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The Glowering Facades Of Night

"The Glowering Facades Of Night" (2002)

1. Primordium Mysteriorum
2. Where Morning Still Stays Far Away
3. Ceremony Of The Nightfall
4. The Red-Eyed Wrath
5. Ode To The Dark One
6. Ere Love Sank Passing Fair
7. Cynthia's Child
8. Winter Enshrined

1. Primordium Mysteriorum

2. Where Morning Still Stays Far Away

...where guarding veils embrace the thread of life
...where threatening flews of fear rub through

...where neither hope, nor delight can be
...where bewitching fairies bless the endless dark

"I feel thy presence, my heart, my fear, my grief is thine!"

Abhoring life, still longing for the end
Just me and the splendid night
I feel thy presence, my heart, my fear, my grief is thine!

"Existence and grief, sorrow and lust,
Became the fading rose, pricking into my heart"

3. Ceremony Of The Nightfall

Falling from the maze of day into an ancient secrecy
The enchanting moon, a sorceress she is
Her mysterious wings she soar over
Clearest fields and trees, this light dyes her
Realm of infinite shine

The sun of night obtains th might that makes day fall asleep
Bloodred she came and with calm she will go
Dreams of beauty fill the sky seducing
With a spell of dark, embracing the mind...
And withered flowers bloom!

I'm passing through, fusing to leave any
Light behind the dawn
Haunted by dreams, dressed in black...

As lucid waters flow, down to the lunar sea
The air whispers eerie takes
From chasms dressed in black
Resounds the voice of night
A splendid myth she possess!

Leave to reign and settle your throne
Cast your spell on human paths
The wisdom grows under your wings
Where blindness is lost...

From the lap of night, they will arise
Silence of ash to the agony of flames
Stray'd and trapp'd in the misery of life
Silent, the world lies, like my grave!

Now gather your creatures, trap our fears
And conquer our hearts, and past all
Silence, the wolves' howls they sound so dark
What you obtained and made day fall
Asleep, what now fills the sky shall be as
Long as night will fall!

4. The Red-Eyed Wrath

Black tears fall...

Blinded in dust, our eyes keep still
And my touch just closes our minds
Hades' breath blows announcing his will
The red fog graspe time

"Hades, oh Hades! Where will we go?
Who cares for the souls to come?"

"No more life I'll tolerate, false whore!
A senseless art, I make sink...forever!"

Our mouths are silent like the ruins
That barely lie down to the once sacred
Gorund, but Hdes dishonoured it all
Disintegrating the crown blooms for the last time!

The red-eyed wrath in unimaginable
Light, opens at last our thoughts
Yet the sky we see is empty of gods
And our heaven is too hard to climb

Black tears fall...

Blinded in dust, our eyes keep still
And my touch just closes our minds
Now even light has turned to gloom
With the forbidden colours' rite

"Our greed become our last petal..."

5. Ode To The Dark One

Drawin' a painting of strange spheres, still searching in my pain
Who is the One, the keeper of my existence, the One I give credence to?

"There are none of your gods to reward your now
They're all too weak to stand this fight!
The emptiness is taking everything off yourself
What afflicts you in the oge of dark..."

Gives me the spirit of strength, hate and ancient visions
Bringing for union with the darkness, my innocence is lost
The feeling of endless might banishes inferiority from my soul
I finally reach the end of wordly life, suffused with pagan blood!

"We approach our final moment, divinity's of the other side
Floating like angels in cryptic wings, from strange worlds, lost forever!"

"Now darkness rules the crimson sky, rising in nocturnal flames
Mighty flashes split the sky, to lead you back to your origin..."

6. Ere Love Sank Passing Fair

Earth hath swallow'd all my hopes but
She, a heart innocence whipp'd and shutin a soulles prison
Admired beauty, I think thy swan a crow
So drop thy mask to dreadful ears my dreadful cry

She reachs the silence, her lifefog-curtain'd stars
Solemnity in the dark, passioned love, solemnity
Farewell with weepin's looks

O, where flew the time when I taught a sun burn bright?
Come hither again with thy kiss profane!

Thus froze my twinking sphere
Ere love sank passing fair...

No single tear will leave my virgin eyes
If only thou look sweet as winter on a mournful day
I eat thy starvation, that of it doth not taste!
Aspir'd the clouds thy spirit hath, my heart lives dead!

Thus froze his dismal skin
Ere love sink passing fair...

My tranquillity enarmour'd of my invisible grave
Why my fatal wound doth not bleed?

New'd to this heaviness
I dare not take off my burden
Solemnity, farewell with weepin' looks
Ere love sink passing fair...

7. Cynthia's Child

Chapter I:

Casting her shadow, her vanishing shape
Malicious beauty in the embrace of night
Thee, o thee, I adore, Cynthia...

With thy tail, sweeping me
Stiring rays on ym skin
If thou profan'st me, to sin in secret lust
My dreams are thine

Thou ris'st in the vapour of beasts
The unfolden ones in me
Heaven shall blacken, thy throne is
Untouched, moonlight, sweet eclipse

"Your mortal desire, I'll share
Nights candles inansuspicious stars
Weak and motionless prepare you son
For the last rose on your grave..."

And so she hath come down to earth
To set her rest into life
With timeless flesh to profane
A black-hearted man she hath found
She spar'd her love in his arms
Brought forth a child to him
Bring as the moon itself

Chapter II:

"O what disgrace you hath brought to me
My honour, I forsworn to love again
The fruit of thy haunch shall no longer
Owe myself, in loneliness, it will rest on a
Never-finding place..."

Unsubstantial, fairylike, thy dear love sworn
Your feelings arose my soul 'till daylight came

Chapter III:

With tears augmenting, the cold demon's might
Devote on me! In my ecstasy of blood

From the sixth to the ningth hour
Thou shall wander in the shade of the eternal
Approach the shady curtains, out of the
Empty glance, time passes by, no more left to hold...

Silence weeps as golden storms
Frail in thy arms
The wolves' dawning flews
Approaching Cynthia's spell!

8. Winter Enshrined

Fly! Ethereal as thy breath!
Lay white like sorrow on our tombs!

How! Dreadful as thy children!
We art thy gift - poisoned by my serpent tongue...


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