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Hail Victory Teutonia

"Hail Victory Teutonia" (2001)

1. Ode to the Fallen One
2. Searched and Found
3. Asgard Riders
4. War in Asgard
5. Man of Iron (Bathory cover)
6. Warriors Nightmare
7. Vikingdance (Under the Flag of Odin's Son)
8. To Honour Wotan
9. Nordic Warriors
10. Hail Teutonia
11. You're So Wrong (Black Widow cover)

1. Ode to the Fallen One

The time is right, to ride into the battle
we’re fighting hard...for the glory of Odin
burn down their houses, with your warrior’s rage
slay the dogs and drink their warm blood

Warriors awake, look foward into distance
And ride into the next, hard battle

They run away into the forest
there you will find them soon
arrows flying, swords clash
their blood trickels away for als times

Warriors awake, look foward into distance
And ride into the next, hard battle

Kill their man, another one is coming
kill their woman and their moral is broken
prepare your man with blazing steel
a new enemy lets you no other chance
many of the warriors are fallen, enter the holy halls
the gate is open wide, a toud hail is roaring
a golden shiver is falling’s Valhall

The dead warrior’s sons carry on fighting
with iron hand and firm step they’re defending their ground
everyone knows, there’s no return
the sons of dead warriors are fallen in the battle
they enter the holy halls
a gate opens wide, a loud hail is roaring
... it’s Valhall

2. Searched and Found

Upon the black northern sea, a ship is sailing
a ship full of man proud and brave
they’re looking for new ground to live on it,
with swords, axes of steel they’re armed
and sailing to the end of the world
afraid to fall into the abyss, into their sure death

Left their home, their wife and children
and sailing into uncertainty
warriors, they are brave
and only the courageous could sail
after months it was done
hungry and without any power
they reached the green land
few of them sailing home
few of them were staying, to build villages
and waiting full of hope

Upon the black northern sea, a ship is sailing
vikings were on the quest for new ground
they come back with last power, back into their land
land of brave warriors.

3. Asgard Riders

4. War in Asgard

Two ravens are flying over the my head
and when I was looking around
they dissappeared in the mist to Asgard north

In Valhalla, in Odins holy halls
On his shoulder they are telling
Fenris spites his cold breath
upon Midgard. Yggdrasil is frozen
and the people staring to death...Odin

Screaming they ask themself
Has gods left us
With roaring thunder voices
Odin is calling
bring Thor and his warrior
and let them move out to prevent Ragnarök
... Odin

5. Man of Iron (Bathory cover)

I have paced these forests for so long I don't know if I am man or I am beast.
I, though, hold deep within me a quest for revenge.
Then I must be a man as much as I can be.

I have learned to speak the tongue of the animal
I have learned to read the signs in bark and snow.
I have taken within myself the spirits of my fathers,
long time gone.
In this short time, far from home, a man of Iron I've grown.
A man of Iron I have grown.

A part of the Eternal Woods...
Late evening...

6. Warriors Nightmare

I was walking to the tree Yggdrasil
and laid myself unter its mighty crown
i wouldn’t see anything drying i was sleeping

No sand, no lake, no waves
I didn’t see Midgard nor Valhalla
only a yawning abyss
Ragnarök... the Ases fall

Under midgards sail another one was watching the black
red cockin the halls of hel
axe age, swordage, shield crash
wind time, wolf time
our army of brothers is fighting
against one another before Midgard falls
in a dreamI died with big pain
a sword bored deep into my heart
there I stand in the golden hall
where warroirs enjoy their honour
I’m falling in the battle
and Odin takes me into his legions until

7. Vikingdance (Under the Flag of Odin's Son)

8. To Honour Wotan

Warriors come from the land of fog
ten thousand shield by shield
swords with the enemies red blood
ten thousand shield by shield
armored riders with weapons of steel
ten thousand shield by shield

The northstar always guides them from battle to battle
with anger and wrath against all christianity
they fight with strength and honour day by day
ashes of churches and blood red swords
raped nuns screaming under impaled prayers corpse
we hold the swords up hight to honour Wodan

Warriors come...

Battlecrys are sounding in the endless fight
brave mans of iron conquering strange lands
their axes are fed by the prayers blood
the sound of horns spread all over the land
a painfull death and a godless victory
we smash the christian cross to honour Wodan

Warriors come...

In Valhall were the brave man
fight side by side with gods
in Valhall were the great last battle
will be fight with power and might
die in the final fight to honour Wodan
in Valhall

Warriors come...

9. Nordic Warriors

Thousand warriors roaming through the northern lands
and only related with Odin still.
One thought drives them along to fight
and die for their northern land
war, misery, fear and death to spread
it is a commandment no respect for life
only here to kill you just the warriors pray to Odin
Blood and honour – for life and death
Blodd and honour – is the warriors hightest law
Blood and honour - Odin

10. Hail Teutonia

When wind’s blowing over willow forests
swaying water’s flowing through the land
Hail Teutonia
When forests are green again, willows
flourish and mountains are covered with snow
Hail Teutonia
Teutonia, proud land.
Teutonia your soil is soaked with blood
and your battles were fought with great reverence
when wolfes are howling, owls are calling the Night
wild animals pass your forests
Hail Teutonia
and sail soaked with blood
warriors fight with honour still
Hail Teutonia
Teutonia, my land... majestic are your forests and mountains
your water so pure
Teutonia, I greet thee hail and fall
into your arms

11. You're So Wrong (Black Widow cover)


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