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The New Name Of Evil

"The New Name Of Evil" (2005 Demo)

1. Carpathian Winds (Intro)
2. A Symphony of Moonlit Evil
3. Ragnarok 2005
4. A World To Burn
5. The Tale of a Great Battle (Instrumental)
6. Satan Usurped

1. Carpathian Winds (Intro)

2. A Symphony of Moonlit Evil

Ritualistic whispers fill the air.
As we see the first glimpse of moonlight.
Let the ressurection commence! Bring forth the tyranny of master!
Plunge this world into despair. Feed upon the souls of the helpless,
Striking fear into their hearts. UNVEIL! Thy legions.
Slay the ones who defy, shed their blood and tears.
Serve your lord almighty, brace for immortality!


Sacrifice, your body to me.
Spill your blood, your ever flowing blood.
Eternal is my master, eternal I shall be!
The time draws near, the awakening of destruction!
No one can save you, enslavement is your fate.
RISE! Rise omnipotent one!
Vanquished creator of evil!


Finally I've awakened! Erupting from your dreams!
Moon arousing evil, this midnight phantasy.
This young moonlit night, when the skies shall bleed,
Go forth my legions, let the slaughters proceed!

Finally I've been set free from my, ever lasting cursed slumber.
Now I shall wreak havoc upon, my enemies of years long past.
I can see... deep inside, their putred souls they bleed to hide.
Full of sin but in denial, creating what faith defiles.

Their sins are what fuels my fire,
Their hate is what feeds my hunger,
Their blood is what quenches my thirst.

Unleash your wickedness, shroud this world in darkness.
Make them see the truth inside, of themselves, the truth they hide.
Vengeance! Is mine!
Now you see your hypocrisy, you cast out your own tyranny

Cursed for fulfilling inner desire, released by the blood of your kin.
Sweet revenge served unto thee, in this evil moonlit symphony

3. Ragnarok 2005

Winter of winters, the end is here.
The stars will vanish from the sky, In the darkness all will die.
The nine worlds will burn as we perish, The Earth will sink into the sea.
Heroes slain in raging flames, Giants battle as Vigrid bleeds.
Darkened days, tidal waves, swords ablaze, hearts filled with hate.
This is the end, the final war, the death of gods, RAGNAROK!
The worlds collapse, and disappear.
Death in fire, blackened skies, this is fate we cant deny!

Icey holocaust, blackened sun.
The dead shall rise, ragnaroks begun.
Lands will shatter, skies will fall.
Hatred burns bright, thru land and sea
Embrace the wickedness, or feed misery.
A world will rise, to the skies, from the sea, of eternity

4. A World To Burn

See the bleeding skies, above the night's cloudy shadows.
I hear this land cry to me, it screams in despise.
Mankind shall fall before me, by the eternal flames and fires!
Misanthropy floods my mind, it taints my soul!
This world, this poisoned world, plagued by man, its doom descends.
Open the gates of hell, spread its fires far and wide.
Annihilate this faulty breed, accursed race, erroneous humans.
Flames shall raise to the heavens, forlorn in a world to burn

Man disgraced! Be erased! Bleed, DIE!
Emotion, plagued are you, breathe death unto...

Damned is man for eternity, into the abyss.
The abyss, dark and cold, existing beyond the land and sea.
I shall set man free, from its pain and misery.
With these fires, these unholy flames, humankind be erased!
Purified, this world shall be, ridden of lust and of greed.
Burn, Burn thy soul, and thy heart. Start anew!
Hear, hear them scream, see them swallowed by the fire.
Rebuild thyself one day, but for now this world must burn

5. The Tale of a Great Battle (Instrumental)

6. Satan Usurped

Riding thru the storms, winds as cold as ice
All to see the lies, that is Jesus Christ.
See before your eyes, the truth brings tears
The one that you call satan, is the least of your fears!

Feel my wickedness, feel my hate! Feel my presence destroy your faith.
No demon in your wildest dream, can compare to me!

Breathing fire from the skies, raining blood from my eyes.
I am from the farthest corners of this universe.

I am wind and I am soil, I'm the burning rage
When your blood begins to boil, I am anger you cannot cage!

For thousands of years, told amongst mankind
The legends myths and tales, of the satanic!
Hear my words, listen! Worship me or die!

How's your faith right about now? Cant you see the truth?
Cant you see the bottom line? I'm the one that you call GOD,
I'm the one you call SATAN, BELIAL and LUCIFER,
And of course LEVIATHAN. I'm the embodiment of every sin.

I am heaven, and I'm hell! I'm your kingdome come!
I'm the chosen one, you see? I am your destiny!

Wheres your god now?
Without good there is no evil, blame yourselves.


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