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Laguz - Within the Lake

"Laguz - Within the Lake" (2004)

1. Totems
2. Laguz - Within The Lake
3. My Visual World
4. Celtic Crows
5. Wake to Wither
6. Reverse
7. Bird Song
8. Raven Night-Nightflight Mix
9. Sleeping Beauty
10. Touch of Morpheus

1. Totems

Two strangers, hiding yellow eyes
Urban wolves in disguise

Their shadows lurking from the dream side
Why do they seek my mind?

A knock on my door
Calls back my mind
The wild, wild scene
It was just a dream

In the empty room
Nothing seems the same anymore
A shadow has come over me
Yellow eyes will come for me

Two strangers, hiding yellow eyes.

Dark city dreams
Doesn't seem the same anymore
In the shape of men
They hide in the crowd

Only I can see
Their shadows on the walls
Frighten me as they
Seduce my soul

Two strangers, hiding yellow eyes

I understand
I don't seem the same anymore
The wild, wild scene
It was no dream

The spirits from that night
My guides from the otherside
They have come for me
Oh, they set me free

2. Laguz - Within The Lake

When I think of you
Of still, still waters
So calm, so dark, oh so deep

Could I make you fall?
Beneath the surface
Beneath the waves, my secret sleeps
Deep, deep below
As we fall, as we sink to the ground
Deep, deep below
I try to reach you, but you drift away
As we drown, there's no end to see
Deep, deep below…
Save me!

Above, the urban sounds
People all around us
But here in the deep
Just you and me

Did you hear my spell?
The words that would bind you
Before the cold water embraced me too

Deep, deep below
I try to breath, I try to call out
Would you feel it too, would you understand?
See the lights, see our ghosts unite
Deep, deep below…
So, wake with me!

Laguz, Laguz…
Beneath the lake
Will I find you?
Will I bind you?

3. My Visual World

Would it be the memory that I keep?
Would it be the atmosphere that I seek?
All those places I have seen
Long live the images within

On and on I have been walking
Towns and villages, I'm exploring
And it all feeds my own visual world
Like a movie made in my head
Stories without an end

Days and nights, seasons changing
Restlessly I'm searching for the right scene
And it feeds my own visual world
You might be part of it, in this other world

You might play a role, but you wouldn't know
I sure have been there and captured the atmosphere
Mislead by solitude, nourished my nightmare
Stored the pictures in my memory
A Film made by reality

4. Celtic Crows

Driving through the green island, the misty hills lit by the twilight
Breathing the frozen air, reminding me that the dark season is near
The mystic landscape makes me stop, take a walk through shadow fields
Three crows pass me by and in awe I remember their names and I call out
To the queens of war:

Nemain, Morrigan, Babh Catha
Three crows fly
Like ghosts from another time
Above me in the sky

In the shape of the blackest birds they once ruled the battlefields
Screaming for courage, screaming for vengeance, reaping the souls of the fallen
And all enemies would flee in fear at the sight of the grim war sisters
Oh mighty goddesses, I draw my sword, with you by my side I won't fight my battles alone

Nemain, Morrigan, Babh Catha…

5. Wake to Wither

Wake, oh wake!
Another of these cold mornings
Fading dream
She still remembers where she's been

Wake oh wake!
Entrapped by four walls again
The shadow of time
It's slipping away again

Feels like dying
Over and over again
Feels like dying
Wake! It's always the same

My blood it has turned cold she said
I cannot feel my limbs no more
The life they call my dreams
Feels like I left my soul behind

Could I run and find
The wasted, wasted years she said
I just want to be and see,
Run free and never look back

Feels like dying
Over and over again
Feels like dying
Wake! It's always the same

Do you feel the cold?
Do you feel the pain like I do?
Do you want to be free?
Come and join me

6. Reverse

Cold and wet the empty streets
Hallow steps a fading sound
Here where they do their misdeeds
She rises from the ground

Through the dark she creeps
She's been called back to life
Yet unknown, yet unseen
A shadow in their minds

She says ‘reverse… strike back'!

She's been known by many names
Before they banished her kind
Bound her for all centuries.
Erased her from their minds

Was it me that called her back to life?
Summoned her so many times
Too many absent years
Despair beyond repair

She's knocking at their doors
She whispers into their ear
Get up from the floor
Remember me, I am your voice

I am your defence
I will help you to strike
The darkest goddess of revenge
I will show you how to fight

Through dark streets and corridors
Frightened vessels, broken pride
She gathers more and more
She leaves a knife by their side

So they cut the fists that cause the pain
And she smiles satisfied
Her image burned in their minds
The memory of womankind

Remember her bittersweet words
Make the choice today
She's your shield; she's your sword
I hope she has come to stay

7. Bird Song

A little bird told me, you were untrue
Even though, I had, faith in you
I believe, the liars words
Oh the same little bird

So with the bird, one day, you flew away
I woke up, too late, you had gone
Fading on with this song
Of the hurting little bird

Still I watch the sky
Still I wonder why
Still I hope that I...
Can carry on...
If I can't be strong
If you hear my song
you'll know that it was wrong, to say good bye...

Such a cold bird, so hard, captured your heart
Does it matter, I am, falling apart
Breaking fast, as the flesh
Of the dead little bird

Still I watch the sky…

8. Raven Night-Nightflight Mix

Lost in the neon twilight
I feel my nature waking inside
Would you look towards me?
Would you dare to enter the threshold to my mind?

Can you see me dancing?
A silent voice singing for you
Hear my Raven call
Would you be enchanted and follow me?

Lost is but a dream fading
And soon I'm calling out again
Would you come to release me?
Would you tear the icy chains from my skin?

9. Sleeping Beauty

Sleep and dream
Little Wolf, so peaceful
Oh, so beautiful
Dreaming of his life
Dreaming of better days
What does he see, that makes him sleep so tranquilly?

Sleep and dream
Little girl, so peaceful
Oh so beautiful
Dreaming of lovely things
Made in fairy-tale land
What does she see that makes her smile so happily?

Sleep and dream
Little one that was me
See the marketplace of the past
See the well, see the forest, see the circle
See the hanging men…
And did they hang the little wolf too?
Good, that not all dreams come true

10. Touch of Morpheus

Weary eyes, I lie awake
The Hours pass and still I wait
Out of my dreams into my life
The sleeper had entered these strange nights

He wandered alone, unnoticed and quiet
Through crowded scenes and faint lights
Speaks no word, but his eyes do tell
The melancholy I know too well

I understood his mute words
He took my hand, showed me his world
In slumber I entered every day
And one day he went away

I search for him
The sleeper's time

I search for him
The dreamer's realm


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