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Transcending Misery

"Transcending Misery" (2005 EP)

1. Denial
2. Transcending Misery
3. Running to Stand Still

1. Denial

It is the nature of I
It shows the beast from inside
There’s a desire for more
With disregard for all

You celebrate your decadence
You dream of better days
But you rely on saints
To keep you from the hell you fear

But on your evil hands
You just can’t hide the stains
There’s still a thirst for blood
The blood of innocence

Again and again
You’ll betray yourself
Again and again
You’ll cry for forgiveness

The face on the mirror
Scars of deception
Reminding you of what you are
The pleasures of the flesh

There’s pressure from the inside
No longer about what you know
But there’s a reason for it all
Just close your eyes and celebrate

Denial, denial, denial

Can you feel the pain?
Can you feel the pain?

You pray for salvation
You hope you’ll see the light
You feel a need that’s greater than yourself
That need will drive you blind

2. Transcending Misery

…And in the dense midnight haze
I watched her as she drifted away in placidity
As I set there in the dark…
Gradually and painfully our eyes lost touch
Would it be forever my dearest?
For I fear one more night
Would be more than my bleeding heart could bear

I’m cold here on my own
There’s but ice in each corner of this old house
I kept your garden alive for some time
It seems it died of sorrow for your absence
So hurry back sweet angel o’ mine
For I too feel my heart withering
As the days pass me by

How could it all just end?
Why is it that I refuse to believe you’re forever gone?
I can feel you here… By my side, even now
There’s still two glasses o’ wine on the table
There’s still room for two by the fireplace
Although the fire has long vanished
And darkness is what I’m left with

My kingdom for the one who could put faith
Back in this darken heart o’ mine
So that I can ask god just one question
Why? Why must it be?
Come upon me with thy grace
For there’s no better time to save one’s soul
The grief has paralyzed me

I’m unable to think
And each day that comes my way
I wish you were there father
So that you could hear my prayers
And that you would put an end to it all
Send me a cold midnight pouring rain
Strong enough to wash my pain away

3. Running to Stand Still


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