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The Plot Sickens

"The Plot Sickens" (1992)

1. Intro
2. Reflection of the dying
3. Psychosis
4. Commandment
5. Death to all (peace at last !)
6. Method of madness
7. Red rum
8. Laid to rest
9. Evil oil
10. The plot sickens

1. Intro


2. Reflection of the dying

He said through the laughter
Does it even really matter
Is the pain worth the price that we pay
Like the changing seasons
There is never a reason
And the future is just a day away
If we live throguh tommorow
Is it time that we borrow
And who really pays the cost
One thing for sure
It can never be cured
And your soul will be that which is lost

Live for the moment cause immortal were not
Waste all your time and you too will smell the rot
If your blowing all your chances soon you will find
The games all but over and your out of time

Can you feel my pain?

If time heals all wounds then surely its true
That death really does mean rebirth
And were not growing old as weve often been told
Which has scared to death many who have heard
The fortunes of youth it is spoken in truth
Are wasted upon the young
When you realize youll look through the eyes
And wonder what youve become

Refrain and Chorus

Id say the words but youve probably heard
And youll probably hear them again
And I've just one regret that i wont soon forget
Its that you werent here with me my friend
Waste not your tears for in a matter of years
Youll be right here by my side
Through what day is chose
It is only fate who will know
But its always a good day to die

Refrain and Chorus

3. Psychosis

Lost in the back of your mind
Homicidal vengence
Voices that are not heard
Are telling you to do it
You are nothing but-
A man without a mind
Overwhelming disease
Taking you down
Take your victims
Slay them to the ground
Visions of murder
Are terrifying your soul
Comatosed indulgence
Like a bomb, ready to blow
You are nothing but-
A man without a mind
Overhwelming disease
Taking you down
Take your victims
Slay them to the ground
Overwhelming disease
Taking you down
Take your victims
Slay them to the ground
Overwhelming disease
Taking you down
Take your victims
Slay them to the ground

4. Commandment

I look around and see that things arent
Really what they should be
The plan has gone wrong
And even time cant
Heal the true nature of man
The true nature of man
Not even time!

The world we made was raised on the foundation
Of our mortal sin
So now im force to fight
The struggle
That arises within
That arises within
That arises within!

In this evil world
There can be no
Peace of mind
No easy way for you to fit into
The grand design

There are no answers
In this song of mine
I just want you to question
Before the reaper comes around
For his final lesson

5. Death to all (peace at last !)

Through all peace time we prepare for war
Striving for the eternal fight
Arsenals which have grown immense
All in the name of self-defense
Only the threat of a nuclear war
Is our guardian, is our ace in the whole
We never learn the lessons of our bloody past
Ideas of peace are noble but theyll never last

Time has come
Now youll die
Death has arrived
Listen for
The battlecry

The arms race is our real war
But on this battlefield none can win
Button pushed brings our impending doom
See your last sunset through day-glo gloom
We must resign ourselves to this immenent fate
Worldwide destruction the future we all await
The end of life at the hands of man
Politics I cant understand


Now from school John does not return
Moms a corpse and the homes in ashes
Homeless survivors we wander lost
Warpigs had thier way it matters not the cost
The glory of war days long since past
Black echose of the youth of man
No more will armies meet to fight
Nuclear war brings peace at last


6. Method of madness

This is a story about my head
When the whip came down
I ended up in a lunatic bead
Frankenstiens monster Id hidden deep inside
When the monster takes over
Im just along for the ride
Dont read the daily grind
Its in my bones
Idiots surround and the telephones
No one apreciates a man thats sane
Cracks are all visible
Ill have to paint

Method to madness
I dont wanna lose my mind
Dark thoughts are gathering
Feel the crush of marching feet
Battle rages upon every front
The monster never sleeps

There are many methods to madness
Many of which are really quite sane
To give it all up would sure be tragic
But it would certainly ease up on the pain
Innocent reminders of a painful past
Stains that wont remove, newness never lasts
There are no skeletons in my closet, just old and angry
Cobwebs dont be scared of the monsters
Ill hide them under my bed

7. Red rum

Dont know why he does it
Marked killer from birth
Possesed by an animal urge
For the blood of any innocent man

Red rum is written on the wall
Red rum spelling death for all
Cant you see that he must pay
With his own life

Dont need!
Dont need rhyme or reason
Its always open season
Heart racing, helpless victims
Are never in short suply

Labeled seral killer
A creature less than human
Whats behind his cold eyes
No one wants to know

Another night
Another hunt
Another senseless killing dont
Another soul for the netherworld
He takes a life and makes it death
Filth, rottern vomit of society
Release him from his misery
Lives a fate
Worse then death
His private hell
On this earth
Feel the hate
Feel the pain
Smell the fear as it strikes again
Now its time
Its our turn
Reverse the roles
Electric chair will burn


8. Laid to rest

Inside my plass prison
Im calling your name
Without you Im lifeless
I just sit and I wait
But the wait wont be long
And youll soon let me out
Those who try cant resist
I was never in doubt
You needed not the warning
Now whos to blame
Wasted all those precious years
Aint that a shame
Your lifes not your own
Always searching to score
Another day another line
Another spoon, one last bowl

Stronger men than you
Ive laid by the wayside
For I deal in pain,
Lost dream and devistation
Your no different them the ones who came before

Laid to rest
Another broken soul
Mindless husk
Just a stinking corpse
Laid to rest
You have lost control
Youve been warned
Now your through deaths door.

You played with my fire
And you thoguht you were cool
But your just another
On a long list of fools
The stage has been set
As you fix your last spoon
Heart pounding faster
Grim reaper enters the room
Faster then lightning
I head strait to your brain
In the back of your thoat
You can taste your mistake
Cold sweat on your forehead
White knuckles on the chair
Unseeing lidless eyes
Into space they stare

9. Evil oil

Power mad leader what a fool
In his veins must run raw crude
Oil soaked brain he's nothing more
Treats his nation like a whore
Price of gasoline raised another dime

If we do not learn from history
Were doomed to repeat eternally
The powers that an take control
Erode the mind and rot the soul
Nothing in the end but wasted time

Black as night, black as pitch
Black as the heart of the foulest witch
Ill make you sweat, ill make you toil
Ill make you work to buy more oil
My name means wealth
My name means power
Men liek Hussein are rented by the hour

THe die for me on the desert sands
The curse of death extends a welcome hand
Like cocaine in a junkies vein
Evil oil makes the world insane
While our mother earth, she screams and cries


10. The plot sickens

Have you any methods to your madness
And do you ever talk to the demons inside
Cause I believe the monster under my bed
Has finally taken over my mind

Now last night as I lay peacefully sleeping
I did not hear see or feel a thing
But I woke up to a panic filled feeling
Confusion chaos replaced reality

I got the strangest feeling
My thought are set on dreaming
I think back to the trips I once took
Shouldve read a goddamn book
Half time, Im lost in space
And my clock it keeps on ticken
Cures the knifepoint at my heart
Stick it in

Hate and murder
And voilent crime
So many thought and worse are
What is mine
A plot so sick
While I ponder how human flesh tastes
Upon a stick

Is this a dream or I in
A horror movie scene
Acting out the parts
Im just a captive player in a bad movie
A bad movie
As I watch myself go on...
Another killing spree
Is there one more chance for me?
Can death forever set me free?
When the evil begins to quicken
I know the plot will sicken

Now I spend my days as a phantom ot terror
Hiding out, striking out, no one to stop me
I let them in
I let them rule
I let my demons guide me
Crossed the line inside my mind
Lifes a movie screen
Im a bad dream

Theres a side to everyone
That we like to keep hidden
Let it out to run your life
Oh, the plot sickens
ALone inside in my dark is where I realized
It was by my own means...
I brought about my own demise


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