfortunatle your wrong
You had time
You took the wrong way
the way of crime

Back to the return
This is your last chance
Go to the beggining
Follow the circunstance

7. World Beyond Me

Alone with the fatalaty
A humam been perturbed
The hate is in his mind
Teaching his feelings

Remorse, pain, rancor
Angry, Agony, disgost
Envy, egoism, solitude
Diesden, hate, sadness

This is what i see
Is what i fell
World beyond me

Rape, murder, insanity
Chaos, racism, letal sickness
Misery, hungry, corruption
Destruction, vandalism, death

Love, money is what I want
A real world, telling words without lies
A coward, a loser is what I am
Nothing but nothing will change this

8. Sociedade Alternativa


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