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The Lost Kind Of Magick

"The Lost Kind Of Magick" (1998 EP)

1. Plague of Christ
2. A Bloody Nation
3. The Lost Kind of Magic
4. Those from the Alliance
5. The Fever

1. Plague of Christ

Plague Of Christ
Music: Pedro - Mario - Necrodemon
words: Ricardo

Betrayed by false followers of god
blind bastards bow before the cross
their faith makes them so strong
poor stupids they are all alone

The plague of christ is everywhere
no place to hide, there's no escape
protected by the strength of church
I need myself, I don't need your god

I deny your belief
I refuse your way to live
spreading out your disease
leave me now and set me free

The plague of christ is everywhere
nowhere to run I need some rest
protected by the hand of church
I need myself, I don't need your god

Centuries passed away
everything still the same

The world stay in perpetual chaos
the righteous values has been defeated
countless sins, tons of gold
they wash your brain and take your soul

Plague of christ

2. A Bloody Nation

A Bloody Nation
Music: Pedro - Mario - Necrodemon
Words: Cristian

The weekedness fell over our kingdom
the evil take the throne by the force
imposing their power with hate and blood

Lurcking eyes, freeze my soul
suffocating crawling thoughts
find the answer, repulsive truth
extermination of all once knew

Evil take our kingdom
violent past destruction
infernal persecution
bestial execution
the earth standing with blood

No regrets for sins of man
inverted we have lived our lifes
never see, never hear
thousand years, never learn

Our nation standing with blood

The war is before our eyes
the dead dance in our head
screams of pain resound in darkness

Time will never erase the wounds
the pain, the anguish, the damage
forever will be remained
fight for freedom never rest
yearning for peace
always be in our minds

A bloody nation

3. The Lost Kind of Magic

The Lost Kind Of Magic
Music: Pedro - Mario - Necrodemon
Words: Ricardo

My body is like rock by freeze of the night
my fingers are could and numb is my mind
the pleasure of man mean nothing to me
I need satisfy the beast within

The call from beyond
once came in a dream
serving a lord, master of sin

Since the begining a long time ago
I found the old book
and learn unspeakable things
I summon the death

The lost kind of magic

Why just can I die or forget everything?
set me free of insane, I must suffer this hell
oh on jesuschrist what I saw that black night
memories torment me everyday of my life

Plying with forces unknown to me
I wanted for more
then I said the forbidden words
and wait for so long
I felt dissapointed and tired for my fail
I've followed the book in every detail
so I went to bed to get some sleep
then I close my eyes and start the hell

The toads of the swarm croacking out incesantly
nasty smell in the air made my jump out of bed
oh no for christsake! take this out of my brain
to forget has been in vain, life will never be the same

Through the window I saw
a creature not of this world
his eyes shows me the dark
and madness take my fucking soul apart

4. Those from the Alliance

Those From The Alliance
Music: Pedro - Mario - Necrodemon
Words: Ricardo

Dark winter night, the moon is full
the tide is high, the waves meet the sands
have mercy on us, ther time is right

Before the time, below the seas
a heart is beating, a soul is burning
the fragile minds, their ignorance keeps
the world is ending, my legs are trembling

Stay away from his, those from the alliance
they removedthe seal, those from the allinace

The seven seas, hide secrets never revealed
lost for centuries, the city of the ancient dream
an abominable cult, adore the inhuman beast entombed
under the sea, the old dark age they want release

The beast, the madman, both of them mede a deal
to search, to find, destroy, remove the seal
the writting were right, and now the alliance is near
thre is no time, my work just begins

Before the time, below the seas
something's dead but dreaming
through the aeons he has been
awaiting the time of the return

The dirty book my father left
contains the knowlwdge long time forgotten
I built a star with ancient dust
I hope to stop them, my fate is beat them

5. The Fever

The Fever
Music: Pedro - Mario - Necrodemon
Words: Cristian - Ricardo

A thousand generations has passed away
nothing but pain the only we left
now it's time to invoke the rocks
the circle of stars become one

Ancient tongues, ancient books
all the knowledge that we took

Denying our past, we left everything and everyone
awaiting the powerful moment
when the portal has been revealed
then you'll come to bring us your filth

Man of light has been defeated
by the crowned evil's throne

Lord of ancient deep, master of black sky
cast your morbid spell, rule my fucking life

Hymns of impurity, deafening screams
delirious pleasures, victory is for him

Crush the fate of the weak
loose the hope in everything what exist
destroy the strength of the crush
and show them actually all is lost


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