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"Vinterlik" (2003 Demo)

1. Flame of Hell
2. Beneath the Remains of Heaven
3. Night of the Bloodthirst
4. Primordial Almighty

1. Flame of Hell

The World is Dead, The Mortals are Dead, The World is Lost, Beneath Magnificent Black Palaces, The Mortals get Impaled Upon the Horns of Death, Drown the World in Blood,

Conquer! The tree of Life, I am the Fallen, A World will ever be Changing, A World Forever will be Drowned,

Crush! the Pearly Gates of Light, I'm the Fallen Emperor the Blackest Blazing Flame of Hell, A creature Within the Everchanging...the Gates are Open Wide! The Demons Spread Their Wings and Darken the Skies

2. Beneath the Remains of Heaven

Beneath the remains of Heaven - I rise, beyond cemetery-gates with darkness and the blazing flame on my sides, flaming Sword of Might, elevates my soul

Bringing me forth through gate inflames, I have risen with Sword and Crown, I'm holding the key to mine sacred realm

I'm holding the pride of ground to ashes, Pain for Supremacy, the Gate open to Soul Infernal, Beneath the surface of the Earth

The Arisen on within me, the Beast of eternal, Pleasure, Pain and Hunger, I haunt to breed and kill to feed, Hail mighty Horned One, emperor Satan, Hail thou mighty one, first Infernal breed, celestial Peace, gone, now tune of darkness and Bloody Sacrifices, the River of Blood is carrying me to the Dominion of Infernal

3. Night of the Bloodthirst

Not only in death of heart - do darkness call,
Wandering these lonesome paths - ever do darkness call,
Ruler of darkened path - may darkness call,
Lord of Infernal abyss - ever do darkness call

Demons rise within me,
Vengeance inside of my sword,
Thunder strikes through my sword,
War, the power is in me

Cathedrals in flames, alike the severed heads of the foes of mine, darkness swallows my damned soul

Ruler of darkened path, lord of Infernal Abyss

4. Primordial Almighty

Seek to break, open the gates to beyond, into the greater light that shines below, the sun that blazes black in the north, open my mind to the realms below

Emptiness rages throughout, darkness enlightens my soul, as I offer blood, it's just ice

Behold the portals of blood to the grounds below, into the greater ablaze that burns below, the sun that burns with power, when dark void swallows it all, cold are my senses, as I behold the path to the ground below

Storms are breaking out, gates of light is falling, torching the ground, arcane paths are known

Primordial Almighty


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