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Decay of Thy Gods

"Decay of Thy Gods" (2002 EP)

1. Burning Nails
2. Thy Inner Evil
3. Lord of The Lords
4. Dark Days
5. The Path

1. Burning Nails

Burning nails through my veins
Deadly flowers under my feet
Putrefied water cover my immortal body
While the pestilence of life starts to beat
The flames of hell burn my eyes
Blinding the way to the deadly sign
Making me prisoner of my own rage
Delaying the arrive to the finish line

Six demons calling
Six swords fighting
Six wolves crying
Mydgard is coming

The boat arrives at the lost land
Where children cry and mothers die
The land of dreams and satanic rites
Where trees don't hear God's lies

A whisper of doom rides the unholy night
Where darkness bathes the iced earth
Here the tears of trees find the death bed
To lay and forget, to sleep and hate

2. Thy Inner Evil

When you look yourself in a mirror
You can only see my rage in your eyes
You can only see fury and hate
Conquering thy soul and mind
As the night falling over the day
I fall over you as a hammer
Smashing thoughts and dreams
And controlling you as a puppet

I, the beast that never sleeps
The evil who rapes the whore
And creates the bastard Christ
Knows that the time to reign has come

I am the black blood of thy soul
And I will reborn the prince of Christians
To make him pay, to make him suffer
To occupy forever the throne
Of the true soul conquerors

I am the Satanism maker
The lord of the darkest side
The eternal nightmare on thy dreams
The sword that cuts you in two

And then prepare you all for the true suffering
Because the king of bastards is prepared
Prepared to show you all the power
And the rage of the eternal damnation

3. Lord of The Lords

I'm the thorn nailed in thy forehead
The nail that crosses thy feet and hands
The whip that lashes thy soul
The lance that impales thy entrails

I'm the king, the master
Of all my possessions
I'm the server, the slave
Of my sublime dominions
I'm the guardian of the door
Which hides paradise
I'm the last warrior
The one who looks to shelter my black soul

I'm the lord of the lords, I'm the decay of thy gods

I'm the storm that shakes the scarecrow
The logic that moves a puppet
I'm the truth that fondles life
The lie that fondles death

I'm the fire where thy hopes burn
The air that shatter thy desires
The sea where thy faith drown
The earth raped by thy god
I'm the wolf that wanders by the deep forest
And lets flow his primitives instincts
The lamb that awaits unconscious the ritual
And buries and scorns his existence
The heaven, where faith is corrupted
And thy almighty god die
The hell, where abstinence is enthroned
And indulgence is buried

4. Dark Days

Lost in the nature's heart
In a immense solitude
I feel how all respect has turn to covet
In a wrapping tranquility
I feel how all reverence has turn to scorn
All the wisdom of our ancestors
Covered with blood
Rotting his entrails
Shattering her fragile equilibrium

Our arrogance will bring the dark days
Where the sky will turn black
And mountains red
Where the tempest will turn day to night
And the waves will bath the highest mountains
Where the ground break before our steps
And its fury will tumble down the clay Gods

Dark days will come
Where death will be spread through all the earth
Where death will take us back to nature's wisdom

5. The Path

I will forsake the earth covered with blood
Blood of the innocent spilled
By thy sick reason and thy unholy greed
Forsake the earth engulfed in the ice

I will forsake the earth full of crosses
Crosses where faith is praised
Crosses where martyrs lay crucified
Uselessly waiting arrival of paradise

I will follow the left hand path
The path that will show me the black light
The path where hypocrisy dies in my hands
The path where lies will be buried
Lies, to hide thy decay
Lies, to justify thy faith

I will follow the path that purifies my soul
That make that my dark desires become reality
And thy false doctrine remain burned
And thy false wisdom remain dethroned


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