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Offspring of Gathered Foulness

"Offspring of Gathered Foulness" (2005 EP)

1. Invocation of the Wyrm
2. Deadly Winds and Paralyzing Cold
3. Awakening of the Shadow
4. Beadles of the Last Twilight
5. Heralds of Black Emptiness
6. Cold Dark Dungeons

1. Invocation of the Wyrm

2. Deadly Winds and Paralyzing Cold

Feel it coming, the storms from the north
the dying light, the artic darkness
the wind that extinguishes life
the cold that cracks the earth
all consuming obscurity
the storm of the beasts
who lurk in the shadows

three winters in a row
the beginning of the end
the might of ten thousand plagues
winds so sharp its cutting you to pieces
look to the south! the sons of fire riding fast

We are the onset of bestial darkness
Grow shall the germ of death they bear
On impurity we feed, grow strong
Breathe deep the poisonous serpentine mist

Get ready for pain,
get ready for death
a posionius black mist
ceeping into every pour
devourining you from the inside
Helpless! Powerless!

Behold! The eternal black eclipse!
Behold! The gates are swung open!

3. Awakening of the Shadow

We stand in black, knife raised
total contempt for what you hold dear
surrouded by craniums and symbols of death
a sacrifce to the snarling gods

A body chained to the stone
paralysed with fear, knowing what destiny is
a opfer to the shadow
stare into the eye of madness
the words are spoken
the vision of the black dog
the knife rips your throat!
A sacrifice to nihilistic destruction!

Your life - our sacrifice!
Your flesh - The awakening of the shadow!
Painting a Thurisaz with your blood
to call the creatures forth!
Black Art and Sorcery!
The cosmos is trembling in fear!

Lords of the second world, piering through the black fog
Shadows of death
tearing to shreds your human shell
cast to the river of torment
Nine more times you will suffer!
Nine times Nine you will endure!
Jaws of Hel, blade of dagger!
Awakening of the Shadow!!

4. Beadles of the Last Twilight

Behold the Lord of the deeps
He spews attor over the earth
A flood of clean swart hate
Wyrm – breed of falseness

Behold the black billow
drowning thousands of shapes
Flood – Screams – Aghast mankind
The doom of life has come
The murky waters arise

Snake of death - Come forth!!
Drench us in Your seething dark seas
Quell all dirt of the world
The last wreaking storm – Twilight of the mights
Hail – come forth – Worms and wolves
Swallow the sun – swallow the moon
Kill the false wielders of the shaft
Deer of wreak – gnaw the limbs of the tree

Drake of netherworld – bite off the root of life
Swarthy Lord – Come forth!!
Swing Your shining sword – burn the deeds of gods
Behold the ash in flames

We’re the beadles of the last Twilight
In the name of the mistletoe
Ensnare the being - Bring back the empty gap
Come forth – Lords – Overcome the light

5. Heralds of Black Emptiness

Behold! The Black beasts, the snarling jaws
the beasts of fire and night
Free at last!
Bless us with your venomous spit!

Release! The black beasts, the lords of the shadow
release your venom into the waters
quench my thirst

Behold! The flaming sword, the darkened shape
the destroyer of worlds! cast your light high up
the flames fall wide and engulf the nine worlds!

Come forth! Wyrm of the depts and havoc the seas!
Bringer of black chaos! wrap yourself tight
around the neck of humanity

Behold! The black dog! vision of death, dismal beauty!
the blood from your jaws form the river of screams!
Come forth! break those chains of godlyness!

Come Forth! Swallower of men, eater of flesh!
looking down from the skys, ready to strike!
gaze of destruction!

6. Cold Dark Dungeons


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