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Dead Soul

"Dead Soul" (2004)

1. Dead Soul
2. Placebo
3. Deep Scars
4. Black Sheep
5. Hospital Hall
6. Time Out
7. Burn Flags Burn
8. Leaders
9. Punch
10. No Place Is Good Enough
11. Shit In Fan
12. Reason Why
13. Wonderfull World

1. Dead Soul

How low could you go
When you sold your soul
Buying pig in a poke
and praying for better days
Life is so cruel
it spend all your fuel
You so care about rules
that's we can say
You're forgeting about soul

Soul, superior stage
Work out, life is dead
Body decay, laying in bed
Love is over, render accounts
Open eyes, final founds

Is so hard to find
In your searchs inside
Some evidence that confirm
Why you came here for
The bomb will blow
The noise sounds slow
and darkeness will show
what we knew
You're forgeting about soul

2. Placebo

What would you do if you realized there is no God?
And everything is by chance, and destiny doesn't exist
Just opportunities can change the world
And you discover Bible is just a romance?

To believe isn't to doubt

Would you still believe in sacred patrimony and sin?
Perhaps you'd know life is complitly blank
Would love your neighbor as to yourself ?
And whom would you pray for?

To believe isn't to doubt
Hold or you fall

Try to think that I am not against God, I hope he exists
Perhaps he didn't create the world, but the reverse
But who knows what is true or false?
I know we fill our lives, so we don't feel alone

To believe isn't to doubt
Hold or you fall
In the deep depression
We'll realize some day

3. Deep Scars

Histories of the past prove
Bio weapons's horror
Powerfull, severe threat, hardly to see
Quick effect, murder fast, pain is what they feel

2 millon years in progress
They're still creating new weapons
Instead of find the cancer's cure
Forever deep scars

Malevolent science
Humankind's sacrifice
Bio arm in the environment had been use before
Tragedy, experiment, we ask never more

4. Black Sheep

Diferent taste, dark clouds
Nothing to hide
I´m not alone
I´m not fool myself
I´m not breaking rules
I just want to live my life this way

Livin´ day after day
Black Sheep Rise

Time is passing in front of your dead eyes
Am I wrong? Am I insane?
So close to realize
So far from stander life,
I´m not criticize, I´m denying.

What have we become? cosumer of shit.
we work so much, to help, to feed,
to build, the social apathy
Our life is a rape. We living in a fake.
We don´t neeed to go to church
to pray and pay for it
Why do you watch TV? Your hunger won´t feed
Why to care, to smile, to lick
the fuck celebrities?

Live me alone / Take care yourself
My life is mine / Never scared

5. Hospital Hall

Health urgency - HELP
Everybody dying for infection
Blood Bank poison - FUCK
pregmante soffer contraction
Born to die - HOPE
no money no space
We don´t die like a men - PRIDE
die in disgrace

In Hospital´s hall
Where I pray for some soul

Old age snubed - SHAME
pacients stand in lines
divine doctors - Sucks
treat people like shit
Right to helth - JOKE
one more mask lie
Govern wash hands - KILLERS
Who sick will die

Pain of Nation

6. Time Out

Human crimes´s stormy
Ciuil Insecurity´s State
Rape, torture, genocide
Scracht in mankind´s face

Muder another scream of peace
Born on our back yard
We see, we live, we breath
Dayly Livin terrify

Survival´s lottery
Social desease
Terror´s century
Time out, time out

Moral corruption generalize
Unconcern before poverty
Arise the most evil side
shows god soffering

Lost bullet flying free
World sunk in tear´s valley
the horror, the pain, the fear,
the earth lock up by death´s keys

[Na Colômbia, algumas empresas fabricantes de coletes à prova de bala, estavam estudando a criação de modelos para crianças.No Brasil, em dez anos, morreram mais pessoas assassinadas do que de cancêr. Mais de 30 mil pessoas são mortas desta forma todos os anos no país. No Rio de Janeiro, a violência criminal apresenta características já de uma guerra civil. No desenvolvido Canadá, uma de cada quatro mulheres é vítima de violência sexual. Nas cidades mexicanas todos os moradores já sofreram algum tipo de agressão. Nos Estados Unidos a cada 18 segundos uma mulher é agredida por um homem e cada 100 casos de homicídio, 17 são praticados por menores. O mundo gasta hoje 500 bilhões de dólares por ano em assistência médica às vítimas de agressões. Em 97 o Oitavo PIB do mundo, da ordem de um trilhão de dólares, era gerado pelo crime organizado As escolas no mundo se tornam, cada vez mais, cenário de homicídios e vergonha.]

7. Burn Flags Burn

In face of society
Papers of burocracy
Rules are the enemy
Call for more brutality
Hungry and misery
Are consequences of democracy
Distortion of reality
That only we can see

Wall, break them all, break them all
Sickness in my hand is slow
Now, waiting go down, waiting go down
How many times to blow?
Go, Kick their balls, Kick their balls
Fuck the rule, fuck me
Lets jump in the sea, jump in the sea

Burn Flags Burn

Place without a crime
Impossible to survive
War is waiting a sign
Beetwen two flags sides
The breath before we die
Is the shame of this life
Freedom wants to fly
Fronteirs ask why?

8. Leaders

One day we'll meet each other like birds
In some remote and blank place like dream
We'll be water, we'll be sun, we'll be one body
One day the cry of the cat will be in silence

We need another Jesus Christ
Gandhi, you should be alive
Budda, take down here
Give us some hope or something to believe

The world is so stranged,
brothers killing brothers
Fathers raping daughters,
lifes without destiny
The revolution without weapons
just powerfull words
Is some kind of wish,
imprision in your mind

9. Punch

What you gonna do to win the fight?
Why don't you offer the other face?
Therapy of pain is prejudice
Bury bad thoughts in concrete grave
Is better always live with cold mine
Than in an eternal confrontation
Problems follow you in everywhere
Suicide is noone salvation

Show me you punch
Pound my face your sucker

Choose stronge words istead of scars
Forget about the blood on the floor
Ignore the crimes you testefy
Conversion of your hate

Nobody asks to born
Another bill to pay
How long can you hold on?
Get up. Free your rage.
Get up. Releaf.

10. No Place Is Good Enough

Open conversation about new visions
"Already passed the hard times",
means another hard time is coming by to stay
Dead meat, poverty, diseases, misery
If you stop to think you won't live one more day

Close new ideas about old concept
If you want to change, you'd begin in your cage
Pay attenction in yourself revolt
Conflict, liberty, collapse send you free
Survive and belive what you used to

No place is good enough

Waste of time
Give it up
No matter how far
Live it up

11. Shit In Fan

I am broken, My tongue is drunk
No profile, No aide Soul

Time needs time
Can I wait for that? No

No way out / Glassy DNA
I'm upside down
I'll throw the shit in fan

Fist fight And I don't have fist
To come to blows, I have the gist

Call me crazy, Abjure me
When you turn your back
I'll push your feet

12. Reason Why

Look what we've got
A lost generation
Digital heritage of infected files
Fast as a bullet
The news are supassed
connected brain, chip in vein
Programmed for the chaos

That's why
People die

Remote Control
controlling all act
Action and reaction with logical thoughts
Look what we've got
A lazy obligation of be siting quite an learn
programmed to kill

New world rise in optical fiber's cable
Isolated minds in malicious fights
Uniting peace and terrorism so close
that induce confusion

13. Wonderfull World

From dust to Dust
and one step to fall
You want to feel no retreat
no regret
Come back to me
Or just come back to you
You have a reason to bleed
I have a lot to loose

Now we live a wonderfull world
Livin' like never before

Just look around
The felling has changed
Discomfort is dark part of past
What you've been through
I know it was a hell
You get down on your knees
But you get up to tell

World has asked one chance
This is the last time
Place against the wall
That will be fine


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