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"Essensual" (2006)

1. Underworld
2. Invisible Entity
3. Their Dead Poetry
4. Sungod
5. Erzulie's Charm
6. Purple Nightshades
7. Living Thrash
8. The Wish
9. Dreams of Little Girls

1. Underworld

All alone in here
I close my eyes
Waiting for the stranger in me
To come alive

Say good-bye to the descending sun
Leave me a crimson sky
With a faint kiss

We are...
We are... walking at the edge of light
Vanished into fog that night

We are (undead)
We are (forever alive)
Stars in a gloomy show
Puppets that faded long ago

Why do you feel doomed?
When you realise
That when you can hear through walls
You had come alive
Feel the vibrant sounds
Feel the pulse
How can they demonise
The real form of life?

We are...

2. Invisible Entity

Something has come over me
Something I cannot see
It's holding me down
Pushing me down
I try to breath, I try to shout
I open my mouth, but there comes no sound

What happened to me?
Invisible entity

Waking in darkness
I thought I had a friend beside me
But he doesn't hear
He's living in his own nightmare
I cannot move, or open my eyes
It's like being buried alive

What happened to me?
Invisible entity

Look around in this strangers house
There's a voice from the kitchen, mumbling
Something walking up and down
How did I end up in this creepy scene
I try to run, I try to escape
Treading so silent but the floor gives way
I scream out loud
Why can't you see this entity?

3. Their Dead Poetry

She makes her appearance
Never unnoticed
Heads turn, egos twitching
They want to see her play the part

Oh what a woman
Something that is so disturbing
They love the muse in her
Wishing for a girl like her

Oh, how fascinating you are
So beautiful
So entertaining
You make me laugh
And you had me thinking

Oh, never met someone like you
Their drama wants a girl like me
Feeding their dead poetry

In their stories, in songs
They make her come alive
Songs of passion and wild girls
Empty words
But hey, they want to fantasize

Is haunting their daily lives
Catch her like a butterfly
Strangling the muse within her

Oh, how fascinating you are
Too mystical
Too intriguing...
You make me laugh
And you had me thinking

Oh, never had a girl like you
Fading is the muse in her
All alone in her empty house of dreams

What a weird girl... living in her own world
What a weird girl... and you can't reach her
All alone in her empty house of dreams

4. Sungod

I look at you
See through me
I know you have this certain curiosity

I am drifting
But with a smile
You sure disrupt my life? but I don't mind
Like a sungod with warm rays of light
Your presence brought me back to life
Take away the sadness that is mine
At least for a while

I really don't know what it is
But maybe sometimes we don't need a reason for this

I am foolish
I know I am
But you know I always dare to try
I dare to fall so deep

You're a sungod with such golden shine
Could I make you see the beauty of the night
And like the sun you will grow colder, some day?
This feelings would fade away

Like a sungod with warm rays of light
Your presence brought me back to life
Take away the sadness that is mine
Just this time

5. Erzulie's Charm

Lil' did you dream again, after all this time he haunts your mind
Lil' what a distant day, it is crazy that you feel this way

So long...

Lil' in slumber still it's the waking state that has fallen ill
Lil' lets hide it well what we really see we will not tell

So long... she said she won't forget, no?
So long... let me remind you

Lil' in the looking glass what you see is fake it will never last
Lil' the soothing rain, but it will not wash away the stains

So, who is the secret one?

Lil' destroy the past such a perfect doll let the spell be cast
Lil' soft as clay the image is ready, start to play

So long...
So long...

Lil' let the image live, let us sing and chant and the love will last
Lil' it feels so bad cause we know that we cannot raise the dead

6. Purple Nightshades

She stood by the window
And watched life pass by
All those fading colours
All the wasted tries

Life is a wheel
Always moving on
Searching her paradise
She saw the place inside

I'm leaving
I will take that final step
I'm never looking back no more

Don't look for me
I'm reaching for the stars
They do not seem so far anymore

Wow all those pretty colours
This green glittering light
I hear far away voices
Old friends wave me inside
The air it smells so sweet
It melts my frozen heart
I walk through poppy gardens
I know my choice was right

I'm leaving...

And when he read her note
That she had gone
He knew that also he had to move on
Life is a circle
Where do we come from?
He took the long dark road him too
And dreamt in colours blue

I'm leaving...

7. Living Thrash

There's a body lying here
Inbetween garbage
Left and lonely
Thrown away?thrown away

Bled from the inside
As they poured Klorin down his throat
Just an ape
With the mind of a 5 year old child
Just an animal

See this body here
On a pile of other bodies
Left and lonely
Thrown away... thrown away

Taken to the pound
Sold to the laboratory
Poor little hound
Screaming pain, the peak was death!
Just an animal

Wastebins of bodies
Piled like trash
Left and lonely
Thrown away... thrown away

Forgotten cadavers
Twisted and tortured
They share your fear and pain
But in your eyes they're not the same
They're just animals

8. The Wish

Another night leaves me standing outside in the rain again
I'm dizzy and tired, but I smile and we pretend again
Nothing happened here, just a yearning heart and a silent wish
As the walls close in on me, I keep it all to myself

Oh, just to be with you, I won't ask for anything more
While we get crushed by the silence, the truth lies between us
I don't know why it is hard for us to trust our instincts
Could I tell you how I really feel?
Why do we play this game?

Each time I feel torn, standing by this crossroad of pain
I fall deeper into this desperation, lost somehow
My body is left behind, I keep searching for your mind
Let's guard our secrets, we never know how it will end


9. Dreams of Little Girls

I'm waiting, so eagerly waiting
The great fair has come to town
Come on, let us hurry now
Let's forget just for a while
The great fun fair makes us smile again

All little girls catch a little glimp
Of the glossy moments of life
Keep this lovely memories
Nothing lasts for life you see
All will pass for better and worse

And the great wheel stops
The lights go out
All fairs end

There's this dreamworld, there's this innocence
If we believe
We make it all real
Life's not a fairytale
Pastime thrills will fade one day
Just like the child within
And you will stand alone

...goddess bless the little girls...


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