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About The Christian Despair

"About The Christian Despair" (1999)

1. Ave Mysteriis (Baphomet Signs)
2. A Song For Anu
3. Feeling The Ancient Hordes Of The Abyss
4. Blasphemy Calls
5. The Valley Of Triumphant
6. Nocturnal Celebration
7. Diabolical Cosmos Dimensions
8. Sobre O Desespero Crist�o (Outro)

1. Ave Mysteriis (Baphomet Signs)

Ave Mysteriis (Baphomet Signs)
(Music: Mantus / Lyrics: Malphas)

The five � pointed brings human perfection
... increasing fears
... so many power
... the circle�s images beyond my debt
Supreme evil
Oh ! Anu my Lord

In my visions of profane signs
There�s no coherence, just black desires
I pray, my lord of disease
Amen ! Black God
I feel the 666

Through the acean, kutulu raises
Through the fire, Nergal burns
Diabolical arts to compose some hearts
... Supreme evil � Anu rules

... Waiting for horned legions
To glorify his eminence ...

Nanna cries your darkest light
Uggae have mercy on my soul
Shamash, turn to black
Evil ways from Tiamat�s praises

To curse, to summon, Oh ! Sacred Satan !

My real God ... your beasts are raising to my eyes
... from black womb ... crying ... burning
... holy practices of a precious and damned

... Mysteriis ...

2. A Song For Anu

A Song for Anu
(Music: Mantus / Lyrics: Malphas)

Occultism ...
Rituals ...
I gave my blood to Teitan
My soul turn to black by the evil�s sentence
- Come to me
- Raise to this clowns
In my dreams
In front of me
In the shadows he come to earth to destroy
And terrify the dubious image. - Satan�s ! My Noble God !

IA ! Satan�s
IA ! my noble God ...

Black preaches I can hear
The sorrowful blood are draining
Intentional invocation ...
Blasphemy of a new generation
Redeemer of my obscurity
The black human souls will be possessed. - Satan�s ! My noble God !

IA ! Satan�s
IA ! my noble God ...

Satan�s kingdom ...
In flames we burn to venerate you
In the rituals our souls were crying black
Now and forever with my damned guide ...

3. Feeling The Ancient Hordes Of The Abyss

Feeling the Ancient Hordes of the Abyss
(Music: Mantus / Lyrics: Agares)

the moon calls the sovereignty of queen night
Escorted by souls bringing the bright of stars
Stroked by the wind I feel the damp night air
Bringing the melancholy of the desire

The horizon is the minimum vision from a demon
Throughout the centuries, wisdom and patience
By the fire, the mourning for the lost warriors
Culture�s noblemen, killed by the ignorance

Magic followers guided by illuminated angel
Lord of science, truthful is his expression
Father of the past, present and future
King of Dimensions

For the crow that flies through death
And chants the words of my bastard father
The ice that dries um heart up

And divides the space
With the heat which feeds my hatred
My hatred thod was explicit
In a solitude ...
Between the science
Between the shadows

4. Blasphemy Calls

Blasphemy Calls
(Music: Mantus / Lyrics: Malphas)

Burning fire complete my desire
Moon in madness it was shinning black
Fuckin� lies about the tired cross
So many histories about the christian falls
Maybe we can see the true demon at the cross

A real farse a long the centuries
A supreme force
... In the lost books of the bible ... in the lost

Now I can see ... now ... Oh ! God ! I can feel it
I swear that I feel it
No farse ... no kinds of emotion
... true evil ... true body damnation ... oh !
Something strange ... born
Turn to real, pure and strong
As deep ... as supreme ... oh !

Hail throne where a sindrome calls
Hail misery from the past ... christian deny

I summon you ... I could see all the forms of your body
Perfect stages ... crucifying ... in pain his body don�t resist

Under some crisis of dawn
Empty lies makes history
Years of a godless empire
Ends hate.

5. The Valley Of Triumphant

The Valley of Triumphant
(Music: Mantus / Lyrics: Malphas)


Spectral demons prepare for fight into this darkfull labyrint
Hordes of evil are playing the game by blood, by fire, by art ...
Up through the abyss ... mistress of the shadows ... as eternal fall
About a unholy place ... a valley so deep, here are the banishments

My soul ... lost in the valley possessing them in the name of God
We are not alone ...

Woods of black domain, a place were the sun never rises
Were the funeral clouds ... be signs of Satanas ...
The moon shines upon the earth, i�m worshipping with the fire and sword
Satanical blasphemy against the empaled scarrecrow

My soul ... lost in the valley possessing them in the name of God
We are not alone ...


With the fetid wing strewed on the baphomet I summon the forces from that place,
my nocturnal kingdom, manipulated by horned rules

Come on ! my other dimmension ... a valley of tyrants
Come on ! Thought my rituals ... that black paradise ... comes
The burning skies devoured by ancient flames
Funeral rites to glorify Satanas
Destroy the christians ... kill them ... burn them ... brother of sickness
Where my black valley rises

6. Nocturnal Celebration

Nocturnal Celebration
(Music: Mantus / Lyrics: Malphas)

An evil ... a cold mistery
A frozem nature ... an immortal fear ...
There�s no bright ... there�s no life ... there�s no mistakes
Just evil � distance unknow ... there�s no return

From my eyes ... from the shadows ... a pawfull history
From the gates ... empty words ... empty means
At the altar ... I pray
I invoked the lord ... the beasts ...
The souls of obssession ... oh ! hell ascension ...

I�m waiting for his coming though my offerings
I get his paths
I�m waiting for his power to make me eternal
I need his paths

Experiments of death to the legacy of time � be done
To cure my ferver and explain the opposites
The black and white

7. Diabolical Cosmos Dimensions

Diabolical Cosmos Dimensions
(Music: Mantus / Lyrics: Malphas)

He made in my path
He�re fighting to liberty my soul
I say from the storm
That I saw ... intentions of glory

Winds ... Storms to touch my skin
Gray skies it�s to dangerous
Protect my eyes ... that it ... can�t see

We gonna leave
Falling down in the cosmos
Frighting feelings
... old voices
... from the past ! Oh ! Ghosts of compassion ...

Leave me alone
Daring reasons ...
Saving the human blindness in this history
Oh ! My tiring body don�t resist ...

For your �babies�
For your own
For your friends that leave us ... some evil

Oh! Jesus is not good
His creatures just crown up
Some faith moving ...
Some faith control ...
Some faith humiliated his sons
... poors ... angry ... fear ... screams ... cries ...

A point of light
In a global offense
A shinnig emperor awake
The history falls ... under our darkness, amen!

8. Sobre O Desespero Crist�o (Outro)

Sobre o Desespero Crist�o (outro)
(Music: Nilo Rafael / Lyrics: Agares)

Quem � seu Deus ?
� aquele que amaldi�oa e ao mesmo tempo lhe promete a vida eterna.

Quem � seu Deus ?
� aquele que permite o flagelo de seu povo para ap�s oferecer
o sangue e o corpo de seu filho.

Quem � seu Deus ?
� aquele que nos permite ejacular em nome da procria��o e nos goza
por sermos in�teis filhos de seu ventre.

Quem � seu Deus ?
� aquele que permite o enfermo entre as na��es e promete a salva��o
pelas palavras de seu bastardo filho.

Quem � seu Deus ?
� aquele que critica a lux�ria e permite a riqueza entre as igrejas.

Seu Deus � ao mesmo tempo o Diabo, aqueles que trabalham do mesmo lado
pela constru��o da hipocrisia de um mundo crist�o.

Cristo � ao mesmo tempo Sat� encarnado nesse mundo de pecado
pela triste desilus�o dos crist�os amaldi�oados.

Seguiram o anjo chifrudo a mando de seu Deus corrupto pela ascens�o
de seus mandamentos baratos.

Pelo desespero crist�o, por terem seguido um Deus Pag�o, Sat� lhes leva pelas
m�os � gl�ria e edifica��o de um mundo iluminado.

Salve L�cifer ! energia, for�a e vibra��o. Senhor da luz astral.

Salve Belzebuth ! segundo em comando, senhor de muitos.

Salve Astaroth ! conhecedor do passado, presente e futuro.
Conhecedor de todo o oculto.

Salve Leviathan ! T�o poderoso que pode engolir o sol, s� sua vis�o basta para
abater seus inimigos. Nenhum consegui resistir sua face. Descanse nas profundezas do mar.

Salve Asmodeus ! Senhor de toda Lux�ria.

Salve Satan�s ! Conhecedor de todas as linguas, s�mbolos
e caracteres. Mestre da magia.


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