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The Indictment

"The Indictment" (1990)

1. Intro : Voices
2. Schizophrenia
3. The ultimate dark
4. Migration as a mission
5. Tools of humanity ?
6. The endless sleep
7. A hidden disease
8. Mock soldiers of distress
9. Trouble shifting
10. Inevitable alterations
11. Instruments of genocide
12. Outro : High roads in the sky

1. Intro : Voices

2. Schizophrenia

Black outs rule my day thoughts are away
There are hours I canít recall theyíre hidden behind
A gray wall
Did I faint or fall asleep
What is happening to me who will set me free

Brain mixed up schizophrenia
Personality divided in two
Good fights bad schizophrenia
Donít know what to do

IĎm your evil part when youíre out I start
I live without a heart
I like to start up a fight do bad things no whatís right
With no pity here inside
My name is trouble avoid me though itís an honest
Face you see
Iím not what I ought to be
Making trouble itís always the same doing it under
Your name
So youíre the one to blame

Whoís that girl walking there alone?
Ainít she afraid to walk alone in the dark?
I have to punish her sheís asking for it
I gotta see her fear and hear her scream
Itís my destiny to punish you
I gotta catch you like a beast on the run
Now youíre eliminated by my hands
See the fear in your eyes oh is this fun
Hey you donít you touch me
She had to be stopped canít you see
Why are you throwing me into the cell
I donít mind cause Iím a creature of hell

Why donít you just let me be
I donít deserve this canít you see
Iím a prisoner without a crime
I didnít kill or steal a dime
But if you want to help to send a shrink
I need someone to clean up this mess
Donít need a doctor with a pill
For now I know Iím mentally ill

Mentally ill

3. The ultimate dark

Wake up tomorrow itís too late
We canít get away from that itís our fate
Our love of ease must come to an end
We must do something it doesnít help to repent

Industries have taken their toll
Carbonic oxide kills our skies
Donít you hear the trees their call we no longer
Accept your lies

Millions of years it took the earth to grow like she is today
Just a few years weíre on yet we did take care for her decay
If we go on like this youíd better shoot yourself with a gun
Enjoy your days they might be your last ones in the sun

What give us the right to exploit and torture mother earth
This is not how it was meant to be on her days of birth

So you gotta wake up cause tomorrow itís too late
We canít move away from her so itís also our fate
Our love of ease must come to an end
We must do something it doesnít help to repent

Carbonic oxideÖNuclear wasteÖKilling forestÖAcid rain

We must join hands must forget our disagreements
Together we must fight this suicide make it stop
Cause if we go on like this youíd better shoot
Yourself with a gun
Enjoy your days they might be your last ones in the sun


4. Migration as a mission

Heís lost on his way
With no place to stay
His lifeís a rainy day
Now as time goes by
He wonders why
As a tear leaves his eye
Am I a loser?
On his own all alone rolling stone
Pushes away his past
Treated as an outcast
Trying to overpass

A roving spirit trying to forget
His family years the life he led
It cracks his brains as he disappears from sight
Into the night

He always did what his surroundings expected him to do
Found a girl and got married but it wasnít the clue
Always restless never satisfied feeling cramped
To support his family he got a post a nine to five job
It felt like being captured it became a flop
Always restless never satisfied feeling cramped

There must be place that will accept their need of dissoluteness
They donít fit in a society thatís built on certainties that
Will never change

The inconstant wind is his only friend
It is always free itís what he wishes to be
Not to be committed to some dull household
That will swallow his time to him itís a crime
No lack of freedom no more anger
No more pain liberty without restrain
Without restrain

5. Tools of humanity ?

Longing to get out
Afraid no doubt
I hear the screaming?
Aesthetic needs
Cause horrible deeds
People are vain
It causes my pain

Donít deserve this treat Iím not another piece of meat
Please let me live Iíve got so much more to give

The search for perfection
Stamina research
Why is it an urge?
They mighty humans
They roll the dice
If we must be slaughtered
If we pay the price no!

Because the human have the brain
They think itís their right to make us sustain
Any violent against humanity will be punished
Against these cruelties to animals they will no resist

There was a creep who experimented with children
The man was insane O.K. but still it happens every day

Fur wonít give you the looks
Itís a part of a sharp dressed seal

Men are kin men are smart men are right men bring pain
Men are fair men are wise men do care men are insane
Men donít sin men are free men will win men never have enough

Why do men rule the glove
It doesnít contribute to life
To pleasure to love
Or to any kind of hope

6. The endless sleep

Memories appear by bits
The connections are gone
Happy times they pass my consciousness
I cherish them with all my heart

The days I fill with counting the sounds of the equipment
Keeping me alive
Lying here unable to react my muscular strength has subsided

Itís true Iíve always said finish it yeah when Iím some kind of plant
When my senses are gone and Iím brain-dead when Iím brain-dead

Memories fade away

7. A hidden disease

On that night her apparition took place
Right before our eyes
The bringer of a hidden disease
Willing to hear their cries
She scares me with the things she says
Itís such a radical opinion
But the thing that frightens me the most
Is her enormous attraction
She finds it easy to influence the ones that are unemployed
Cause the strangers are to blame thatís what theyíve always cried

Theyíre ready to attack to fight back
Hoping to find some better times
They want her to give them back their self-respect

But is she wants to change this all
She needs some scapegoats
So you act like they say
You send the indifferent away
In the end our freedom is gone
Cause sheís your guiding star
The times of liberty are over and done
Cause sheís your guide into war
A war you cannot win a war youíd only lose
But thereís no way back cause this is the way you choose

We must be aware of those secret creatures
They are always hidden somewhere in the shades
Donít you trust them they are waiting for some bad times
To step forward and to destroy it all

Donít you believe these lines to be true?
You just take a break and look through history books
Back in the forties this little creep had his might
He formed his own group and he sparked off a war
He built to many camps where millions died
Only cause they were different now isnít that bizarre?
I hope that lesson was enough so you donít give them your vote
Go your own way donít you follow their road

8. Mock soldiers of distress

He is part of guerilla warfare he is eleven years of age
He will never have a protected youth his education consists of rage
He is marching through Colombian rainforests
African jungles or Cambodian rice fields
Killing soldiers more than twice his age using trees as natural shields
He playground is a battlefield his playmates are hunted men
We worry about what we have for dinner tonight he hopes to make it till then

These little soldiers of war
Playing with fire
But do they really understand what theyíre fighting for?
Tiny soldiers of war
Playing with fire
But do they really understandÖpuberty might be inaccessible

His mom and dad were killed by the army he saw it
With his own two eyes
So every uniform looks suspicious to him being
Prejudiced is then a logical vice
You cannot compare our worst memories with the
Things this boy has seen
The only toy he ever played with is huge M-19
An eleven year old freedom fighter living
Unimaginably wild
But ask him what he wants out of life heíll probably
Say Iíd like to be a child

Light flashes all around the screaming of the mutilated sets your teeth on edge
The ground is covered with dead witnesses of another bloody armed conflict
Farmers housewives lawyers and children dying for the people
How can democracy be of such vital interest that ten year olds die for it
Itís lunacy pushed to extremes

9. Trouble shifting

Her mother died when she was born
A burden she couldnít cope with
Raped and beaten by her dad
At the age of ten
She never met with girls or boys
She never had one friend
Always cleaning up the place
Never played with toys

Then she met this guy who told her that
Her problems were over
She took just one shot and like in her dreams it happened
Her problems were finally gone

Now she gives her body to the one who pays
It doesnít matter if theyíre wrong or right
She canít afford the time and dime for an own place
Every night out in the streets without friends (without fright)

They were married far too young their child was undesirable
But raised in a Christian way
An abortion was unable
So the child was the one to blame
The bringer of their misery
Punished him for their mistake
But it didnít set them free

Then they took some drinks to wash out their guilt
To lose their problems
But they didnít stop went on and on till it happened
They donít car what tomorrow brings

Now they wander through the parks and the streets
They donít care if they get something to eat
Now thereís only one things on their warped mind
Always looking through refuse bags how much booze can they find

A sense of shame in my brain
But if I quit Iíll stir up the pain
I donít know if Iím wrong and I donít know if Iím right
Maybe Iím wrong but I donít dare to fight
Body is weak head is empty
Iím not really trying to break free
Admission Medication Isolation Indecision
Addiction Toxication Hallucination Continue

Until I die

10. Inevitable alterations

When the exchange of an 8 into a 9 was a fact
Radical changes altered the Slavonic countries
In a cold war play it might be a decisive at
Can this be the long expected moment of peace?

Time be time the world turns on and on
I hope this time war threats are over and done

We face the end of a roaring age
With oppressing performances on a worldís stage
But now freedom spreads around like a healthy disease
On the threshold of the nineties

It finally happened on the verge of a new decade
The living symbol of anti-apartheid was released
Drained due to a rightful struggle seemed to be his fate
Can this be the long expected moment of peace?

Finally it appears that absolute power looks after
Fears but ignores the flower
Symbolic for youth symbolic for future their search
For the truth a freedom fair and pure

It might be a herald of revolutionary years to come
That abused populations revolt
Cause keeping a nation dumb
Is an impossible instruction
Theyíre no longer ignorant
This will lead to friction
Might turn into rebellion

11. Instruments of genocide

Systematic killing was their task in World War II
A war they took advantage of
By murdering millions of people
They thought they earned some respect
But they were defeated in 1945
As they were arrested they were tough
Weíre not to blame we did it by order
That was how they reacted

Without any compunction without any kind of conscience pricking tear
They kept on denying but most of the time their guilt was quite clear
The power that they had was only might by fear
Find them and put them in detention here

When it was over and surrender was done
They carried of their swag and went
Now living in South America
It is blood money that they spent
Meetings to try to form a new political group
Permitted by military presidents
Financing young extremes in our lands
Cause those are their hope

Instruments of genocide!

Donít stop searching we have to find them now
Donít let go try harder instead
Cause this war is more then 50 years ago
Too many witnesses are dead

Six million souls are gone six million killing by their hands
We must pay them back these maniacs and their friends
Their lives must be the same hell always on the run
Thereís no way to set them free for what they have done

Without any compunction without any kind of conscience pricking tear
They kept on denying but most of the time their guilt was quite clear

12. Outro : High roads in the sky


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