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Fragments of Insanity

"Fragments of Insanity" (1989)

1. Choose Your Death
2. Tanathoid
3. State of Progressive Annihilation
4. Metempsychosis
5. Fragments of Insanity
6. Enter My Subconscious
7. Stillbirth
8. Eucharistical Sacrifice

1. Choose Your Death

Enclosed into my cage to satisfy emotions
Many times had passed a process to erosion
Descending to the cellar my bride "death" tolls the hour
Face your brutal fellow, it’s time for no tomorrow

Future! – Summons image of life
For the past! – I spread the wings of dying
… and choose your death

Torment of the lash, looses the ties of blood
Sweetest dream realized, my deals front your God
Repulsions of conception, psychoactive evolution
I gain your last dishonour, burst the sound of sorrow


Chosen victims, call suicide
My dimensions, commence to arise
Killing by shears, fills my body
Trim your out limbs, nailed down your feelings to mine

Once I had to return
Echoes of deception
Worms creep slowly along corpses left
Cold spread my evolution
Let my existence fries
Blood is mixing tears
Still the silence reduce my breath
The rage rebounds in fear
Choose your death! (X 3)

2. Tanathoid

I hear the voices around me
Burning the regions of mind
The thoughts are growling together
I gaze at the walls of frustration
Bewitching my last sanity
Sadistic death takes my fear of death


My chance to arrest this torment
Is vanished by passing of time
I get confused in a austral disease
The deadly complex is pounding
And twisting the walls of my heart
My mind is crossing up the threshold…
… I die


Nerves on edge, paranoia’s near
Explain the growing sorrow… years by years
I see my victims turning… from the ways of the past
They release my days… of disgust

Senses, searching for life
Conceiving breath after breath
Drastic measure to recharge my brain
I watch in splendour at the mass

Old dreams, (of) paranormal life
Psychoneuroses deny
Seeds of anguish, unfold their roots
Inhaled desire, I want… to pass… away
Stop my human waste

3. State of Progressive Annihilation

Darkness wrap my locus
Modifying my cells
Fast suicide
Haunts from the birth

Implant myself in death
Atrophic arts my feel
Psycho syndrome
Cerebroidal will

Masochism, praise myself
Draining of my own life
Tasting blood in convulsion state
Somatic injury to die

Necroctomy on my body
Autophagy’s before
Limbs removal
And bathe in blood

Traumatism is pleasure
Neurotic spasms dead
Outside my back


Playground of torment
Suffice my need to kill
Electro surgery
Psychophiliac’s will

Fragile soul – ignored by peace
Effective search for pain
Furious breath – smell abuse
Self – punishment to gain

Points of dying – reach the top
As penetrance diminished
Scorching days surround me
Massacring to finish

(2nd chorus)
Tensile pains
Aroused together
Ceratoid eyes gaze
Aberrant stomach

Lymphatic vessels fried
Get torn forever
Recto dermal tumour
Works up to climax

Body’s relief – the brain commands
Demented urge to die
Dried is blood . harms to dust
My aftermath demised

Reach beyond – to shift inside
And decadence frenetic
Deformed corpse remainder
Forgotten an atrophic

(2nd chorus)

4. Metempsychosis

5. Fragments of Insanity

Art form of the butchers, forgotten tales of death
Flashback of dementia, fearing myself
Poetic infliction, fix your body to the core
Skinned alive, as terror grows

Smell decay of sorrow
Infinite to follow
Neurocranial terror
Celebrate my horror

Pseudoexophoria, irrational psycho reflex
Extreme desire, forgotten itself
Behind progression, breath my death through the air
Aroused by carcass, I found it there


Hollow laughter, childhood cries
And when I turn, in rhyme with silence found my crimes
Wound in a coil – inborn to myself
Absurd vision-caress again

Love and life means nothing to me
Fragments of fear, of my sanity
Fragments of insanity

Far beyond
My last friend

Burst illusion, madness fry
How do I feel, ‘n now intake a dream survive
Look to the dance – of my lunacy
Matters forming – ‘n plagues all of me

My confessions – neurosis die
Psycho catharsis of my genocide
Fragments of insanity

To recipe my mind
Rise – the ovation
Feel to die

6. Enter My Subconscious

Faces! – of death – closed souls appear
Brain’s falling’ – emotion points to hell
Mothers of death – living upon my bed
While the timeless sand I cross – the end is birth

Focus lens directed to fear
Alone I’m weeping last sadful tears

Enter – the elders of death
My subconscious – smell my emanations
Enter – collide to the earth
My subconscious – nefarious emotions
Enter – the spirit commands
My subconscious – dephased to fear
Enter – somewhere they are…
… process to pleasure… again and again

Dancing! – On deathlike child of fire
Mercy killing – formation erodes in pleasure
Decoding the end – methods upsurge my head
Now the turning tide’s above – the eyes of all

Focus lens directed to fear
Alone I’m weeping last sadful tears


Dreams in rhyme with the nightmares
Behind the others morn
Sectors of madness
And oceanic falls

Shocking dreams of elusion
My bitterness is here
Sun rays on desolation
Anecdotes are real

Reminds old days of the fire
Behold the potency past
Tightness of pleasure
In transparent dust

Spontaneous worlds evolution
To ecstasy’s eye
Chemical reign of deception
My kingdom of ice

7. Stillbirth

To the void – your minds disappear
Last inner corpses denied
Dream in blood – scleromeninx feel
Scorn in sight – the victim tears

Death’s claws (of) denial prepare
Fear corrodes your smelling flesh

Clinic death – your procreation’s dying
Blood’s cyophoria reject
Mother’s torment – suicidal will
Still untouched – by those who kill


Screams of anguish, approach your face
Blood drops flowing behind
You wake up lying, through cries and pain
Fear will take your life

Torment – your sight disappear
My last dream’s fading to death
Time pass slowly for the insane mind
How can you relieve yourself?

It’s a fight of bodies that still dominates
Misery reflects in your tears
Innocence is turning my deranged fate
Consciousness is burning – stillbirth!!!

Repeat 3rd verse

8. Eucharistical Sacrifice

Rebirth of the "magick"
In macrocosmical reign
Archetype of the circle
Vibrations of the heavenly names

The ancients are one
Unite by the fathers of time
Out of the mirror
Await the spirits revive

Eucharistical… sacrifice
To heaven gates

Glorified by the last storm
Atlantis arises
Yperborea’s birthday
Reflect in cabalistical eyes

Shapeless chaos
Re-enter perpetual illusion
Superior vegetal
Ostiary turns to salvation

If I come, to fall in error
When the jackal’s freed from the cage
Let the carrion, sound in horror
New glory in one thousand flames

Pranayama, calms emotions
End it now, tomorrow’s will
Iron lungs, for mechanical pressure
The atomic cults of… fear

Soul search – destructive race
Emulation denied
Universal altars burn
Dead stars enflamed

Break crania – dreadful depths
Eternity dies
The child in golden eggs
Enochian key’s mine!

Repeat 1st verse and Chorus


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