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Dusk of the Myth

"Dusk of the Myth" (1994 EP)

1. Dusk of the Myth
2. Abstract Dimension
3. Ancient Creation
4. The Eternal Torment (The Grief Forest)

1. Dusk of the Myth

Oh! Neverwhere, Neverwhere
Mesmerized I am
Oh! Neverwhere, Neverwhere
From my dream I wake

Why I must adore you?
If I live forgotten
Why I have to pray you?
If you never hear me
Why I must respect you?
If you left me alone
For all these reasons, I hate you Nazarene Oh!
Forever! To be! Banished!
Into! Dark Souls! Domain!
This is the price that I must pay but
I will never repent to find the true way!

My eyes will see your death!

Condemned to wander, Into an endless pathway
Doubts are revealed, your throne is drowned...
Drowned by blood!

Among this silent sculptures,
always one will scream
When sadness and deception, our hearts fullfilled
Always one will scream

2. Abstract Dimension

Trying to escape from nowhere
Distorted colours attack my brain
Unreal sensations turns now real
Abstract dimension, hallucinations

Shizophrenia! Overflowing!

Death is calling! Now I'm coming!
Failing ... Falling...
Secret thoughts! Unreal Dimension!
Mind possession

Passing through the mystical gates
In front of you life mysteries...

Approaching to my nightmare
Looking through the dreams
The final voyage is started
Pay to charon here!

Total Madness! Overflowing!
Unseen objects, deadly visions
Fading to black, in this place
No salvation, no escape
Lost In death dimension!

3. Ancient Creation

Through thy immortal valley
Inverted crosses, faded roses
Impotent God! Die soon dog!

Where logic falls, a mausoleum stands
Antiquus sapienta, cruciatus et cupido
Deus expello, ignavus et victus
Into the unholy winter, Searching the dark forest
God I detest you, ego eluro ab Christus!

Abominations,of the ancient gods
Christians deception, blasphemation.

The frostwinds are blowing my face
The nocturnal clouds of eternity
The light of the candles guides me
Arriving to the hall of the true god!

I glorify, my gloomy fate
Thy ancient creation, never falls.

4. The Eternal Torment (The Grief Forest)

Failing into the pit, growing are my fears
Dying is my body, crying is my soul

Obssessd is my mind, but I'm not blind
Tears of sadness, drowing my eyes
Death awaits, with a deadly smile
Fighting but losing, I just wanna die!

The forest of my dreams,
The nightmare just begins

A fullblood flooding sea
The visions of my past
Are storming in my mind
The forest turns into a giant grave!

A living forest, hear the screams
Inward my heart, ends to beat
A strange sensation in my skin

Internal grief, my feelings decay
My grave is prepared, forgotten and sad
Darkened and cold, the solstice falls..


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