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"Auto-Destruição" (1996 Demo)

1. Flesh And Blood
2. Capitalist Killer
3. Auto-Destruição
4. Silent Noise (instrumental)
5. Revenge
6. Sunrise (Remorse)

1. Flesh And Blood

Squeezed by dispair, Hunted by distress
A crowd look the shine
Recive this crowd, Using like shield
The God's name
But for use God's name
You have some price to pay
How much it cost for the human to save
Beliving in God maybe never existed
Religion is money

We're flesh and Blood

Don't need churchs, to find your lord
Look at yourself
Innerself's trip, bring in to your eyes
The obscured truth
That the human nature doesn't need this hipocrisy
Covering the world with this rude mentality
Making rich the ones that preach they own words

Religion is power

2. Capitalist Killer

What progress is this?
Agree with misery
What a funckin' congress,
accept what suit them best

We have to protect ourselves
from the Capitalist Killer
The social problems will blow up
and the world will go insane

Why nobody says nothing?
we have freedom of spech
We are looking for justice
but justice belongs to rich

Why are you sit in the throne?
If who comands is behaind
You are just scapegoat
stilling money with lies

3. Auto-Destruição

Violência urbana entregue à domicílios
Assassinos isentos da prisão
Devastação desmatando matas inteiras
Mudando o clima e o relevo de uma região

Nós não temos mais solução
Caminhamos em uma só direção

Poluição precipitando chuvas ácidas
Transformando pessoas em aberrações
Para fugir da realidade
Viciados se matam em troca de alucinações

Suicídio não trará benefícios
Só mostrará o perdedor que você é
Sangue derramado a toa
Em guerras desumanas para comprovar a sua fé

Vírus matando em poucos dias
Doentes sem nenhuma salvação
A raça humana não liga para os problemas
Esperando o homem entrar em extinção

4. Silent Noise (instrumental)

5. Revenge

Now you come to me
with your washed face
Like nothing had happend
ask for some mercy

I will hunt you in the dark
I will revenge

The rage that I feel is in your fuckin' name
The most beautifull dream
is when I see your death

I'll kick your ass out of this world
What you have done
should not be made to a friend
Words are strong, you've bee wrong
You fuck with me now I fuck with you

To make this true I'll kill you
just to make you suffer
Fresheness of blood I will smell
Just to make me feel better

6. Sunrise (Remorse)


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