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Orbit Dance

"Orbit Dance" (2006)

1. Plastic
2. Cold Reflection
3. W.I.F.
4. Pitch-Black
5. Darkbound
6. Humanimal
7. Misery Assembly Line
8. Downfall
9. Orbit Dance
10. Veil of Sun
11. Hollowgram

1. Plastic

You shed your soul to be content
Claimed it's worth every cent
Into this, blasphemous bath you went
So take a glimpse of happiness for rent...

Filtering thoughts with material
Distress is now here to enter you
Days passing through your fast lane
Licking the red carpet to end your pain

Plastic inside
It's all in your mind
The secure of a synthetic love
Collide in my love proof exterior
Take my hate's interior
Fall down from grace
Crowning for disgrace

There lays intoxication of self-assertion
We're about to break
There bleaks of illumination of realisation
When we are to speak

It's the prison of material so blue
A plastic bath for me and you
We're the prey of reality
For these moments of mortality

Those little things invite you inside
Sparkle of a plastic mind makes a misery-park
I'll be watching at you outside, so take a free ride
(And) I open myself to your emptiness tonight

Lingering spark of something so ordinary
It twinges and turns until I calcify

2. Cold Reflection

Playing dead in the vanity of perfection
But your razor smile keeps ripping inside
Burying me alive
Greed of a swine
You eat and whine at left remains
Needled times in your hands to bolt the sky
...So I paint the tears of your cry

Look around, define and overthrow it all
Your horizon is deceiving and tall
Spiteful and cold
Taste so bitter and so old

Bathing in the gloss of your fatality
I was told to remain with you
Following your counterfeit god
Dragging me down in your blackened reality
The making of my insanity

Yet tomorrow will erase it all
Sorrow casts a dark phase like a fall
There is no more or less to find
Cold reflection to leave behind

Venus bleeding for the particles of its demise
Sleeping solar systems waiting to arise
I see your life flashing before my eyes

But I'll be one with my own shadow
'Cause I know it won't lead me wrong
Disposable thoughts on your golden platter
Place where my secrets don't belong

Assembling my head with your transparent world
And again it makes me shed my skin
Bleeding for your sweet little sins
Cannot tame the ocean of hate inside
Hear the preface of emptiness
Spelling through the bitterness

3. W.I.F.

Tied my flashback in thousand frames and
Bound the waves in amorphous sand
Fed my will with the grains of a broken land
For the memories I yearn to rise and stand

One-track mind
Leaving the frozen pulse of entity
Turn the solitary tide
We'll meet again in the place that we used to know

Still, you're my intoxication overall
You're my only drug for the pain
And you're my world in frames
I need to turn the stones and carve these letters

Rewinding the years back in the place it all begins
This poor acceptance is for me to inhale
Angling the stars in the mind stream
To make 'em shooting till we see
The stairs conducting to that fainting edge

To the thrones of my silence
Abandoned discipline's steep fences
Once it all used to be mine
Now it's set to turn back the time
Let my soul refine

(The polluted mind, world in frames, we are...)

Clarifying distress for a triumphal re-action
But my mind is just so closed
Redefine before the ray of dawn and we are
On the page to a place called home

4. Pitch-Black

This can't be real
Your presence I'd like to steal
When the words meet the rhyme
You make me feel all dead inside
And now I paint my heart red
'Cause it's all black instead
Feel the knots pulling tighter
This silence is getting louder

Reach out for the good
To discover your piece of truth
My mind stays in the past
Don't want it to last/
/should be viewing ahead
Pulling these demons out of my head
Off my head

This memory I obtained from you
It's sweet and painful and all so goddamn true
I'm choking back this every single day
It makes me want to get away
And leaves the pitiless price to pay
These scars are here to stay
Shaped in different ways

Silence shrieking so loud
Blowing on my conscience cloud

Found within desire
Bitter red in my eyes so wide
Obscure ciphers caught inside
Twisting me another way around
Inside - pitch-black pinning me down

Reveries in disparity
Facing concrete's nettling kiss
Swarming clouds in this city
Pouring rain on me and taking all sincere

Can't you see it's all so bitter?
Take a solitary move for something better
My urges to repel
Forming my liquid cell
Blind flying with nothing to tell

5. Darkbound

Darkbound - awaken beyond...
Will I see my sorrow, tomorrow, alone?
Invisible dark - the omniscient comfort
Burning inside forever long

Reflecting realm of the dead in your eyes
Washing away with drawing tide
Bourn of eternity bringing on
The sleepwalker of daytime glow

Bring me the haunting game of pain
Let me feel the fierce again
'Cause my soul if deluging rage
Burbling languor the create
Entering my devilry dreams
Into your (for)Godden streams
The endless fences guard my patio
Feeling tense around your halo

Have you ever seen the lines so thin?
When the night is empty like a hollow space
Have you ever solved the haze within?
When it's written in scars it won't fade away

Grace of our disobedient time
Makes us bow when we are next in line
As the moon leaves its perfect shade
The lines go thin and I fade away

Angel dust to fill the vacuity
Blow the rust of your fantasy
Divine the lust beyond the bright side
Shut the lights 'cause it is snow fuckin' white
Building the castle of your beliefs
It lies in the edge of your every word
Its spark sucking the tragedy
Darkbound in the end of our mystery

6. Humanimal

Going backwards and feigning dead
Dodging the stares with fainting head
Excuses staking your only dread
So you plunge forth and detach the red
Presence of duality lies on the top of the crest
Feel the gravity of this insanity
Underneath your chest

Dark curtains will fall and burst
Should I restrain my endless thirst?
Noise of vanity springing out
Stealing the choice of drugging without
Presence of duality lies on the top of the crest
Feel the gravity of this insanity
So go - fuck the rest

It's in my fate
Within my hate
It's in my every insomniac place
Living in my dreams
Forcing my head
Twisting everything I've felt

Humanimal drugged is clarity
Bloodline in history, settling the mystery
Unconscious, parallel reality
Puzzles all, piece by piece so blithely

We're the spiteful creatures of twilight
When the moon shines so bright

I'm the perfidiousness lurking for a prey
And I scent the dread in your way
Crossfire of living mess
Kneeling down for a soothing ignorance

7. Misery Assembly Line

Now dawns the payday of devil's deal
Transplanted love for everyday meal
You started the game so you gotta play
Now hear me say
This white flag is stained
Upon the promise to cherish the wrong
Wrecking of your fragile pink world
Wipes out the stink of your bastard worlds

No time to retake this life
Ablaze are the memories untied

This price has taken place
Here's nothing we can't face
World turns like a big wheel of fortune
Buy a one-way ticket to torture
Misery's disposal standing so tall

Wicked anthems of praising the lord
Discord of your unsolved ties
Inauspicious smile upon your eyes

Hiding with transparent skin
Your misery
Feast and ponder and spit everything out
Misery assembly line
Hiding with transparent skin
My misery
Eyes wide shut and walking the line
(walk this time)

Peel your skin
Underneath reveals the sin
Moving on, moving in, don't know where to begin
Do you feel juiced and weak
Pins and needles upon your pale cheek
Tick tock ticking like a time bomb
Countdown to the fatal song

Don't you fuckin' touch my skin
This deceiving game you're in
Don't you fuckin' touch my skin
In this game you can't lose or win

I rise drenched from gasoline
Condemned ways of lighting the scene
Reaching the demolishing pain
And you gotta play
Got he embellish the emptiness
Take it with all and nothing less
Aching times to behold
Come and taste the filling in the mold
(walk this line)

8. Downfall

Get down with this, yeah

Alone I stumble here - living in a lie
Come and use my ferocity - giving all my life
I swallow this love so lean
A flickering strife
I fall down on you skin
Like a freefall in and out, yeah

Blindfold steps in a solitaire
Gave my eyes for the pain
Please tell me your name and come
Live for the game
Crystal clear but whacking insane
I strive through the pain
In this cynical rain I'm on the downfall

Downfall burning my fire
Strokes my empire entirely insane
And my chords were being so deprived
One more time my tongue is burnt of this freefall

Come by my side to take this ride
And cut my thorns to release my sanity
To believe is the only way to see
Peel away my impurity and set me free

These words are not a claim
But a prayer out of astray
Awaiting the last dance
That gullible glance to exhale
Made to digest all the things
That are not for sale
In the last curve
We come and blow the nerve

Blocking revelations
Stroking your creations
Push it out
Block the way and give a shout

One more time I hold the key for you
Try to make it last for good
One more time to turn it all over
Trying to uncover
But I will not bend
You can't take me to the end
I still got my words to say
I still hot this place to stay

9. Orbit Dance

I'm distracted, can't concentrate
Wrapped around all the things I hate
Sucking up the juices and leaving bruises
Underneath the spoiling level
It's rising up and ringing the bell
My lunar howl binding your shell
Slowing turns of orbit dance
Taking the last chance
Descending sky I watch in distance

Feeding on this transgression where I stumble
Searching for the reasons when I crumble

Reigning... Memories flashing from the distance
Reigning... The slowing turns of orbit dance
Scars open wide I follow you

Shut up and owe this laughter
Shut up and bereave dismay
Shut up and return this favour
Shut up and detach yourself

Asking those questions "why"
Under descending sky
Memories drilling to my bone
I walk this path alone
It's pouring tears like a flood
Thicker than my blood
Anxiety caters hollow
I had a feverish dream to follow

Memories flashing from distance
Slowing turns of orbit dance

Lust to dust
Waking up the rust
Trading our souls to the caustic blast
Descending sky I scrape in distance
Prizing idles in the cosmic chains within
Life scatters and serves us
The new beginning of everything
Slowing turns of orbit dance
Taking the last chance
Descending sky I watch in distance

10. Veil of Sun

Cover my dreams with veil of sun
This sight obscured where it all began
Ascending from blear, burying all sincere
Hiding light unmasks my deepest fear

Waves abandoned the shore
Dead calm
Like a preceding crackle of the choking fire
Slowly I taste the blindness we fed
Inch by inch I draw inside to recoil
To split my first drop of turmoil
With splitting hand I turn the page
Into the next blistering rage

Taking of tomorrow
Breaking from shadows
It's forming and lightning the wall
Repel and hollowed
To fight back against it all

I'm the nameless as I'm pushed around
Like the countless faces unknown
Next in the line to blow
Pleasure we negate, locked inside our hate
In surrounding hate!
There's no one else for us to open the gates
Until we loosen up
The wires to find the lost faith
Stuck inside the roulette
Awaiting the revolving lead
Drilling in your head!

11. Hollowgram

Hey I'm suffocating
No need for anticipating
My deepest sight is turned off
Without a light
Depression gives me
The permission to live my life
Without a fight

Alienating from you my friend
We'll be separated till the end
Until the end
Attain new things and seek new trend
My heart inside I'm trying to mend

A hollow gram in fashion
With deceiving quicksand
Tearing it all down
45 degrees will ease the pain
Smoke the asylum haze and abide forevermore
Set the pyre of a broken core

Hate breeds new life
With pain and breathtaking strife
Trying to live my life without the blame
To refuel my flame because I'm not the same
Your rules are made to keep me down
That's why I'm wearing this frown
45 degrees is all I got left
Anger is a policy not a theft

Trying to make things as simple as I can
In the end I don't think you even give a damn
Won't give a damn

Past moments are stealing the sense
Giving all a new presenc
Tripping to seek the cache of ease
I never heard you say "please"

Quicksand draining through my fingers
Wandering on but doesn't stay
I know you have to fade away

Feelings are hiding from me I say
The pain is binding my way
Sugar coated sky is turning black
There's no coming back


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