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"Necrofeast" (1991 Demo)

1. Sacrificial Impalement
2. Watching Them Die
3. Souls of The Damned

1. Sacrificial Impalement

Reaching for hell
Through the sacrificial butchery
Raping my mind
Loss of all reality
Sacrificial impalement
Summoning the darkness
Transformed by the spell
Ungodly mess I am made

Henchman for the beast
Fulfilling his wretched needs
Ripping you of your life
Taking your sould to my new world

Inverted cross inbedded in my flesh
Marked by the gods I kill for power
Ripping the religion from the gut of Christ
Omnophagia on my malevolent night
Regeneration from holy flesh I eat
Desire for omniscience oncoming slaying of god

My desires engulf you
Cannibalistic sights
A whisper of darkness
I rip my way
To the throne of unholiness

2. Watching Them Die

I have an obsession for killing
I have an obsession with fucking dead bodies
I love to eat people alive
Hearing them scream watching them die

Chills running up your spine
Diseased sickened is my brain
Insane rituals of torture
Obsequious to murder my true love

Putrescent my mind is slowly rotting
Fantasies dead corpses in my bed
Ripped apart the bodies are at my feet
Butchered limbs dead children on my block

Tieing you to my rack pushing razorblades into your ass, wrapping your face in barbwire, setting your genitals on fire, dropping LSD in your eyes
Tripping through terror
Peeling the sking from your corpse
Pulling the veins from your limbs
Watching them die.

3. Souls of The Damned


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