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Scheps Ankh, Aesch Mezareph, Atropopaia, Michani

"Scheps Ankh, Aesch Mezareph, Atropopaia, Michani" (1999)

1. Aphrodisiakum Of Hermaphrodit
2. Alms
3. Demons In The Cosmic Low Of The Changes
4. Soothsayer
5. Saba R
6. Flames EO
7. Laviah
8. In A River-Bed
9. Dawn Of Sunflower

1. Aphrodisiakum Of Hermaphrodit

Oom posmon oom - en oe uru ni
- neuech omun chom
- haach nomeech om
- hee noeum vrch hee

Driping blue wash off the suffer
lovely are shields of basess love
finger roars by flares up of thought word
distant luck from desire of floating pains

Oom posmon oom
Oom posmon oom

Flower of pleasure of huming bodies of freedom
shores of infammable landscapepicture of pointworld
key of angel wings of lightly blue
secret pregnancy by cosmic breath

Touching of eternal driping silence

2. Alms

Ice in your eyes, flame in my heart...alms of our loneliness! Forgotten!
If you have, have a soul...mistaken soul
You donít cover a grief...hateful grief
Above my invisible dream...most beautiful dream

A curtain turns up...over the heads of sillers
unselfish respect...and opera begins

A conductor raises the baton...psalm of fate was completed
prudent delusion...from veil of experience

Elicting sensual strike...penetrating sound
false note...settlement with death

If you donít recognize mind...outspoken mind
You donít see the truth...mendacious truth

Above my solitary scream...blind scream
The black clouds, darkness of heart, lighning from clean sky
Desperate alms, mirrors of the past, part from symbolic trust
The eternal fame, suffering of innocence, voluntary departure from life

The moment of succes...on the edge of my loyalty
infinite fall on platform

The last bow...neverending symphony of silence
if you feel the touch...unrealy touch

You donít know emptiness...immortal emptiness
over my merciless inhumanity...dauntless inhumanity

My hate...My trust...My spirit of the God
My pain...My grief...My lies of your horror
My dream...My soul...My shadow on the wall
My anger...My pleasure...My lock on your treasure

3. Demons In The Cosmic Low Of The Changes

Abysses of traditions are deceiving today
The divine wheelwork is dawning freedom

Ornate bodies by burning fire
Wild changes of circling phantoms
Colour lights are longing for a man
Spoilness is founding, is loosing emblem

Demons in the cosmic law of the changes

Reojicing of lights is fear from darkness
Mane of flight is blooming in the hope
Hammer is swilling under the brow of quite
Touches are presing fury of elements

4. Soothsayer

My saviour, keeper of my wishes
the burning candle drips blood
in every part of body is thorn of destiny

Lifeless is easy life in circle
Tell, what do you see behind the shadow of mirror
maybe, what is my power of stones

Tell, my carnage, my enemy, my mayhem

Ways of past are crying under the weight of wings
magic ball is full of water with colour of steel

Staff with traits of my face with - a grining smile
Disclosing of mask can - ritual
Digger with hood is coming pagan fear - over dish of vine
Smell of virility, smell of feminity - womb is put together - You Soothsayer

5. Saba R

6. Flames EO

Face of born is flaying down to depths
Spiral feeds fire of sun
Gods float by oceans of worlds
Nakedness of staining is palting the heavenly

Hard touches by words of rebellion
Circles are hold into cosmic vibrations
Brown past scatters the flames
Bosom of earth receives combined passions

Myths are circling in a curve of light
White flowers were beat by animalness of doms
Fruits of spirit of grace drifts
Lightly filler, space of flame EO

7. Laviah

I am not and I will be not pure and even so I am calling You
Laviah, how mighty is your song
Give a sound to my thoughts
Laviah, how mighty is your song
How saints go, how black ones go, You understand to the black sacrament
Laviah, how mighty is your song
You are almighty in music and poetry
and so I have not to praise God
I hate him and You will be to hate in that moment with me


So mighty is my calling to You
I always will be to invoke your name
and music is my...

8. In A River-Bed

Oldman and oldwoman, Moon and Sun
rainbow arms of falling stars and leaves
ancient dust is washed off from Queen
sunset over shadow of my eyes
dark indiansummer with many hue of black
it's twilight

it's twilight

Dish of the defeating, how forunate chance,
depositing and muddy, far river-bed

of sighing details - eternaly transfering
belt of grain of reproachness is cutted
dirty poverty of celtic existence
frontiers of poison are signport of zodiac

slack by wandering on mountainridge
for precious coral...

Stitch of warrior is commited by wet shrub
noble is swamp of difficulties and shame

puls is impossible ant to limp by spear
eighteenth tabu is matter and nature
oldman and oldwoman, Moon and Sun
rainbow arms of falling stars and leaves

sunset over shadow of my eyes
dark indiansummer...itís twilight
Serr siabhar ritu
Oen dunam mathir
Ord siabhar tromì

9. Dawn Of Sunflower


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