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"Mytox" (2004 Demo)

1. Bare Prognoses
2. Coming out/Outcoming
3. Domination
4. Marionette

1. Bare Prognoses

Bare Prognoses :

The nausea that fills my stomach
Thoughts of murder in my grieve
The hatred projected on the responsible
Inner flow of pure relief
Questioning your every move
What you said and done
The loneliness that you deserve
Eventually will come!!

Thought you were my one and only saviour

Put all hopes desperatly on you
You put me down
Look, I'm a fool!!

The hatred
You do not deserve
Easy death
You do not deserve
Slash my wounds
You do not deserve
Took it anyway!!

Deadly thoughts of the cold-hearted
Next life you will pay, like I do
Nothing else left for you
God will make you find a way

Suffering along his side
The road that you choose
No more love or pride
Never knew one of those

All the pain
You deserve!!
All the coldness
You deserve!!
By your side, your worst enemy
No more crawling, finally free!!!

2. Coming out/Outcoming

Coming out/Outcoming :

Newly dragged out of the mud
Left to dry on a safe harbour
Retried back into the womb
Safely seeing my heart devoured

Broken glass makes the flesh bleed
Cut-open wounds, the wounded's fee
The harmless pain, quilty conscience
Acknowledge blame, merciless surprise

Voices telling me what to do
Leaping over me
Covering as a shadow
Yet no solution

Overwelming despite of this
Known path I can't follow
Bottomless pit, never will forget
Depress Numbness!!!

3. Domination

Domination :

Controlled by upper power
Without hesitation
The names on the tombstones
Angel and deformation
Hands filled with human bones
Your declination
The void filled by accidents
Of lies and true explinations

The eclipse of morality
Overshadowed by political lies
Kill each as a unity
Don't stop 'till everyone dies

The depraved of the human souls
Deterioration of mankind
The devious love for one another
To desecrate the acceptable good
Make the connections no other can
Walking in straight lines as good as they can

Except nature will take it's course
Punished if you let your, let your instincts go
Burned and burried like a witch

You cannot kill just because,
just because you've always known

Domination of supposed superiors
Is the human species suicide
Death to the fake warriors!!
Death to all the fake in this world!!!

4. Marionette


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